Virgo Moon: All You Should Know

Virgos are a fascinating group of people. They are usually content, dynamic, and precise. So, what does it imply when I say Virgo in Moon? Allow me to tell you all about it.

The signs of astrology have always piqued my interest because of their accuracy in predicting people’s characteristics. The sun, the moon, air, water, fire, and earth are the most common components in astrology. People born under the sign of Virgo are earth signs.

Virgos have a strong sense of self-awareness and a unique perspective on life. They work hard and are meticulous to obtain what they deserve. And after they’ve done so, they’re happy with it.

In the world of astrology, the moon is the element that governs all zodiac signs’ emotions and moods. And its position on the chart determines your inner self, the soul, and feelings when you are in a safe space.

The moon is in charge of your inner feelings, which are invisible to those on the outside. While the sun signs focus on the qualities you are learning through life and the person you are becoming.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

People born under the same sign may act differently, leading you to wonder if astrology is a fraud. That is not the case because Virgos can either be a Virgo moon or a Virgo sun sign.

And if you are a Virgo moon, it indicates that the moon was in Virgo when you were born.

Intrigued—Keep reading; it gets better.

Quick Virgo Facts

Here are some pretty accurate qualities that you may possess as a Virgo:


You are kind, honest, analytical, and intelligent. You believe in working hard for what you want, and you commit to doing an excellent job inputting all it takes to get it. This resilience may appear to others as stubbornness and crazy since you tend to work overtime sometimes.

Regardless, you know deep down that your visionary nature that is methodological and logical gets you what you want. You leave nothing to chance.


People in the Virgo sign tend to come off as impatient. You will not wait too long, and if you do, you lose interest. Once you have something in mind, you get it. Virgos are not the best communicators in expressing their feelings. This implies that once you get a bad mood, switching it is a task.


Virgos are very independent and self-reliant beings. You mostly do not rely on anyone to get things done; you do it.

Likes and Dislikes

Virgo signs love animals and nature. If you are one, you appreciate order and love eating healthy. You are, therefore, most likely to have pets and a garden or just a plant you are naturing.

On the flip side, you tend to loathe nosy people and do not take lectures lightly. Chaos also puts you off, and you stay away from drama.

Personality Traits of a Virgo Moon Individual

As earth signs, Virgos are also known as mutable signs by astrologers. As a Virgo Moon, you are intrigued by tangible, physical objects that you can see and feel. Because the lunar frequency brings about change and improvement, mutable signs are particularly action-oriented.

As a result, if you belong to this group, you are particularly focused on becoming polished and pure.

Here are more traits of the Virgo in Moon:

Positive Traits

You Appreciate the Little Things

The Lunar Virgos find content and security in the tiny things in life. As a Lunar Virgo, having every detail of your day lined up and organized gives you bliss.

You will then enjoy doing the little everyday things like running errands, sorting out bills, balancing books, and keeping records. You find happiness in these simple things that most people find annoying or tedious.

You are an Excellent Organizer and Helper

Moon Virgos are also the best organizers in the zodiac and will not rest until everything is perfect. You also love to help people because you are your happiest when needed and useful. And when the work you do receives merit, you thrive and shine.

For this reason, that is why as a Virgo Moon, you will find yourself volunteering to offer services as simple as ushering a party or driving a friend to the clinic.

You are Easy to Trust

Because you are ready to lend a helping hand, people find a reliable friend and partner in you. You happen to be a great listener that all your friends get pretty comfortable confiding their deepest secret to you. You also happen to give practical and very reliable advice.

You are Very Self-Aware

Being a Virgo Moon is an excellent thing since you are very aware of your whole being. And in that case, you tend to be very giving, especially sexually. In a romantic relation, you often aim to please your partner.

You might not be the most confident person when it comes to your sexuality, but you give your all when you give.

Negative Traits

You Settle for the Bare Minimum

We live in a competitive world, and I have to admit that I, too, love it when I reach new milestones. Now, most Virgo Moon signs possibly settle for enough, and most people consider them underachievers.

On that note, as one, you will be happy with working a 9-5 job for years without needing to upgrade. As long as you are paying the bills, eating, and have a bit extra for some fun, you might remain here for years.

You Complain A lot When Things Do Not Work Out

As I mentioned earlier, Virgos are generally go-getters; however, if things are not going their way, they start complaining. So much so, you will notice that you will constantly complain that things are not working.

People will then label you fussy. And this is one negative trait that shows you are not happy with your circumstances.

You are Shy in Relationships

When you get into a relationship as a Virgo Moon, your partner might find you shy and aloof. This means that you might not be showy emotionally, and they might consider you stiff.

In the presence of a new crowd, you are inevitably shy, but once you get comfortable, you radiate confidence.

You can Suffer from Low-Self Esteem

Stemming from the fact that you are self-aware, if you do not embrace that you are enough, it can cause you to have low self-esteem. It makes you very critical of yourself means you will stick to your shell.

You can be Controlling and Overly Critical of Others

Another negative trait that you possess that people find offputting is acting crazy and controlling. And this is likely the case, especially if things are not going your way.

So much so, you are bound to be a victim of stress and frustration projecting this at everyone you cross paths with. More so, the people directly connected to you will experience your controlling side, which is unpleasant.

What a Virgo Moon Needs

Here are some of the things you need in your life as a Virgo Moon to live a happy and fulfilled life:

Discipline and Routine

The first set of things you need is discipline and a routine. This will offer you a sense of balance, giving you control over most things in your life. This also provides you stability and security as well as reassurance.

Repetitive actions that you do every day keep you calm.

Order and Organization

Order and organization are the second set of things you need in your life. These two offer you a clean slate and a clear mind to think and work. They offer you peace and tranquility.

They also offer you a feeling of safety and a sensation that everything is under your control.

How Virgo Moons Express their Emotions

As a Virgo moon, you will realize that you are not as expressive with your emotions. However, you are always the first to offer an opinion or advice on a matter. The references you use are majorly methodological, structural, and logical rather than emotional.

As a Virgo Moon, you require constant soothing and affirmations because you never stop worrying. And words of affirmation calm your mind and restores your faith.

On a personal level, you can get pretty frustrated when something or someone disrupts your routine. And what is surprising is that you will address it verbally if you can. Sometimes, this frustration can make you sick to your stomach. Or perhaps something worse.

Your tendency to become anxious over the little things can weigh you down, so much so, therapy can help. Meditation is also an everyday activity that can help you cope.

How Virgo Moons Live Healthwise

As I addressed in the beginning, you tend to love eating healthy. And you follow this routine by working out. It would help if you had that physical movement to feel healthier and lighter.

And since you love nature, jogging in the park is your ideal type of exercise. Meditating outside or even a simple stretching routine in the yard rejuvenates you as well. Your diet is also very healthy.

On the flip slide of your health, you may develop chronic stress if you are constantly fussing. And this may turn to be nervous tension or anxiety when you constantly worry.

So, when you notice the onset of headaches and muscle tension, seek help before it gets worse.

What Virgo Moons Attract

When you are a Virgo Moon, you will tend to attract very self-disciplined people. This kind of person is morally a straight arrow who knows what to do and when to do it. You are also attracted to someone you see value in them, who can help you become better.

However, the part where you become overly controlling and critical may drive them away; suppose it is overbearing. But once you become aware that this is a potential problem, you can keep it under control. And whenever it gets too much, you know what to do not to cross a line.

All in all, you hone long-term relationships with people who match up your energy and share the value of staying organized and neat.

Who is Compatible with a Virgo Moon

Being an earth sign, you are inevitably compatible with other earth signs. You are also compatible with water signs because water nourishes the earth. On the other hand, fire and air signs tend not to be the best matches for you.

You are also compatible with someone who appreciates receiving your dominant love language: acts of service. And you love hearing words of affirmation in return.

The Careers Virgo Moons Excel

Because all working sectors require order and neatness, you will find Virgo Moons in every industry there is. But they primarily excel in an endeavor to help someone and offer their skills plus help the enterprise remain neat and organized. On that note, as a Virgo Moon, you will excel at any job in the service industry.

You can fit in as a cleaner, holistic care provider, a government officer, pet care professional, or an elderly caregiver. You will also excel at being a chef, clothing designer, retailer, repair person of any kind, accounting, computing, and content creation. These are but a few examples.

To sum up your career options, you will fit in perfectly anywhere that needs excellent work done and consistent flow.

Your behaviors at work will be very involved. You are often advising and teaching others something and pushing others to become better. You are the kind of person who will find the staff fridge disarranged and go ahead and make it neat. You are always early to work if things go to plan, and you stick to the routine.

Bottom Line

Virgo moons are one of a kind, don’t you think so?

As one, you possess a very bright side that is commendable with a hardworking spirit that is proactive. You do not give up quickly, and you are a go-getter.

Your space is always neat, and everything around you is always in order. You draw people towards you because you offer plausible solutions to real problems. At work, you offer your all, and in a relationship, you are selfless.

However, your dark side has you being overbearing and controlling. Also, you can settle for the bare minimum, never reaching your potential. Stress and constant worry are your biggest enemy, but you can beat that with therapy and taking it easy.

Even so, if you choose to stick with the positive, you will be fine. Just remember to spend lots of time in nature, eat healthily and exercise.

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