7 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Ever met someone and immediately felt intensely attached to them and touched by their eminent soul? And you just want them to stay forever in your life? Then that someone could be your twin flame. Your twin flame emerges like a mirror of your soul. It’s sort of you see an exact duplicate of yourself in the other person.

When you encounter them for the first time, you notice a sense of recognition and belonging in yourself, as opposed to the fact that they’re outrightly new faces to you. The one-on-one contact is more of a deep soul connection such that your twin flame feels like your significant other or more of your perfect match.  If they are far, you long for their warm presence around you. The both of you share the same thoughts, interests, ideas, beliefs, principles, and so much more.

These are just some of the signs you are falling in love with your twin flame, but could the love be coherently mutual? There are lots of signs that signal your twin flame love might be crazy in love with you as you are with them. Tag along.

Delving into Twin Flame Relationships

The idea of twin flames instigates a plethora of questions surrounding twin flame relationships. Can it be a good relationship? Can a twin flame relationship last forever? Can your twin flame be your true love?  Such, among many others, have been asked in a bid to purposefully understand the twin flame phenomenon.

The term “twin flame” is conceptualized as one soul separated into two half-souls, which relates to two people tied to one soul. The twin flame connection is eternal and sacred. No matter how long the phase of physical separation of one twin flame from the other persists, no matter the obstructions and hurdles that come forth, twin flame runners always find their way back to each other. This kind of love is totally different from ordinary love relationships.

Twin flame relationships may not be purely romantic, though. It can also turn out to be a platonic type of twin flame relationship, whereby sex is not part of the relationship, but intimacy and unconditional love exist. Also, like any love relationship, twin flame relationships experience both the highs and lows. The difference lies in the fact that the twin flames always patch up things when the relationship gets turbulent and eventually bond again.

Keep A Close Eye on These 7 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You:

They feel magnetically bonded to you as though they’ve known you for long

Anytime you interact with your twin flame in person, you notice a strange glow and liveliness in them. They are super excited to have you within their surrounding.  Your twin flame feels like it’s home to an extent they are cosy around you.

They can narrate any stories effortlessly to keep you all engrossed and further show an interest in keeping up with your affairs. It’s crystal clear you are a special person to them, despite knowing nothing deep concerning you.

They telepathically sense your thoughts and feelings

Twin flames cannot be said to be twin flames if they lack a spiritual telepathic connection. If your twin flame loves you, they can pick up your thoughts and feelings without you communicating to them what’s in your head, and vice versa.  They often are a safe haven for you in that they can tell matters tormenting your mind.

Feelings of extreme emotional desolation

When breakups and a temporary twin flame separation take the course, it takes not long before your twin flame reunites with you. The distance between you and your twin flame creates an emotional feeling of emptiness and loneliness in their hearts, which triggers them to yearn unapologetically for you in their lives once more. Your twin flame thirsts to physically, mentally, and emotionally reconnect with you.

They find it hard to confess their love verbally.

Sometimes, your twin flame faces a rough time trying to open up their feelings for you. It can be amplified when they call for meet-ups with reasons in mind, but at the time of the meet-up, they stammer or brush off upon you enquiring the reason for the meeting.

Chances are they were going to be straightforward on requesting a twin flame love journey with you but do not know how to go about the whole thing. Love can be easy to express through their actions and behavior but saying it by word of mouth becomes a hard row to hoe.

They notice the insecurities in you real quick.

Your twin flame, as your twin soul, certainly is a spiritual part of you. The more you meet your twin flame, the more they notice the insecurities in you. However, it’s a two-way thing. Those times you are close to each other, they are likely to detect your fears, self-esteem issues, and your flaws in their entirety. In such instances, it suggests they love you if they are able to spot the inner you.

They tend to be very protective of you.

Overprotectiveness is expected when someone is madly in love with you. Actually, it’s the clearest sign that your twin flame loves you immensely if such behavior is distinct in them. How do you get to be aware your twin flame is very protective?

When they feel jealous seeing you with another person, they cannot stand you flirting or praising someone, and they are very controlling and oversensitive. You may find your twin flame deciding for you what to wear and what not to wear. That’s an indication they want you all to themselves.

The relationship is tumultuous and challenging ( on-and-off relationship)

This is one of the twin flame stages that follows the stage in which the twin flames fall hard in love. The euphoria and the feeling of being in the seventh heaven start to die slowly, and your twin flame discovers the differences between you two, which lead to wrangles, arguments, and heated debates.

In worse cases, you may run away from the relationship, the twin flame runner, and your twin flame pursues you as the twin flame chaser. It’s a cat-and-rat game. Your twin flame chaser is maturer, hence fights relentlessly for a reunion, and that’s undoubtedly pure love.

Are Soulmates Synonymous To Twin Flames?

While both soulmates and twin flames are linked to soul connection, they are different concepts. There is no instance that a soulmate is a twin flame and a twin flame, a soulmate. They stand on two dissimilar grounds.

Soulmates are two different souls that are not a product of one soul. They inspire each other and are content with each other. These are people who best know each other and happen to be best friends forever.

The same could be with twin flames, but twin flames, on the other hand, are based on one soul that split into two souls that ever reconnect no matter what. Any kind of love relationship can sprout out of either soulmates or twin flames. You can end up marrying your twin flame or soulmate; it doesn’t have to be specifically one of the two.

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