Young Thug Net Worth

Jeffery Lamar Williams is a grammy-winning American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has been on the music scene for ten years, working with popular artists for global hits after hits.

All people globally can recognize him for his vocal style and fashion. He hails from Sylvan hills Atalanta, a hood that has produced lots of talent such as:

  • Peewee Longway
  • 2 Chainz
  • Waka Flocka Flame
  • Ludacris

Jeffery began his career young before he was even 20, hence his pseudonym Young Thug. He was first featured on True Royal’s She Can Go. Later on, he released many mixtapes dubbed I came from nothing between 2011 and 2014. His success came later on in 2014 due to his collaboration with popular rappers:

  • Birdman
  • Gunna
  • Gucci Mane
  • Lil Baby
  • Rich Homie Quan

The collaborations turned into hits, and his fame has continued to skyrocket among his fans together with his wealth. He has his unique and unconventional signature style of fashion and rapping style. His work has earned him awards, including a Grammy award in 2018.

Personal Life, Age, Height, and Weight

Young Thug was born in a family of 11 siblings being the second last in the family. The 11 siblings each had different fathers but for Young Thug and his sister, the last born. Jeffery and his sister are tenth and eleventh bor respectively, sharing a father.

He lived a very hard life with a crime, and by age 17, he already had a kid, which changed the trajectory of his life.

Young Thug has 6 kids by four different mothers. In 2015 he got engaged to his long-time sweetheart, Jerrika Karlae.  Thug is 30 years old, having been born on 16th August in 1991. He is 1.90 m tall and lives in a Buckhead Atlanta mansion he bought in 2016.

Early Life

Young Thug is an American rapper born in the demolished Jonesboro South projects in Atalanta, Georgia. He was born in a big family among 11 siblings, with his mom struggling to raise the family. He is the second last kid in the large family.

Growing up in the family was a struggle due to the many kids that the parent had to support. As a result of the challenges at home and the rough neighborhood, he was involved in crime, drugs, and gambling at an early age. He had a terrible childhood that led to violence. For four years, he was incarcerated in juvenile prison when in 6th grade for breaking his teacher’s arm.

After serving his sentence in juvenile prison, he never returned to school and continued gambling with his brothers. His elder brother was shot before his eyes, while another brother served time in prison after being accused of murder.

His redemption came at the age of 17 when he became a father. While trying to earn a decent living and take care of his kid, he discovered his talent and love for rap music. Due to his enterprise and deduction to music, the net worth of Young Thug went astronomical like his fast mixtape, from nothing.

Music Career

He started his career with a bang debuting with a guest appearance on TruRoyal song. She Can Go in 2010. He was not satisfied with a guest appearance and began releasing a mixtape series called I Came From Nothing. The mixtapes were produced between 2011 to 2012.  His work was golden and caught the attention of a fellow Atlanta rapper known as Gucci mane.

Gucci Mane was impressed by the work in the mixtapes as he believed Young Thug’s work was unique and identifiable. Gucci signed  Young Thug to the 1017 brick squad record. Thug got into high gear, releasing yet another mixtape, 1017 Thug, under the new record.

The mixtape performed extraordinarily well, with the song Picacho making it to the Rolling best hit songs of the year in 2013. 1017 Thug performed great and got nice reviews from critics who felt it had an original style. The great reception motivated him to work harder as he released his first single, Stoner, followed by Glover, which became instant hits.

Once the singles became mainstream hits, he shortly signed with 300 entertainment. He was a hot cake getting offers left, right, and center. He was offered an 8 million dollar deal with Future record label, but it never materialized. He also became linked with Birdman’s Cash Money Records, which was reported as a management deal rather than a recording deal.

Following the success of record labels and the money that he was making, he created his label YSL at the same time in 2014 while recording with various high-profile artists to cement his name in the rap world. He collaborated with  Alex Tumay, Danny Brown, Trick Daddy, and even Travis Scott.

When it seemed that he was at the peak of his stardom, he worked on another collaboration with Camilla Cabello to produce the sensational global hit Havanna. The hit single garnered support worldwide, reaching the top spot on charts worldwide, and got nominations for various awards.

The contract with Cash Money Records got him in touch with the best of rap music stars such as Rich Homie Quan, Chief Keef, and  Kanye West. Kanye praised his creativity and how fast he was at coming up with songs. He has released the album and several mixtapes, with an album being delayed due to data breaches.


Since going mainstream in 2014, Young Thug has been consistently nominated for different awards each year. It was only a matter of time that he was going to scoop some of the awards.

The major award he has won are the following:

  • Grammy award for song of the year in 2018
  • MTV Video Music Award for best editing in 2017
  • UK Music Video Awards for Best Urban Video 2017
  • UK Music Video Awards for Best Editing in a Video 2017
  • UK Music Video Awards Vevo Must See Award 2017
  • MTV Video Music Award Video of the Year 2018
  • American Music Awards Collaboration of the Year 2018
  • American Music Awards Video of the Year 2018
  • American Music Awards Favorite Pop/Rock Song 2018

Young Thug’s Net Worth

It is hard to deny the raw talent and hard work that Young thug has put in to grow his brand and develop Young Thug’s net worth. He has earned money from streaming being the 125 most streamed artist on Spotify. According to Vault, He earns under a million-dollar on Spotify, $1.5 million on apple music, and 1.6. He also earns from booking and movie appearances, tours, and sponsorship deals.

His total networth is hard to pin down, but his wealth is estimated to have grown by a million dollars each year from 2012, when he was with $1,743,000. In 2016 he was estimated to be worth $6 million when he bought the Buckhead Atlanta mansion. His revenues are likely to have stagnated during the pandemic out on live shows.

There is a lot of controversy about his wealth. He seems to have a lot of legal battles over some of his property. He has been sued for the home by Heritage select Homes for $2.2 and some jewelry. Genius estimates the wealth to be atleast $9 million in 2021, while most other groups put him at $8 million. Networth bro put his worth at $3 million citing the court cases, but we all know you Thug loves courting controversy.

Thug has been involved in Philanthropic activities since 2016. He donated all proceeds of a concert to Planned parenthood in 2016. He also donated to thousands of non-violent offenders in Fulton County Jail in 2021.

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