Scorpio Moon: What is it, Characteristics and Personality

People born when the moon is in Scorpio are all about deep-rooted passion and intense emotions. They take time to let new things into their lives. Once they do though, they accommodate it or them with all their being.

Scorpio Moons also tend to love too much. They suffer the most when such connections get severed. They will do everything to know what could have gone wrong.

If you are a Scorpio Moon native, chances are you have “a third eye” for seeing beyond the superficial. You can detect when someone is being either real or hiding something beneath their façade.

Above everything, you’re attracted to raw intimacy and depth. This manifests when it comes to connecting to people around you.

Also, if you are a Moon in Scorpio, chances are that you don’t like quitting. You like working your way around challenges in your pursuit of a solution.

Some of the celebrities that share with you the Scorpio Moon include:

What is it like being a Moon in Scorpio?

Your base is all about the sincere inner connection over the physical attributes. You are a sucker for passion and take your time “reading” others.

But what more is there to it?

Connecting with others

A Scorpio Moon will find themselves struggling to let their real intentions known. The reason behind that is because the moon is under duress at this phase. It’s under a state of detriment in this phase of a cycle and, thus, impedes you from emotional consistency.

Many a time you’ll come off as someone with mood fluctuations. You are all bubbly and merry one day and gloomy or curt in the next.

You will observe that you likely take too long before you let loose around other people. Most of the time, you feel that your colleagues or friends don’t stay too long around you.

That is because your subconscious “reading” may unnerve some of them. What’s more, you might not know when it happens. Do not feel bad when this occurs, it is a construct that’s seated deep in your core. You don’t have control over it.

And as this gets worse, it’s a normal thing to feel your edginess manifesting in your physic. You’ll get clinically sick at this point. It is even worse when you go through heartbreak and you bottle your true feelings up.

The irony is that many Moon in Scorpio natives end up with the most unlikely people in a relationship. Without knowing, you desire an untamed connection with your partner. It is only this kind of love that ignites your soul with light.

For that reason, you end up dating the most dramatic and unpredictable lovers.

Despite having reserved emotions, spirits, and vibrations, your radar is always on the energies surrounding you. You always detect the mood in a room and can read a good or bad vibe.

Most of the time, you tend to pick up the darker energies quicker than the rest. It’s like the readings go off the charts when toxicity and dark, heavy spirits surround you.

Because of all the connection dynamics above, you need to purge all bad thoughts and feelings. It is good to do so every once in a while. This form of cleansing keeps you pure and your instincts sensitive as ever.

Emotion hoarder

Getting a genuine read from a Scorpio Moon is often taxing. This is because you are always in a deep maze trying to lock in on what it is you truly feel. You can have one overwhelming emotion or a storm of several emotions at the same time.

And despite that, still, no one can make an accurate observation of what you are keeping inside.

That is why many Moon in Scorpio natives make pretty good detectives. They own the full spectrum of human emotions and understand how they are all linked. They get the whole psychology behind human feelings. And for that, too, they make very good dramatists.

As a Scorpio Moon, you like sustaining one state of being regardless of other factors. You like to keep the same image even when there is a tempest brewing inside.

Because of this, you don’t trust with ease and rarely reveal your feelings through words. You are always afraid of someone or something coming in and break your defense. But, when you finally get comfortable around a person, you let them in. You give them undivided honesty and loyalty.

Even so, if the trust gets broken, you always never forgive that person.

And although you can detect toxic extremes with ease, you also fear expressing the same extremities hiding inside you.

As you constantly keep these emotions locked up in a jar, you use a lot of “force” to keep the lid from exploding out. This habit periodically takes a toll on you and you still end up getting consumed either way.

When it happens, you now exhibit unexplained overwhelming jealousy, resentment, and intense drives to carry out revenge. You become the embodiment of negative energy as the hoarded emotions seep into your spirits.

It is good for you to let out these feelings once in a while so as not to become them.


When the moon is in Scorpio, there is normally a strong sexual awareness manifested in others. Naturally, when this happens, there is a powerful need for relief for them.

But for a Scorpio Moon, during this time, they still live inside their guarded emotional bunker. They are not open to reciprocating the love offered during this time.

You feel like you need several channels to parse your emotional intensity through. You need more than just the sudden romance offered from natives of the other moons. As a result, you build a wall that stops you from trusting others’ intentions too easily.

This state can cloud your vision from every other reality and may lead to a sad discourse.

If you are in a compatible relationship and your partner understands you, then you’ll always get the catharsis sought after by the single Scorpio Moons.

Generally, a Scorpio Moon will have a more interesting romance with something new to spice it up every day. This is born from their nature of always seeking beyond the physical connection. It breaks routine and monotony in the relationship.

They love deep and true and do not quit from relationships without first putting up a fight. A Scorpion shows great empathy and can see things through their partner’s perception.

So, what’s good about a Scorpio Moon?

First, a Scorpio Moon is all about realness and truth when looking at human relations. Their makeup is such that they don’t know how to fake things and have no time for pretense. If you are a Scorpio Moon, you call it as you see it.

Another thing is that a Scorpio Moon gives you undivided love once they let you into their lives. They love passionately and will open up to exploring the deeper parts of both your beings. Your love will continually grow as long as you let a Scorpio Moon be. This is especially when they are in the process of understanding the inner truths about their personalities.

Scorpio Moon natives also portray great skills through their ever-transforming imagination. They have a knack for investigating beyond the surface to get the full scope of something. This makes them great actors, songwriters, inventors, and other things in mind-engaging careers.

And as they know and understand the broad range of human emotion, Scorpio Moons have lots of empathy. They have a ton of compassion for other people’s emotional states. They know how to accommodate another human being suffering from a spiritual or mental affliction. Their “psychic reading” enables them to be very sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings.

The best part yet is that a Scorpio Moon knows how to decipher subtext in multiple settings. And because of that, they are masters of sociology. They can work extremely well under stressful conditions and can bring order to a chaotic office.

What is the “ugly” side?

People, more often than not, get put off with how close Scorpio Moons keep their emotional cards to their faces. A Scorpio Moon in the initial instances comes off as a highly secretive tough nut to crack. Someone may feel frustrated with you, especially, when they want to impress or understand you.

Other times, people may feel that they cannot relate to your emotional needs. This stems from the fact that you have fluctuating moods and something that impressed you today may bore you tomorrow. As a result, your friends, family, or colleagues may give up trying to accommodate your needs.

Also, a Scorpio Moon may appear disconnected from other people’s lives and feelings. This detachment happens when they want to hide their true feelings. The reason for doing that most of the time is because they don’t want to feel vulnerable themselves. They fear their ideal reflection of themselves may negatively get drawn in and become corrupted.

The final pain with a Scorpio Moon native is the occasional bouts of extreme expression. It occurs when they work hard to keep what they perceive as toxic emotions concealed. As the cup fills, they exhibit extreme levels of harshness or bile that is not common with them. During this period also, you might suffer great jealousy or resentment from a Scorpio Moon around you.

Closing thoughts

As a Scorpio Moon, the ability to possess deep, intimate love and compassion rests within you.

Don’t feel bad about yourself when you realize you’re always “sizing” people up. That is a gift to you from the power of the Moon in Scorpio. It helps you have full awareness of your surroundings and understand the people next to you.

It’s okay if you feel too loyal sometimes.

That is your core telling you that you have found someone or something that you trust. If your spirits allow, give yourself a chance to explore the new path and see where it leads. Who knows? You might get the satisfaction you’ve always wanted in your life down the road.

Do not let yourself be a slave to strong emotions. There is no shame in venting every once in a while. As much you want to maintain your overall temperament, hiding from reality can blow up on your face.

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