15 Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Do you ever wonder if there is someone out there who thinks of you the way that you think of them? If so, chances are your soulmate is thinking about you.

Knowing that your soulmate is thinking of you can be an amazing feeling. You feel loved, appreciated, and cherished just by knowing that they are out there somewhere in the world.

But how can you tell if they are really thinking of you? Did they send a text message to say hi when you were just about to call? Are you feeling energized all of a sudden? Or, are you experiencing unexplainable bouts of happiness?

Here’s a list of signs to look for. And if this article resonates with you, then it may be time to consider finding your one true love!

Are you ready?

Who is your soulmate?

A soulmate is someone who loves you for exactly what you are. They love your flaws because they believe those things make you perfect to them.

You can’t help but fall in love with their imperfections. Also, it’s impossible not to feel the signs of true love when spending time together.

People often ask me if I think there is one single person out there that everyone has a connection. Or, whether each relationship has its soulmate.

The answer varies from person to person. Different people have different preferences when it comes to finding love. These can affect whether you have one or multiple soul connections.

The signs of true love are different depending on how well two people know each other. Whether it be after years or just days.

What does it mean to have a soulmate?

What does it mean to have a soulmate

To me, a soulmate is someone who knows you more than anyone else in this world. They accept all of your flaws and love everything about you.

They understand what it means to have a connection with another human being that’s so strong. (There’s no way they could deny the signs of true love if they experienced them)

If these signs are present from the get-go, know for sure that that person’s meant for you! It doesn’t matter how long ago or recently you met him/her either.

The signs will always be there.

A soulmate can come into your life at any time during its course (even after marriage). This usually happens because we continue to grow as individuals.

This is to say that we change and our twin flame has grown in their journey, too. So, it’s not surprising if you feel like they’re a totally different person than the first time you met them. 🙂

It just means that your connection with them will be even stronger this time around. This is because of all the positive changes made on both ends during those years apart.

The tell-tale signs that your soulmate is thinking of you

How can you tell that your soulmate is thinking of you somewhere around the globe? Here are some surefire signs of true love:

1. You feel a sudden rush of energy

You feel a sudden rush of energy

Yes… You feel energized all of a sudden, but you have no reason to be. Just started your day and you’re feeling completely fine with life.

Walking around the house or sitting at work makes everything brighten up for some unexplainable reason.

Then it hits you! He/she is thinking about you right now! They wish they could hug you tight and tell you how much they love being near you–in person.

Then, missing him/her draws more energy from within you than ever before. Your heart starts beating faster as butterflies take flight in your stomach every time thoughts of them cross your mind.

This can’t possibly be normal, right? If this sounds familiar then yes, that’s the sign of true love.

Your soulmate is thinking of you.

2. Uncontrollable urge to call them

You feel powerful urges to call them even though they’re not in your physical proximity. It’s as if their energy’s calling out to you for some reason. Even more, it won’t stop until the two of you become connected once more!

This urge may come at any time. It may be late night or early morning, before work/school, or during a busy day.

Don’t ignore this sign because it means that he/she wants nothing but to hear from your lips. They want to hear you say just how much love there truly exists between the both of you.

If you feel the urge to call your soulmate even though they’re not around, then that’s a sign of true love!

3. A sudden feeling of longing

You start feeling as if no one else exists in this world but them. The thought of never seeing them again is absolutely gut-wrenching and depressing to think about.

Yet, it happens every day all over the planet.

People are always somehow forced apart against their will for countless reasons. Be it job opportunities or family problems just to name two examples.

Even when spending time with others (family/friends), much less talking about him/her makes you want to cry out loud. Nothing matters anymore except being able to look into their eyes once more!

If you’re sailing in this boat, be sure that your soulmate is definitely feeling the same. It’s a sign of true love and it feels amazing!

4. Your palms become sweaty and you start to blush uncontrollably

In this case, you feel your heart beating faster than before. You can’t help blushing when thinking of them. Your palms also get sweaty at the thought of seeing him/her.

This happens because you’re filled with an overwhelming sense of love for this person. It’s so potent that it shows physically on your body. It’s a sign that he or she is thinking about you right now–in fact, they wish to be in your presence ASAP!

If these symptoms describe you, then know without a doubt that your soulmate exists somewhere out there!

You may not even realize how much they mean to you yet. But trust me, they will soon enough if all goes well according to plan! 🙂

5. Your eye keeps twitching

Yeah, I know this might sound like I’m pulling your legs.

Well, I am not! Some people experience an eye twitching uncontrollably when their better half’s thinking about them.

An eye twitch can also mean you’re nervous about something. But in this case, it’s because your heart belongs to someone else. Your soulmate!

In the case when your eye twitches, thoughts of your significant other enter your mind without any prior warning. And things can get crazy as sometimes you don’t even know who that person in your mind is.

You can try to ignore it as much as possible because it seems weird. But if your soulmate truly exists, then why fight what comes naturally anyhow?

6. Hearing their voice even though they’re not around

You start hearing their voice in your head. This is the most comforting sound that you could ever hear!

It’s as if he/she has a direct line to your heart.

This feeling becomes even stronger when thoughts of them come into play by chance or on purpose. You simply want to catch up with this person so bad and have conversations for days without rest!

If you find yourself frequently hear their beautiful voice, then know that they’re thinking of you too.

7. Sudden goosebumps

What’s up with the sudden goosebumps? Do they have any special meaning or are people just weird about how they appear for seemingly no good reason at all?

Well, in this case, it means your soulmate is thinking of you.

It happens when he/she wants to tell you something without words. An unexplainable sign!

There might be a chance they want to say “I love you”. Or, simply express how much happiness your presence brings them by way of physical contact through these sudden bumps.

8. Mood swings

Of course. Your mood swings like a pendulum, swinging back and forth.

This rises from when you become emotionally unstable as your significant other draws you to their mind. Your emotions are all over the place because of the realization of how much they mean to you.

You want nothing more than be beside your soulmate right now but can’t help feeling so hopeless.

They don’t even know you exist; or do they?

9. You feel highly motivated

You feel highly motivated

You want to do something great that will make your soulmate proud. You become highly motivated in achieving this goal, even though you have no idea what it might be yet!

All because they’re on the back of your mind all day long and night too. Your motivation comes from within knowing that someone special’s thinking about you now. In fact, always has been, but you’ve never admitted it, perhaps, until now.

10. Sudden hiccups

So, sudden hiccups appear for no good reason at all. They come and go so quickly that you start thinking if this is even possible?

Well, it’s more than just a coincidence when your soulmate brings you to their mind.

It doesn’t happen often but can indicate they’re thinking about you right now. They could be also wondering how, where, or what time will be perfect to meet each other.

Don’t worry. Their heart belongs only to you as well and it’s also aching just as yours is.

Keep calm and enjoy these signs of love knowing everything will work out great in the end! 🙂

11. Dreaming about them

Here, you keep having a dream about your soulmate. It looks so real that you can’t help but feel as if this person’s really next to you in bed.

This is one of the most common signs that someone close wants to tell or show how much they care for you. Even when there are no words spoken between both parties.

They’re longing for an opportunity to give their affection through physical contact. It may be because it’s something neither party has ever experienced before with each other until now.

12. You suddenly don’t mind being alone anymore

Your thoughts shift from always wanting to be around people or social gatherings. It may almost happen at times when meeting new friends was also getting interesting.

These days become few far apart now because loneliness doesn’t bother you anymore.

Your soulmate’s the only one who has your attention. It feels good to be in their presence even when they’re not even physically nearby.

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal now that time away from them isn’t as torturous as before. They’ve become special, increasingly more important for how much you need each other.

13. You start seeing love everywhere

You start seeing love everywhere

This is where you know you’re head-over-heels. You start seeing love everywhere and feel as if you’re in a dream.

This is a sign of the universe sending a message that there’s someone who’d love to be with you.

Everything in your surroundings oozes love and affection. These things include the people you meet. It also includes places that might have been always ordinary before but now aren’t.

You also start finding new meanings when listening to love songs.

It’s because your mind is always occupied with thoughts of them, and they of you.

You seem to connect in a form of deep, mature love that’s built up for a long time without you knowing.

14. New skills emerge out of nowhere

When thinking about someone special to us we automatically increase our IQ level. This is because we want to impress this person and become a better person in general.

That means we start to learn new skills out of nowhere. You find yourself start using them right away.

You want the other person to see you as smart, capable, and skilled for their sake too.

15. You finally understand what true love is

You’ve been through heartbreaks before but now you feel ready. You feel ready to be with someone who loves you the way you’ve deserved it all along.

This time around when falling in love, it feels so much different. You feel your new connection is much stronger than the relationships before. It’s almost like a comfort zone.

It may not make sense why everything seems easier and more natural between you two. But it’s because you finally understand what true love is.

It isn’t easy to forget the past even when it’s time for a new chapter in your life. But, now that you’ve opened up this door with someone else who feels the same way about you, don’t let it close!


It’s really easy for someone not to notice another person in life unless he/she tries hard enough or stumbles upon him/her somehow.

We may never know why our souls pick who they do, or what they truly have in store for us. But, we can be at least certain that love exists and your soulmate is probably thinking of you right now based on the signs!

It’s time to take action and make yourself known. This is because there might not be a second chance if you wait much longer! Don’t let such precious opportunities slip away like sand through your fingers. Seize them instead while blood still flows hot through your veins!

To happy love stories.

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