10 Signs He is Hurting After the Breakup

Breakups are, in some instances, quite tough. It’s hard to see someone you care about hurting.

Even worse, it can be quite difficult if the person is acting out in ways that make them even more unlikable than usual.

Is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend hurting after the breakup? It is not always easy to tell. Still, after a breakup, signs proving that he or she’s hurting can be incredibly obvious.

These signs will vary depending on how you and your ex interacted while still together. This means that no two people will get the same set kind of reaction signal from their ex(es).

All in all, what signs should you look for? What steps should you take? If the fault was their’s, how can you make them miss you like crazy?

Let’s dive in below and find out!

Signs your boyfriend’s hurting after your breakup

So, how can you tell that your ex-boyfriend’s hurt with your recent breakup?

Well, below are some signs that, if detected, could help you confirm what exactly’s going on with your ex.

The signs will vary depending on the type of breakup both parties agreed to have. The signs may vary even further based on whether or not the break-up was their decision or yours.

…On second thought, it doesn’t matter who initiated the split or who didn’t. Simply recognizing these signs will help you know what to do next if you ever feel compelled to.

These signs include:

a. If he feels like the breakup is his fault

This is one of the most common signs that can let you in on that secret.

If he thinks this was their decision, it can be very difficult for him or her to cope. After all, there’s no one else to blame but themselves if things went south in this way!

It’s pretty common for our feelings of self-worth to become compromised after a breakup. We might tend to act in ways that make us feel even worse than before (and more likely than not) turn others off as well.

It may seem odd at first. Still, if he thinks that leaving was their choice, he may show pain and regret over what happened between you two.

b. If he picks up a weird behavior after a breakup

This can be an incredibly easy way of telling that your ex’s heartbroken over the recent split you two agreed on.

Any signs related to this will start right off with him avoiding social gatherings. This will include interactions with friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone! In fact, he may even refuse invitations from anyone if their feelings are really hurt!

In other words:

If someone cancels plans last minute without reason or explanation – it could easily mean that something else is at play here. (Such as them trying to cope).

It doesn’t necessarily always have to point towards depression either. Not at all…but it sure does make for one possible explanation.

c. If he ignores you after the breakup or stops replying to your texts

This one’s a bit self-explanatory, isn’t it?

If someone acts as if they don’t care about how you’re doing – chances are that their feelings aren’t what we’d call “good”. This is a pretty obvious sign showing that your ex was/is quite heartbroken with your separation.

In some cases, you’ll mostly find this sign linked to others anytime there are signs of ‘ghosting’ from your ex.

For instance, avoiding social gatherings and picking up weird behavior. These things tend to go hand in hand with each other when going through a tough breakup or divorce process.

It can feel too difficult at times for certain people.

d. If he blocks you on all social media platforms

This one is another easy-to-spot sign that your ex’s feelings are in shambles after the breakup.

It is not easy to notice this action at first. This is most especially if you are not a strong social media user.

It can only mean one thing when someone blocks us on all social media platforms without any explanation or reason:

They’re hurting with how things ended in your relationship.

e. He makes a point of showing you he is even happier without you

If they feel like there was no way out of a situation (such as divorce) – why not make you miserable about how well off life is without them?

It may sound mean-spirited, but humans are a complicated lot sometimes. We’re far from perfect and our decision-making skills aren’t always on point either.

f. He keeps coming back even after you asked him to move on

This is a sign showing that your ex is pretty weak with coping.

For some exes, they’d rather keep you in their life as a backup plan than go back together. Others may have just realized the gem they’ve lost and so want back into your heart.

In most cases though, such a person will not be always happy without you either.

They don’t want to move on and accept that things can never go back to how they used to be. You’re just too important for them!

g. If he speaks badly about you behind your back

People deal with heartbreak differently from one another. Some may cope better than others do.

It is only natural for a person to talk badly about their ex behind their back. They think that they can get away with it and so vent out all the negative feelings boiling inside them!

h. They call every day but only last one minute before hanging up

This can sometimes point out signs of guilt.

In most cases, it is a sign pointing towards high levels of regret after the breakup. It also shows signs of low self-esteem.

Such an ex shows they have lost complete direction in life without your support network!

j. He never initiates conversations or even tries to initiate a catch-up session

Some exes won’t do anything to try and keep you around. They are so afraid to face the consequences of getting rejected again.

They don’t want to risk losing you for good. At the same time, they also feel that it is too soon to try and catch up with you either.

They just can’t find a middle ground here!

k. He changes his ways to appeal more to you

If your ex is always trying to be a better person after the breakup, then they are truly missing you.

This shows signs of them wanting to fix things between you two once again. And, this, even if it means becoming more attractive in your eyes by ‘rebranding’.

Making him miss you like crazy

So, you want your ex to beg you back into his corner? Then, follow these steps:

Well, you can do this by:

  1. Taking a break from him. Be independent and show them you can do well without his support too!
  2. Be happy with yourself first and foremost. You can attract an ex by your very own behavior and attitude towards life more than anything.
  3. Maintaining your distance with an air of mystery surrounding you both. You can do this by not initiating any conversations and avoiding even the slightest signs of affection towards him.
  4. Make him work extra hard for your heart.
  5. Don’t talk badly about them or try shaming their character down either. You’ll only come across as bitter instead!
  6. Not giving in to any signs of guilt he uses against you.
  7. Use the break to strengthen your self-worth and life without him. This way, it proves that the breakup was very necessary for both parties involved!
  8. Be there when he needs help at his hour of need but don’t cling on to him either.
  9. Put in the work to look healthy and beautiful (if that’s what makes you feel good). Your ex will do everything they can just to be around you again then.
  10. Do some self-reflection if you were the cause of your breakup.

By following this advice, your ex’s sure to go bonkers wanting you back once again!


These signs prove how much your ex misses you. They show their longing for your old relationship because some part of them still thinks about you two.

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, then there’s no question that your ex needs some time alone. This will help him get over the loss of your relationship.

And while you may get tempted to try and comfort them, doing so will only make things worse. The best thing to do is just let them have the space they need right now!

Take your time studying him if, in the future, you’d want to go back together with him.

Good luck out there!

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