Taurus Moon: What It Says About Your Inner Emotional Self

If the moon was in Taurus when you were born, then your personality will be grounded yet elegant. If you want to check what your moon sign is, it should be in your natal chart. You can get a natal chart done by astrologers to know which planets were aligned at the time of your birth, which will influence your life, emotions, and personality.

The moon changes zodiac signs all the time, approximately every 21 and a half days. So it will affect you throughout the year. But being born under a moon with a particular zodiac sign can set the tone for your emotional self. Your moon sign will tell you who your inner emotional self truly is.

So if Taurus is your moon sign and you’re wondering what your moon in Taurus means for your emotional self and personality, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re an astrology expert or a complete beginner who’s just curious, this extensive article will talk you through what it means to have your moon in Taurus.


Your moon sign can affect your emotional personality, so it’s good to know what it means. Each individual is different, of course, but the moon’s placement at the time of your birth can affect your mood and personality. And that’s your moon sign. So take everything with a pinch of salt and only trust the things you identify with.

To know your moon sign, you can ask an astrologer to give you your natal chart. You just need to know where you were born and what time exactly. A natal chart can really help you discover yourself.

It’s good to know yourself better to be able to enjoy life fully. Just the sides you like from this article, as you might not identify with every aspect. Everyone is unique, but everyone is usually a bit influenced by their natal chart. So if you believe in Astrology, great! If you’re just curious, don’t take everything literally.

Here is an initial Q&A so you can have all your questions answered about having your moon in Taurus.

Moon Sign: What Is It?

Your moon sign will be the position of the moon at the time you were born, as said above. Your moon sign will affect your personality, especially your emotional personality. So it’s important you know what your moon sign is so you can understand better who you are and how you respond to different life situations.

The moon is the celestial body that is the closest to earth, so your emotions and moods shift according to its movements. Your moon sign will also tell you what you need to feel at home to be comfortable and secure. It also helps you know about your romantic compatibility, your secret ‘shadow’ side, and know how you respond to things on an intuitive level.

Which Celebrities Have A Taurus Moon Sign?

There are a lot of celebrities that have a Taurus moon sign. To only name a few, Prince Charles, Mick Jagger, and Bill Clinton have their moon in Taurus. Even Katherine Hepburn, the great actress, had her moon in Taurus.

Personality And Life Of Someone With A Taurus Moon Sign

Here are all the personality traits you need to know about if the moon was in Taurus when you were born:

Emotional Personality

If Taurus is your moon sign, you’ll probably have a calm and grounded personality. Also, your mood will probably be even and mellow. So that can explain why you’re so relaxed and easygoing. You’ll usually find enjoyment even in the simplest things in life, like good weather or eating a good meal, for example.

With this moon sign, you’re not stuck in your head too much, as you prefer to be in your body. And you’re usually more practical as you’re not thinking too much about the theory and like to get things done. In addition, you are very desire-driven, so you know you’ll get things done.

You’re also straightforward, so you tell things how they are, which can shock some people around you. Your organization skills and single focus capacity allow you to get stuff done as well.

If you have your second house in Taurus or your moon is in that sign, you will feel a deep need for security, consistency, and loyalty in every area of your life.

Emotional Intelligence

If your moon sign is Taurus, you will have a high level of emotional intelligence. Friends, family, and partners will love to stay around you, as you’re a reliable, empathetic person, even if you move at a slower pace.

But sometimes, you can also be possessive with the ones you love, so be careful about that. Also, your emotional intelligence and your capacity for empathy can sometimes be exhausting and drain you emotionally. So you might need to take naps regularly, which you love anyway.

You’re not lazy. You just need to relax. In general, you should avoid negative people. You should stick with people that have a positive energy and that make you feel good. Sleep and relaxation are essential for you. So maybe you could try relaxation or transform your home into a zen, cocoon space.

Love Life

If the moon was in Taurus when you were born, you’re probably a very romantic person. People born under this moon sign are affectionate, connect with others deeply, and are very sentimental and emotional. But if your moon sign is Taurus, you usually also know how to take care of yourself and stick to your own interests.

You enjoy long, steady relationships, and you’re never bored by routine. You can find romance in every situation, no matter how simple it is. And that’s because you know how to appreciate and enjoy life. Keeping traditions and creating lasting memories is what you’re looking for.

Just be careful not to get too comfortable in your relationships and your routine. That might not please your partner, and you might end up hurt, as you like to stay in familiar and safe environments.

So it’s important you get out of your comfort zone from time to time and move things up in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a big change, but you’ll see it will do you and your partner good.

Hobbies And Preferred Activities

As for hobbies and preferred activities that you might like if your moon is in Taurus, there are many you could do. You’ll probably prefer manual activities such as cooking, baking, gardening, dancing, singing, sculpture, or even pottery.

You might also enjoy treating yourself to a massage, a facial, or a restaurant. You’re all about enjoying life to its fullest!

The Importance Of Your Body

If your moon sign is Taurus, you usually feel really at home in your body. You enjoy the present moment and appreciate each of your five senses. On the other hand, since Taurus is an earth sign, if you have a moon in Taurus, you’ll feel grounded and connected to the earth. So you’ll enjoy to dance, feel and really connect to the music, for example.

You enjoy a slow day at home, and you like to really savor things. Taurus is the astrological sign that likes to move slow and enjoys to go with the flow. If your moon is in Taurus, you probably like to relax and have regular naps.

Enjoying Life

If your moon is in Taurus, you definitely know how to enjoy life! People who have Taurus in their natal chart are usually foodies or collectors. They can enjoy the simple free things in life, but they also like luxury.

So if that’s the case for you, you’ll probably love elegant items, as you like to be surrounded by beauty. Plus, you love to stay at home, so you want it to be nice.

So if you don’t have the budget for that luxurious lifestyle or don’t know how to budget, you might get some money problems. You do like to splurge in material items, so make sure you know how to plan your budget!

Slow Wins The Race

Usually, someone who has Taurus in their natal chart tends to do one thing at a time and doesn’t like to multitask. Taurus is a fixed sign, so you get in the zone and dedicate yourself fully to one task at once until it’s done.

This discipline of character is really useful if you’re a musician, for example. You have a lot of patience, which gives you great results.

Negative Sides Of A Moon In Taurus

Like for any sign, there are some negative sides to having your moon in Taurus. For example, if Taurus is your moon sign, you can have a bit of a temper. So yes, I realize I’ve said that Taurus is a very patient sign. But if anybody pushes your buttons, you can easily lose your patience.

You will need time and space to be able to calm down, as you can stay annoyed a long time and hold a grudge. Being stubborn is just part of who you are, and your straightforwardness can sometimes hurt people around you. But once you’re done being angry, you will come back to your old self and not think about the issue anymore.

Another negative side is that people who have Taurus in their natal chart can seem distant and cold. And yes, I did say that Taurus’ are empathetic and great to be around, but there’s an initial facade. If your moon is in Taurus, you might seem unapproachable at first

and uninterested. Of course, people that know you know that that’s not the true you.

New Moon In Taurus

You don’t need to have your moon in a specific sign to be affected by the moon’s placement. Every lunar cycle has its corresponding zodiac sign. There are 12 moons in a year, and there are 12 zodiac signs. In 2021, the moon in Taurus happened on May 11th, at 2.59 EST, to be exact. The next moon in Taurus will be in 2022, in April.

When the moon is in Taurus, it means it’s time to make a change in your life, practice self-care, and feel empowered. It’s about setting boundaries and taking care of yourself and not just taking care of others without self consideration.

A new moon can be tough, especially when it’s in an earth sign like Taurus. You’ll have to challenge yourself, but it will be highly rewarding.

You will have to check how to best practice self-care according to your zodiac sun sign, which you can look up easily. You can also find out what your rising sign and your moon sign are to really get personalized advice and help you understand who you are.

Final Thoughts

If Taurus is your moon sign, you will have great emotional intelligence, be romantic, elegant, organized, grounded, and have a lot of willpower. People will love to be in your life, as they know you are reliable and truly empathetic. You might seem unapproachable at first, but that’s only a facade. You’re also great in long-term romantic relationships.

Be careful not to spend too much money on luxury items. You also should learn how to control your temper, as you can get annoyed quickly, even if you have a patient nature. Usually, you don’t like staying in a negative mindset too long, so it won’t be long before you are back to your old positive, reliable self, who loves life!

You don’t need to have your moon in Taurus in your natal chart to be affected by it. Every year, at a predetermined date, the moon changes position and places itself in different zodiac signs. So when the moon is in Taurus, it means it’s time for a big life change and to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter what sun, rising, or moon sign you are.

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