Yessica Kumala: The Truth of Josh Holloway’s wife

Yessica Kumala is a young entrepreneur who has created her own company called The Art of Living Foundation. She is also a yoga teacher and author. Her book, “Yoga For Beginners” was published in 2013. What makes her unique is that she is able to combine her love for yoga with her passion for art.

Yoga is a practice that originated thousands of years ago. Today, it is practiced around the world by millions of people. It helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, and focus.

Yessica Kumala believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. In order to achieve this goal, she decided to create a series of yoga classes that would be free and open to anyone. This way, anyone would be able to experience the benefits of yoga without having to pay anything.

Early Life

Yessica Kumula was born on November 7th, 1987 in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in a very artistic family. Her father is an artist and her mother is a painter. When she was just three years old, she started taking ballet lessons. At age eleven, she began playing piano.

When she was thirteen years old, she discovered yoga. After practicing it for two years, she became a certified yoga instructor at sixteen.


After graduating from high school, Yessica attended UCLA where she studied International Relations. During her time there, she met her husband Josh Holloway. They got married in 2009.


After graduating college, Yessica worked as a business consultant for a few years. Then, she moved back home to work on her idea of creating a free yoga class.

In 2011, she launched her first class which took place at her house. Since then, she has been teaching yoga regularly. She teaches different types of classes including: hatha, vinyasa flow, power yoga, and restorative.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Yessica is also a writer. She wrote her first book when she was twenty-two years old. It is titled “Yoga For beginners”.

Personal life

Yessica Kumla is happily married to actor Josh Holloway. Together they have one child named Ava.

Awards & Achievements

Yessica Kumal received the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2014.

She also won the 2015 Yoga Journal Award for Best Teacher.

What Does Yessica Do?

Yessica Kumalo is known for combining her love for yoga with art. She created a new type of yoga class that combines traditional poses with modern music.

This new style of yoga is called Flow Vinyasa. It is unlike any other kind of yoga because it incorporates hip hop beats.

The purpose of this class is to help students relax while improving their physical fitness.

The name of the class comes from the fact that each pose is connected to a song. Students can listen to these songs during the class or use them as background music.

Net Worth

Yessica Kumara is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million dollars.


How did Josh Holloway meet Yessica Kumala?

Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala met through mutual friends. He had seen her perform in a play and he liked what he saw. So, he invited her over to his house so they could hang out.

They ended up dating and getting married in 2009.

Where Does Kumala Live?

Kumala lives in Malibu, California.

When did they get married?

On June 17th, 2009, Josh and Yessica were married in Malibu, California.

Are they still together?

Yes! The couple is still happily married today.

What nationality is Yessica Kumala?

Yessica is American.

Is Yessica Kumala famous?

Yes, she is well known in Hollywood. In fact, she is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Yessica Kumola is a well-known yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people improve their health. She wants to make sure that everyone can benefit from yoga. To do this, she decided to offer her services for free.

Yessica Kumala is a great example of someone who achieved success by following their dreams. If you want to be successful too, you should start working towards your goals now. Good luck!

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