What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose? Here is The Truth

Owen Wilson’s nose is shaped like a knot. He broke it many times. This is why he has such a big nose.

What happened to Owen’s nose? Let’s find it out.

How does Owen Wilson’s nose look?

Owen has an unusually large nose. It is distinctive because it is very symmetrical. He doesn’t fit in with the rest because he has a different shape to his face.

The Breakage Incidents

In 2009, Owen Wilson appeared on The Tonight Show and revealed that he broke his nose during an accident while filming Bottle Rocket.

He explained: “I was driving my car and I hit this guy and we went into a ditch. And then the next thing you know, I’m bleeding all over the place and they’re like, ‘You gotta go to the hospital.’”

He added: “And I was like, ‘No, no, no, I don’t need to go to the hospital. I just need to go home and sleep it off.’ So I just drove myself to the emergency room.”

But things didn’t end there. According to the New York Post, the actor ended up having two surgeries to fix the damage done to his nose.

He told Access Hollywood: “It was really bad. It was really ugly. They put plates in my face and everything. It was pretty crazy.”

The star later joked about the incident on Saturday Night Live when he played the role of Barack Obama.

He said: “I think I’ve been president for three hours now.”

But despite the drama, Owen Wilson still looks great. He recently showed off his new nose on Instagram.

Owen’s Motorcycle Accident

In 2012, Owen Wilson suffered a serious injury after crashing his motorcycle.

According to People magazine, the actor crashed into a tree after losing control of his bike.

He said: “I was riding down the road and lost control of the bike. It flipped several times and landed upside down.”

Luckily, the actor escaped without any injuries but he was left with a broken leg.

He added: ” I was lucky. My leg is fine. There’s nothing wrong with me other than I’m not wearing pants right now.”

The actor even joked about the incident on Twitter.

He wrote: “Hey guys, I’m alive! Just got out of the hospital. Thanks for your well wishes!”

How does Owen Wilson’s nose look?

Owen Wilson’s nose is shaped like a tiny knot. He broke it multiple times throughout his career.

This is why he has such an enormous nose.

Why did Owen Wilson’s nose look like that after surgery?

After breaking his nose multiple times, Owen Wilson had plastic surgery to make it look more normal.

He also had surgery to straighten his nose.

Timeline of Owen Wilson’s Nose

2004 – Owen Wilson breaks his nose in 2004 while playing basketball.

2009 – Owen Wilson appears on The Tonight Show where he reveals he broke his nose while filming Bottle Rocket. He explains how the accident happened.

2012 – In January 2012, Owen Wilson crashes his motorcycle and suffers a broken leg.

2013 – Owen Wilson gets plastic surgery to repair his nose.

2014 – Owen Wilson plays the role of President Barack Obama on SNL. He jokes about his nose being fixed.

2018 – Owen Wilson shows off his new nose on social media.

2019 – This article was last updated on February 20th, 2019 at 12:33 pm EST

Owen Wilson’s Nose Has an Online Fan Base

There are many people who have taken pictures of Owen Wilson’s face and posted them on social media.

Many fans were shocked by the size of his nose. Some even called him the biggest nose man in the world.

One fan commented: “Wow this guy has the biggest nose ever!!!”

Another person wrote: “Is this real life or am I dreaming???”

A third person said: “OMG this dude has the biggest nose I’ve ever seen!!”

A fourth person said: “WOW Owen Wilson has the biggest nose I have ever seen.”

Owen Wilson‘s nose is so big because of his height. His nose is almost twice as long as his head.

When you compare Owen Wilson’s head to his nose, they seem to be the same length.

However, if you take away his hair, then his nose becomes much longer.

Owen Wilson‘s nose has been compared to a Christmas tree ornament.

Some people think that Owen Wilson’s large nose makes him look like a cartoon character.

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