Ryan DeBolt Bio, Net Worth of Sara Ramirez’s Ex Husband

Ryan Debolt is one of the few people whose rise to popularity involves a relationship with a celebrity.

His life has much to see than the celebrity lifestyle that his relationship put him in. He was catapulted into the limelight after marrying his ex-wife Sara Ramirez. But who exactly is DeBolt?

Personal Life

Ryan Debolt is an American businessman with dual citizenship. He holds both American and Mexican Citizenship. Racially Debolt is Mexican and Irish. He was born and raised in Mexico, Mexico City. However, much of his adult life has been spent in the US. Ryan was born on 25th September 1980.

He is a businessman with great business acumen, working as a business analyst and music editor. He works at TIME Inc, where he has developed a reputation for being witty.

As of the close of 2021, Ryan is 41 years old. Heis Zodiac is Libra. There is little knowledge about his parents, early life, and education. All that is known is that he has been a successful banker who may result from a good education.


It is known that he started his career in finance after completing school, which has helped him grow from strength to strength. His meteoritic rise stems from his natural ability. Great work has earned him a good name in the business, which in turn has opened doors each turn of the way.

He has maintained a good level of discipline at work and tried to keep a low profile despite being married to a celebrity. Discipline to keep his story under the sheets has opened the way for him and helped Ryan command respect among his peers.

His most recent job credential is working as a financial analyst at TIME Inc. Working at TIME Inc helped him connect to the who and who as he was considered a success.

Love Life

During an afterparty event, Sara Ramirez met the love of his life. The two love birds started dating soon after and having the best of life. The length of their dating spree is unknown as they kept most of the details to themselves till the engagement.

They traveled around the globe together to feel their love. On a trip to France in 2011, Ryan Popped the question. Sara Ramirez accepted the proposal.

After the engagement, the couple was very convinced of their love. Unlike most celebrities who break off their engagement, these two got married. On the 4th of July 2012, Ryan and Ramirez took the monumental step to get married. It was in a private beachside wedding in New York. The wedding was held before friends and family.

Ryan’s Spouse

Everything we know about Ryan stems from his association with Sara Ramirez. Who exactly is Sara? Sara Elena Ramírez is a Mexican American entertainment icon. She holds many hats as a singer, songwriter, activist, and actor.

Sara was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa in Mexico, where she grew to her eighth birthday. Sara’s family moved to the US, where she continued schooling.  She graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Juilliard school.

Straight from school, she embarked on a career that would make her a household name in the US film industry. Sara’s debut was in Paul Simon’s The Capeman before taking a role portraying the original role of Swan Lake in the broadway musical Spamalot. She won the Tony award that year for her role in the film.

Her biggest breakthrough came when offered a job at ABC to choose a primetime show. ABC had so many shows, but she chose to play Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy. Her role was instrumental as it portrays an LGBTQ+ character. The character ran for 11 seasons, with 289 episodes being among the first primetime shows to feature a queer role. In advancing the LGBTQ community activist, she also played Kate Sandoval, a non-binary role in madam secretary.

Sara has also been a voice actor in the video game UmJammer Lammy and the animated series Sofia the First. In 2009 she hit the rock waves releasing her first single Silent night. The song debuted at number 37 in the Billboard 200 in early 2011.

Naturally, Ryan marrying  Sara in 2011 would put him in the limelight. The couple had a happy marriage. There were a few rumors of the couple having a baby. No baby was born of the union. After departing From Grey’s Anatomy, a show she had been on for ten years, her work caught up with her. She was no longer playing a role, but she came out as bisexual in 2016.

Her announcement did nothing to change her relationship with Ryan as the couple remained together for a few more years. She is now more vocal about protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community. Sara identifies as non-binary. They are members of the True Colors Fund board of directors. One thing that Sara has counted on and received is support from DeBolt. He has supported them with all the choices they made all along the way.

The Separation

Having survived the storm of Sara’s sexual orientation reveal, the marriage seemed invincible. On 6th July 2021, the world and the marriage received a big blow with the couple’s separation. After nine years of marriage, everything was over. Sara Ramirez announced the breakup on an Instagram post.

The post revealed she is no longer in a relationship with businessman Ryan. Despite the separation, the post read, “We remain loving and supportive in how we are choosing to forge our new individual paths.” She was grateful to the fans in the post. “Thank you for holding space around our choices and respecting our families’ privacy as we navigate this process on our own terms.”

At the end of the post, she highlighted her commitment to supporting the LGBT organization. She promised to focus her energy on learning and donating to the community’s causes. Ryan Deblt has remained tight-lipped on the separation.

His Instagram bio still reads that he is the loving husband to Sara. However, that is inconsequential because of all the latest posts in 2014.

There is still no information from either DeBolt or Ramirez on whether they are dating again or plan to get back together. Sara has, however, urged fans to respect her privacy. Everyone keeps tabs on the two to see what the business analysis and the grey’s Anatomy actor do after the separation.

Ryan’s Net Worth

Away from celebrity life, Ryan has been a workaholic businessman. He has a large fortune. His fortune is estimated at $4.5 million in 2021. It is, however, not easy to put an exact figure on his wealth.

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