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Terry Crews is worth twenty-five million US dollars ($25 million). He is a professional actor, activist, bodybuilder, and comedian. Terry is also a former professional footballer. He is 53 years old, 6.4 feet tall, and weighs 110kgs. From his skin color and huge body, someone can easily mistake him and think he is from Africa, but Terry is American.

Maybe you have just seen Terry’s face and body on TVs but do you know his personal life? Today is your lucky day because this article will inform you about his family, early life, career, and many other facts about Terry Crews.

Early Life

Terry was born on the thirtieth of July 1968 and was given the name Terrance Alan Crews. He was born in the town of Flint, Michigan. Terry’s parents are Terry Crews senior & Patricia Crews. But he was raised by his beloved mother because Terry senior was an alcoholic.

Terry started education in his home town Flint and got his high school diploma from Flint South Western High School. In high school is when Terry’s talent in football appeared. And this talent got him two scholarships, one at Interlochen Center for Arts and another one at Western Michigan University.

In 1991, Terry began his journey in professional football, which ended in 1997 to join acting. In 1990, Terry married Rebecca King, and they are currently blessed with five children, namely; Isaiah Crews, Winfrey, Naomi, Tera, and Azriel. Terry is a proud father of four girls and one boy. For there is no known extra-marital affair that Terry is involved.


Terry did six years of professional football and retired in 1997 to undertake an acting career. He started with replacing T-Money on ‘Battle Dome’ in 1999. He overperformed his role in this action show until he got a screen debut in 2002 when he was the lead actor in the movie ‘Friday After Next’.

In the same 2002, he starred in ‘Serving Sara’ and ‘The 6th Day’. These three movies created the name Terry Crews in the movie industry. He was now a big dog in acting, leading him to star ‘Deliver Us From Eva’ in 2003. The following year (2004) Terry got a wonderful role in ‘White Chicks’. From there, Terry starred in ‘The Longest Yard’ in 2005 and ‘Norbit’ in 2007.

Terry acted in both sequels of ‘Expendables’ as Hale Ceaser. Terry is also in the video game that is based on the Expendables storyline. Terry took his acting career home when he used his whole family in the BET show called ‘The Family Crews’. This show ran for two seasons.

Terry is an actor and comedian and has used this talent to star several comedy TV shows. These include the award-winning show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. In 2013, Terry did a voiceover work American Dad project.

In 2017, Terry began to host a game show called ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’. Apart from hosting the game, Terry has other duties on the show. Terry Crews acted ‘Deadpool 2’ as Bedlam where he looked fantastic.

Terry’s Source of Income

Terry’s main source of income is from his acting career. Box office worldwide shows Terry earns over $1 million per year from the movies ‘Expendables’ and The Bridesmaids’. Terry Crews also earns a lot of money from hosting TV shows, giving him a good monthly income.

Terry has utilized his acting career to increase his net worth by performing voiceovers. Terry has also used his fame to make money. He has several product endorsement deals like in the ‘Old-Spice’ commercial.

In 2017, the public knew Terry is also a furniture designer when he launched the Terry Crews collection. He showcased some of his designs at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Terry gets a lot of money from his best-selling books like “How to Be a Better Man”.

Terry’s Secrets of Success

1. Don’t be afraid of risks

Terry Crews retired from professional football at an early age to join acting, which was a new thing to him. But it ended up being the best thing he ever did. So do not be scared of getting stuck, just take the risk because nothing in life is guaranteed and safe.

2. Focus on the future

Terry says he did not allow his bad childhood experiences to define him, but he looked where he was going. Have a strong belief in yourself that success is coming, and your belief will favor you. Terry had an alcoholic father, but that didn’t pull him back, but he focused on his career.

3. Be responsible for your current situation

Terry says this is the biggest secret to success. Because you will repeat several old lines if you do not take responsibility for your actions. For example, you can hear someone saying, “ it is my father’s fault I am poor”. Terry knew his mother was working single-handed to raise him so he worked hard in football to get a scholarship.

4. Use your talents to create wealth

Terry Crews is a talented actor, and he has used this gift to create a $25 million net worth. He has gone ahead and used his fame to create more money by endorsements. Terry says everybody has more than one talent. He is not only an actor but also an author and furniture designer. All these talents add up to his net worth.

5. Avoid the comfort zone

Terry discourages living in your comfort zone. Once you achieve your goal, then set another higher goal in life. You must challenge yourself and create new experiences in life. Doing so will make you learn more and make new connections. Terry achieved his goal as a professional footballer so he decided to set a higher goal in acting.


Terrance Alan Crews, aka Terry Crews, is a famous black American actor, comedian, and former professional footballer. He is worth $25 million as of April 2021. His main source of income is his acting career, where he earns over $1 million per year. However, his talents in furniture designing and book writing have added a lot to his net worth.

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