7 Signs Your Ex is Pretending to be Over You

After an unexpected breakup, you feel like you’ve lost a certain part of you, your heart shatters. A turmoil of emotions creep in, and sometimes, you find yourself in denial of the sudden change. Your world is crumbling to pieces, though you are not ready to let it crumble completely. Life has to continue no matter the course.

So, you dust off your feet and assert yourself to live like nothing as such ever happened and reminisce only the good times you both shared. But as days go by, you realize you are not healing but actually missing more and more of your ex and the old sweet moments between you and your ex. It even won’t be surprising if you start yearning to rekindle the relationship.

And you think to yourself, “Could my ex also be pretending to be over me? Might he be craving for another chance between us?” Maybe yes, maybe no. You decide to check for signs that show they’re still interested in you, but you barely notice them. Coming to your aid, here are clear signs you ought to be on the lookout for.

1.  Your Ex Makes Phone Calls Out of The Blues

If your ex still makes an effort to get in touch with you through a phone call, contrary to your expectations, that’s a number one sign they still like you. They could reach out through phone texts or social media texts too.  It itches them to know how you are doing and might be aching for your euphonious voice.

Moreover, if they go ahead to hark back to the beautiful memories during a call or a chat, that suggests they cannot imagine living a life without you. They long to be abreast of all your doings and every information about your day-to-day activities. It could be them trying to be all protective again or desire intimacy again, a plus to you in reviving the bond that was initially there between the both of you.

2.  Your Ex Gives Lingering Looks

During those coincidental or planned meet-ups, you notice your ex, at one point, steals a glance at you, then another second, stares at you for a long while trying to maintain eye contact. And you wonder what could be going on in their heads. Definitely, you are on their minds. They are still attracted to you. They miss you, period.

3.  Your Ex Gets Jealous When You Date Someone Else

When your ex sees you hanging around with a new face and what seems like a more attractive person than they are, they might develop a twinge of jealousy.  They feel compelled to initiate contact, hoping to find out the status of your new relationship, if you are treated better or if you feel happier.

And once they discover a vacuum, they may relentlessly ruin your new relationship. They further plan on getting things between you and them back together before the new blood completely takes their former position in your life. You will notice that your ex, since the hurtful breakup, did not chat or call as often. But now, they overtalk with you and stalk you more often.

4.  Your Ex Creates Reasons Just To Meet You Face-to-face

They are lonely. They see no other convincing way to patch up things with you. So they think of the next resort and what could it be?- swallow their ego and cleverly, request a meet-up backing it with mere justifications. They offer to pick you up from work or check you up at your apartment, for instance. It’s evident they cannot persevere the emptiness they feel in their heart ever since you parted ways and desire to see you in person.

On your end, you are hesitant, still wounded, and afraid of another heartbreak. Or maybe you completely fell out of love with them. However, you still brave up for the meet-up and set yourself ready for anything if they impose their bitterness and insecurities on you. You are not in for nonsense, despite the fact that true love once existed between you.

5.  Your Ex’s Friends Unusually Chat You.

Have you ever relaxed on your couch with your feet up and your mind deeply engrossed in your phone. Suddenly you notice a chat notification from someone you least expected. That immediately lowered your spirit of enjoyment. It’s your ex’s friend or family members. What could they be up to, and why could they be texting you?

You carry on with the conversation, pretending to be okay with everything, but you find it weird deep inside you. They dare to know your well-being. You are catching up anyway. Well, they are not catching up with you. There’s a high possibility your ex’s friends are after information to pass onto your ex about you. They want to give hints to your ex whether you are over them or not. Stay vigilant.

6.  Your Ex Secretly Stalks You on Social Media

As a show of self-love, you post photos of yourself on any social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram stories. Shock on you; they immediately tap the like button, followed by a heart emoji or complimentary text. This happens often. Or, when you comment on a certain post in your news feed, they blast you with a reply.

Curiosity kills them. They want to know how you are fairing on; how life is taking you after you broke up. They have left-over feelings and just can’t walk away from the relationship like that. Sooner or later, you’ll see them chatting with you in your inbox on social media.

7.  Your Ex Drunk Texts You

It’s not your ex’s fault, but their emotions and inability to get over their past love life overwhelming them.  So they seek intoxicants in a bid to forget the memories and move on as quickly as they think they should. They get drunk as a skunk, and they cannot hold in their emotions at this point.

You receive drunk texts of them confessing they still love you and cannot hang in anymore. These texts got sent in the odd hours of the night. It’s clear they are not sober, and it would be best to ignore those texts and probe them further when they sober up later. But it’s an indication your ex is still not over you.

Either You’ve Noticed These Subtle Signs Or Not; What Next?

An ended relationship is a painful ordeal to pull through, especially if you were intimately attached to your significant other. If you ascertain you’ve seen these signs in your ex and feel the urge to return to them, simply shoot your shot. It never hurts. On the other hand, if you’ve noticed the previously-mentioned signs but don’t see the need to reawaken the good times, keep moving on relentlessly. Your love life lies in your hands, after all.

Lastly, your ex may not depict any sign of pretending to be over. They meant it when they said it’s a done deal between the both of you. In such a case, just take the bull by its horns to focus on self-love and self-care. Sometimes your soulmate is yourself. You need to learn to love yourself until you discover that kind of love in somebody else.

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