How To Quickly Fix A Whirlpool Dryer That’s Not Heating

Don’t you hate it when you have a load of laundry to get through and your Whirlpool’s dryer is not heating?

Don’t worry. You can get it back up in no time. First, you’ll need to diagnose the problem to fix it, and then you’ll need to repair it. I’ll give you all the possible alternatives of why your Whirlpool dryer is not heating, as well as ways to prevent the temperature problems from happening again.

You’ll finish your laundry in no time after reading this!

Easy Fixes

Before fixing any parts, check this list. You maybe just forgot to check some obvious things. Don’t feel bad. We all have days when we just feel out of it. Plus, you won’t have to buy any parts or pay a repairer to fix your Whirlpool dryer!

Here are some simple things you maybe forgot:

  • Did you plug it in? I know it might be a stupid question, but sometimes it can disconnect. Simply replug it to fix it.
  • Did you check the circuit breaker switch? Maybe you overloaded your Whirlpool, and it just flipped the circuit breaker switch. Simply switch it back on.
  • Did you check which setting you put your dryer on? Maybe you didn’t put the correct function by mistake. So just put the right setting back on.
  • Did you check the fuses? This is more complicated, but maybe they blew. If so, you’ll need to replace them.

Top Causes And How To Fix Them

Your Whirlpool dryer might still be working, but you’re getting only cold air and no heat
What do you do? Do you need to buy a new machine dryer? Before following such drastic measures, you can do a few things first.

Just be careful not to be too close to sharp objects and disconnect the dryer while you check for broken parts, so there’s no accident. Also, never leave the dryer running while you’re not home, as accidents can happen. Like your Whirlpool catching fire, for example.

If you feel like you’re not sure about what you’re doing, just contact a repair service or Whirlpool directly. Better safe than sorry!

Anyway, on here, you can check all of the possible problems your Whirlpool dryer might experience and their solutions, from more likely to less likely:

The Heating Element Burned Out

If the heating element burns out, then it can’t warm the air anymore. Test the continuity with a multimeter, and if there’s no more continuity, you should get a new heating element.

It could also be that the heating element assembly burned out, so just do the same as above. Check the continuity. If there’s none, replace it.

Usually, the heating element is placed under the drum or the back of the dryer. Make sure you disconnect the power before replacing the heating element.

When you buy the replacement, make sure you get an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Otherwise, if you go for a cheaper alternative, it will break quicker. So make sure the part is ‘Factory Certified’ by Whirlpool. You can see that if it has the certification sticker.

To replace the heating element, first, turn your dryer off. Then, go to the back of the Whirlpool and remove all the screws and the back panel from the vent. Behind that, you’ll find your heating element.

Disconnect the wires, then remove the screws from the heating element.

Afterward, just put the new one in and put the wires and screws back. Also, reattach the vent. Then, plug your Whirlpool and check the heating function is now working.

There’s A Problem With The Power

It might be an incoming power problem. If even one breaker or fuse breaks, the dryer won’t heat. An electric dryer should have 240 volts. A dryer can still turn with 110 volts, but it won’t have a heating function if it doesn’t reach 240 volts. If a circuit breaker blows, it loses power.

Check the circuit box and the fuses with a multimeter. If it doesn’t work, replace the breakers and fuses.

The Thermal Fuse Blew

It could simply be that the thermal fuse blew. It’s vital to have it working since it protects your dryer from getting overheated. Usually, it has a continuous electrical current to keep your machine going if you have an electric dryer.

You can use a multimeter to check the continuity. If it overheats, it can blow, which explains why the dryer doesn’t have heat anymore, even if the rest still works. It also means that your Whirlpool has a limited exhaust vent on the outside of it.

You can find the thermal fuse in the blower housing of your dryer or simply where the heat is typical.

Before you replace it, also check the exhaust vent. If it opens, the exhaust vent is not the problem. If it doesn’t open, there might be lint, other material, or something else that’s blocking the airflow. To avoid situations like these, check your air vent once a year.

Here’s how you replace a thermal fuse: you remove it by disconnecting the old wires and removing the screws. Then, with a mounting screw, install the new thermal fuse.

Simply reconnect the wires and change the back panel, and plug your dryer, so you know it’s working now.

The Ignitor Isn’t Working

If the ignitor doesn’t work, there can be no heat. Just check the continuity of your Whirlpool dryer with a multimeter (see above). If it fails the continuity test, replace it.

If you have a gas dryer, you need to locate the ignitor to replace it. First, unplug the dryer. Then, remove the screws and the lint remover screen. Also, disconnect the switch wire from the door. Remove the entire front of the panel, and once you do that, unthread the belt pressure.

Lift the drum out, and the ignitor will be on the burner tube.

Disconnect the wires around and don’t touch the new ignitor itself. Just slide it in and put everything back to how it was before you deconstructed it.

The Gas Valve Solenoid Failed

If you own a gas Whirlpool, it will have a minimum of two gas valve solenoid coils. They allow the gas to circulate and create heat for your dryer. If one or more fails, you should verify your ignitor.

If it glows but still doesn’t produce gas, it means you need to replace it. And you should always replace gas valve solenoids as a set.

Just unplug your machine, remove the lint filter and the screws. Then remove the front part of your dryer and lift the drum out with the help of the belt. Replace your gas valve coils.

The Flame Sensor Isn’t Working

If you own a gas-powered Whirlpool, the flame will heat your dryer. The flame sensor is there to detect the heat from the flame. If this isn’t working, the dryer won’t heat. Again, check with a multimeter, and if it’s not working, replace it.

Just plug the dryer off, remove the lint filter and remove the screws. Disconnect the door switches and remove the top of your dryer. Then, release your dryer’s belt pressure to lift out the machine’s drum. Disconnect the wires, then remove the mounting screws.

Then, slide the new flame sensor in and the other one out. Put new screws in and put everything back together.

The Main Control Board Isn’t Working

This can happen, but it’s rare. The main control board isn’t as easy to test as other parts, so if the other parts of the dryer are working, replace the control board.

There’s A Problem With The Timer

This doesn’t happen often, so check that everything else is working in your dryer first. Then, you can test the timer with a multimeter and check the whirring diagram. If it doesn’t work, but the rest does, replace the timer.

There’s A Problem With The Thermostat

If your inner Whirlpool thermostat thinks your dryer is overheating, it can shut the burner off.

It can do that even if your machine is not overheating, although unlikely. The thermostat is essential as it can prevent your machine from catching fire and it can prevent a home fire.

Check that you’re not experiencing any of the above problems first. If everything else, check the continuity, and, as always, if it doesn’t work, just replace it.

Or, it could be the cycling thermostat. Do the same checks as for the high limit thermostat, and check the continuity, as it’s also unlikely that’s the problem.

Behind the heating element, you’ll find the thermostat attached to the heating panel. Simply remove the heating panel and disconnect the wire from the thermostat. Test the thermostat for continuity. If it failed, get a new thermostat.

Screw the new one with two screws and reconnect it with the heating element by reconnecting the wire that came with the new thermostat.

How Do You Test Your Whirlpool Dryer For Continuity With A Multimeter

Now, you read a lot about testing the continuity of your drier with a multimeter earlier. You should especially check the continuity if you suspect a problem with the thermal fuse or thermostat of your Whirlpool. But how exactly should you do that?

Here are a few steps you should follow to get the most accurate result possible with an analog multimeter:

  • Set the ohms resistance function on your multimeter on the lowest setting
  • Readjust your multimeter by placing the probes together.
  • Set the needle to zero
  • Place each probe on each terminal
  • Check the readings of your multimeter: if it says zero ohms of resistance or infinity, then it means there’s continuity. If the display needle doesn’t move, then it means there’s no continuity

Or, you could just get a digital multimeter.

Additional Information

Remember before doing all these steps to consult your Whirlpool’s model diagram. And most models have an information diagram stuck inside or in the back of your dryer. If you can’t find the diagram, it’s imperative you get one.

Either download it directly from Whirlpool’s website or, if you prefer, you can get it on paper. You. can order a diagram from customer support. All you need is to know your serial number and the name of your Whirlpool model.

Also, remember: you can call customer service if you have any additional issues and need extra guidance. After all, customer support is there to help you enjoy your product at its best!

Also, make sure that you know if you have a gas or electric Whirlpool dryer to know which problems are more likely to happen for the heating not to work.

An electrically heated dryer will have heating element problems. A gas heated dryer, you have these same problems plus the gas control valve, the ignitor, and the flame sensor that could get damaged.


If your Whirlpool dryer is not working, you’ll find a solution in the article above. Just make sure that everything is shut off in your dryer before checking or replacing any parts. If you have a gas Whirlpool, remember to shut it off before you disassemble your dryer.

We don’t want any accidents. Also, check that you know which machine you’re using: electric dryer or gas dryer.

It could be an issue with the circuit breaker, the heating element, the thermal fuse, or something else. Or it could just be that you forgot to set your Whirlpool on dry air mode or that you forgot to plug it in. And, on this journey, you found a new best friend: the multimeter!

Either way, you have all the solutions now. Also, make sure you only purchase ‘Factory Certified’ parts that are certified by Whirlpool. It will say so on the sticker.

But, if you’re not that savvy in repairs, there’s no shame in admitting that. Repairing a Whirlpool is difficult! Just call up Whirlpool directly or your repairman to get your dryer up and running safely again!

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