Tattoo Pain Chart: The Most And Least Painful To Get Tattooed

Tattoos are great. Not only do they look aesthetical, but they can also symbolize several things to each different person. Also, they’re more and more accepted in society, and work environments don’t mind as much.

But there might be one thing stopping you, apart from the ‘forever side.’ The pain. Yes, who didn’t wonder how much a tattoo hurts? So you might wonder if the pain is worth it. At the end of the day, it depends on your level of pain tolerance.

There are also tattoo pain charts that can help you decide where you want to get your tattoo. Because pain shouldn’t stand in your way. A tattoo pain chart explores every part of the human body and tells you which places hurt the most and the least when you get a tattoo. Well, this article gives you a tattoo pain chart, so you can decide where you want your tattoo!

Factors That Can Change Your Tattoo Pain Tolerance

First, it’s essential you understand that there are internal and external factors that can change your pain tolerance and how it feels to get a tattoo. These are:

Biological Sex

The first factor is biological sex. This means the pain will depend on what biological sex you have, the one you were born with. A Stanford study suggests that people who are biologically women can feel pain with more intensity. Biologically born men would feel less pain. This could be because of the different hormones and chemicals in the human body.

Then, at the same time, another study suggested that women accept pain more than men and are ready to move on quicker. But overall, there is no specific research about women vs. men’s pain tolerance concerning tattoo pain.

Age And Weight

There are no studies proving this. But it’s possible that the older you are, the more pain you’ll experience. That’s because old skin will bruise more easily and usually feels pain more.

As for your weight, if you are underweight or overweight, you might feel more pain. If your weight is heavier, you’ll have more skin tissue, which makes your skin more sensitive, so it can hurt more to get a tattoo. The same thing happens if you’re underweight. If you have little body fat, the needle will be closer to the bone, which is more painful.

Beginner VS Experienced

According to a recent study, it will be less painful for you if you’ve had a tattoo before. So if you never had a tattoo before, it will be more painful for you. The pain usually reduces the more experience you have in getting tattoos.

Most Painful Tattoo Areas

The more nerves there’ll be in an area, the more it will hurt to tattoo this area. Also, the closer to the bones your skin is, the thinner it is, and the less fat there is, the more a tattoo will hurt. If there is more fat, muscle, and fewer nerve endings, it will hurt less.

So everything that is higher than a 5/10 in pain level is on the list of the most painful tattoo areas. Here are the most painful body areas you can tattoo, in order of their pain level:


You might find this surprising, but the armpit is one of the most painful placed to get tattoed. In fact, several tattoo artists refuse to tattoo you there or try to dissuade you from getting a tattoo there. It’s a level 10/10 in terms of pain.

Nipples, Chest, And Breasts

Nipples, the chest area, and breasts are some of the most sensitive areas of your body, so they will really hurt when you get a tattoo there. It will be even more painful for women, as they have more nerve connections in these areas.

It’s probably as painful as the groin area, so be prepared for that. The level of pain is probably an 8/10 for biological men and a 9/10 for biological women. That’s simply because these areas will be bigger for women, with more nerve connections, which makes the tattoo more painful.

Rib Cage

The rib cage is probably the next most painful place to get tattooed. But of course, the pain will always depend on your pain tolerance. The reason the rib cage hurts to get tattooed so much is that the skin there is really thin.

Also, when you breathe, the rib cage expands as well as the skin above the ribcage. So it will hurt when you get the tattoo, as you won’t be able to breathe properly. The level of pain is probably a 9/10.

Shins And Ankles

The shins and ankles have a thin layer of skin, so it will be very painful to get a tattoo on these areas. It will hurt as much as getting your rib cage tattooed. So the level of pain is about a 9/10.

Groin Area

The groin area will hurt a lot if you get a tattoo there. Just like the chest, breasts, and nipples, it has a lot of nerve endings. So with the breast and nipple area, the groin area is the most painful area of your body to get a tattoo.

It will probably hurt more for biological men, a pain level of 9/10. As for women, it will be around 8/10.


The spine is as sensitive as the neck so that it will hurt to tattoo as well. Also, the needle is really close to the bone, so that the pain will be bad. The level of pain is probably a 9/10.


If you get your lips tattooed, be prepared for it to be very painful. Like all the areas mentioned above, the lips have several nerve endings. Plus, you can expect your lips to bruise, swell and even bleed. It’s probably a level 8/10 in pain.


You may feel a vibrating pain when you get a tattoo on this area. You’ll also feel a vibrating pain if you get a tattoo on the following areas: outer wrists, kneecaps, ankles, and ribs. So the vibrations will give you severe pain. The level of pain is 8/10 for biological men and is 7/10 for biological women.


The neck is also a painful place to get a tattoo on, as it’s very sensitive, and the skin is usually very thin. The level of pain is around a 7/10 for biological men and an 8/10 for biological women.

Fingers, Hands, Toes, And Feet

The skin around your fingers, hands, toes, and feet is very thin. So it will hurt to get a tattoo in these areas. It’s not the most painful thing in the world, but it’s also not pleasant. All of these also have several nerve endings, so your skin will hurt when a needle is inserted into it.

You can also experience spasms when the needle enters your skin, especially in your feet.

It’s probably a level 7/10 or 8/10 in pain, according to your level of pain tolerance. But for some biological men, it’s considered that the hands are a pain level of 6/10.


It can be really painful to get a tattoo on your hip. If you don’t have much skin around your hips, which happens if you’re slimmer, it will hurt more to get a tattoo there. Also, your hip’s skin is very close to bones, so that the pain level will be high to severe. The pain level will be 8/10 for biological men and 7/10 for biological women.


If you tattoo your knees, it will hurt, no matter if you get a tattoo on your kneecaps or behind your knees. Not only will you feel a vibrating pain, but the knees have a lot of nerve endings, and the skin there is really close to the bones. For men and women, the level of pain will be around 7/10.


The stomach is relatively painful, as it’s a level of pain 6/10 for biological men but 8/10 for biological women. Also, it will depend on your weight. If you have more skin around your stomach, it will be looser, and it will hurt more to get it tattooed. On the other hand, if you have less skin around your stomach, it will be tighter, and it will hurt less to get it tattooed.

Lower And Upper Back

If you are a biological man, if you get your back tattooed, it will hurt a 7/10. But if you’re a biological woman, it will hurt a 5/10. Some people think the back is one of the least painful areas to tattoo, but biological men will disagree with that.

Face, Head, And Ears

The face, head, and ears all contain a lot of nerve endings, so it will naturally hurt more to get these areas tattoed. Also, there’s almost no fat in these areas, so the needle will be closer to the bones, which will hurt a lot.

Still, it’s less painful than other body areas. It’s probably a level 6/10 for biological men and 7/10 for women.

Inner Bicep

Usually, the skin around your inner bicep is loose and soft, so it can hurt to get this area tattooed. If you have muscle in your inner bicep, it will hurt less. So if you get your inner bicep tattooed, it won’t hurt as much as other areas, but it can still be painful.

The pain level for your inner bicep will be a 5/10 for biological men but will be a 7/10 for biological women.

Least Painful Tattoo Areas

The more muscle and fat you have in a certain area, the less it will hurt to tattoo that area. The same thing goes if you have not too many nerve endings in this area. Here are the least painful body areas you can tattoo:

Outer Shoulder

As the outer shoulder area has thick skin around it, it won’t hurt too much to get tattooed there with not many nerve endings. The pain will, in fact, be low to moderate.

The pain level will depend on if you’re a man or woman biologically. As a biological man, you will feel less pain, about a 4/10. As a biological woman, you will feel more pain, a 6/10. So it can be considered a more painful tattoo for biological women, while for men, it will be one of the least painful tattoos to get.


If you decide to tattoo your thighs, it shouldn’t hurt too much. This body area doesn’t have too many nerve endings and has more fat than your face, for example. If you are a biological man, getting your thighs tattooed will only hurt a 3/10. But if you are a biological woman, it will hurt a 5/10.


It won’t hurt to get a tattoo on your calves, as there is a lot of fat and muscle in that area and not many nerve endings. The pain level for getting your calves tattooed is 5/10 for biological women and only 3/10 for biological men.

Outer Bicep

If you tattoo your outer bicep, which is part of your arm, it usually won’t hurt much. That’s because it has very few nerve endings and it has a lot of muscle.

Your outer bicep will hurt a 2/10 if you’re a biological man but can hurt a 5/10 if you’re a female. So this is probably the least painful area you can tattoo.

Final Thoughts

If you have lower pain tolerance, getting a tattoo will hurt more. The pain level also depends on how much muscle, fat, and nerve endings you have.

The less muscle, fat, and the closer to the bone it is, the more it will hurt.

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