Purple Peppers: Facts, Grow, Propagate & More

Do you have a home garden, but you are not sure of what to grow?

A garden seems to be more beautiful when planted with different plants with different colours. Among the most loved colours in a garden is the purple colour.

Did you know that you can both decorate your garden and save some money for groceries, especially during these challenging times? Instead of planting purple flowers, you buy peppers daily; why don’t you grow peppers instead?

I know this can be ironic, especially if you don’t know how to grow the peppers. You might be wondering, where will I start? But worry not because, in this article, you will learn about how to grow the purple peppers and the benefits them in your body.

Does this elate you? Great. Hold on here and learn more!

What Are Purple Peppers?

Purple peppers are fruits of plants that belong to the capsicum annuum family. Apart from the purple peppers, there are other types of peppers. They include; yellow peppers, red, white, and green peppers. According to research, the bell peppers’ seeds were first imported from Spain to Europe and Asia.

There are two types of peppers. That is the chilli peppers and the white peppers. The purple peppers are classified in the sweet peppers category. When young, these peppers have smooth and glossy skin. It also has a pale green colour that gradually changes to white. Then deep purple as they mature. It has different shapes as well. It can either be round or square with 3 lobes and a thick green stem.

The purple peppers do mature within 2-3 months after planting. It grows to 5cm in diameter and 7cm in length. A thick hollow cavity with a thin membrane holds the tiny, cream-coloured seeds under the ripe pepper. The peppers are also crunchy and juicy.

There are different varieties of purple peppers.they are; islander,tequila,lorelei,purple beauty,merlot,Violetta and purple belle.

Uses Of Purple Peppers

There are different colours of peppers like it is written above. However, many people get confused when using purple peppers as the first of them. There are few ways on how to use these sweet peppers in your food. Let’s have a look at them.

Eat It Raw

This is one of the easiest ways to eat purple peppers. If you want to have a great and sweet salad, purple peppers can be of great use to you when they are fresh. They do have a crunchy and juicy taste that goes well with salads.

When preparing your vegetable salad, cut the pepper and remove the cream seeds well. Wash it thoroughly and cut it into more petite long strips by cutting it from top to bottom. Add the strips to your preferred other greens and enjoy your salad.

Roast And Grill Your Peppers

These are among the unique methods for cooking sweet peppers.

Roasted peppers are very delicious, purple peppers being one of them. No one can oppose that unless you have never tried. You can use roasted purple peppers in pasta, sandwiches, and more, depending on your creativity.

For grilled peppers, they do have an irresistible sweet flavour and taste. Apart from grilling them alone, you can also add them to meat sticks and grill them together. The aroma you will get is mouthwatering.

Fry Your Peppers

This method is the most used at homes and hotels. Despite that it is simple, it is also sweet. You can fry your purple peppers with your vegetable or meat stew. But it is essential to know that when cooking, the pepper color sometimes changes to grey.

In addition, there are many other ways of cooking your peppers. For example, you can bake, stir-fry, stuff them, and many more. In cooking, there are no limits on how you should cook your ingredients. It depends on your creativity. Play creative cooking games with your pepper and get more recipes.

How To Grow Purple Peppers

The process of growing purple peppers is just like that of other plants. The unique thing about purple peppers is that it requires heat to grow well. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the temperatures are  at least 21 degrees (70F)

The first step you need to take is to get your pepper seeds. In this, there are two options for you. You can either buy the seeds from nearby organic stores and plant them immediately. The second option is to extract the cream seeds from mature purple peppers. Once you remove them, you need to put them in an open place for a few days to dry.

After you have settled on the seeds, you need to prepare your garden. Even if purple peppers are not picky about the soils, they grow well in rich and sandy soils. The reason is, sandy soils will keep the plant warm, and also, it is a perfect water drainer soil. Also, before planting, ensure that your soil has a pH between 6-7.

After that, you can now plant your seeds in the soil. Upon planting, you should keep them in a warm and sunny place. To speed up germination, you can use a plastic cover to cover your planted seeds. The reason for all this is to generate the required warmth. So, be sure that germination will take a few days when you provide the soil with enough heat.

On the other hand, if you live in more excellent areas, you can still plant your purple pepper. All you need to do is cover your soil with black plastic to generate heat. But, you need to be careful because when you overheat the ground, you will kill the beneficial bacteria.

When the seeds germinate, they will develop about 2-3 leaves. You will have to change your container if your current container is small. During this time, you can add the recommended fertilizers because they will incredibly boost its growth. Water your plants regularly.

As the plant matures, it will change its color gradually. From green when it is young to purple as it grows. As the pepper over-matures, it will get a red color. So you need to harvest the plant when it has a purple color.

How To Propagate The Peppers

Propagating your purple peppers can be a great advantage if you want to plant many of them. You will not need to buy new seeds every time you want to grow.

When propagating your purple pepper, you need to select a healthy stem from a mature pepper. Make sure that the branch is healthy. It does not have pepper, bugs, or flowers. The reason is; when the purpose of the stem is to grow roots and not to bloom.

Take the selected stem and use prune shears to cut the stem at a 45 degrees angle. Dip the stem into rooting hormones and wait till it generates its roots. After that, you can plant your new purple pepper plant.

Purple Pepper Diseases And How To Control Them

Spots On The Leaves

This is a common bacterial infection. Weather changes can cause it. When it occurs, you will see yellow and green spots on the leaves. When it is not treated, the areas turn brown and affect the peppers because they will get corky marks and later decay.

To prevent this, you must get rid of the affected leaves or the whole plant if it is poorly affected. The reason is, the bacteria spread at a high rate to other plants.

When you encounter this in your peppers, you can prevent it by protecting the leaves from getting into contact with water or spraying the plants to kill the bacteria. You also need to fertilize the plant to boost it.

Fungal Disease

Fungal disease is also known as Anthracnose. Fungi cause it, and if left untreated, it causes a lot of damages. The solution to this is to buy treated seeds. But if you are planting your seeds, you can treat them by dipping them for 30 minutes into hot water.

Southern Blight

At times your peppers’ leave can start to wilt. That is, the stem above the soil will turn brown. The leaves will also turn brown, and the stem will have a cover of a fan-like mould mat. When you notice this, know that your plant is affected by fungus. The solution is to remove the affected plant. Also, avoid overcrowding your plants.

Benefits Of Purple Pepper

  • Helps in increasing appetite
  • Relieve pain and heal wounds
  • It prevents atherosclerosis
  • It helps in improving body immunity
  • The peppers are rich in vitamin C and A
  • They boost the blood needed during pregnancy
  • Enrich the optical system
  • They fight bacteria and fungus
  • It fights cholesterol in the body
  • It prevents nose bleeding
  • It also prevents cancer
  • It avoids high blood pressure
  • It increases metabolism in the body
  • It helps in getting rid of blood clots in the body
  • It boosts the respiratory system

Over To You

Now that you know where to start growing the purple peppers, you can start planting them soon. The most important thing is that you need to take great care of them, water them well and do all they need to do.

Another great advantage is that, apart from the home garden, if you got a farm, you can start planting them in bulk and sell them. You will be earning! Did this guide impress you?

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