What Is Pink Cloud In Addiction Recovery Journey?

Substance abuse leads to addiction which causes pain and grief. However, sobriety is achievable through dedication by both the addict and the people offering treatment. But, there are highs and downs during the process, such as pink clouding.

In this article, we will explain what pink cloud is and how to cope with it.

What Is Pink Cloud?

Pink clouding occurs when your body and mind are coming to terms with a life free of drugs or alcohol, you will have experiences of highs and lows alternatively.

Recovering addicts experience feelings of euphoria and elation in pink clouding. A new lifestyle of being sober for an addict is refreshing and frustrating at the same time. New sobriety can result in a natural high on life in the early days of recovery. The honeymoon phase of sobriety is only short-lived.

How Do You Know You Have Pink Cloud?

If you have recently been undergoing a substance abuse treatment program. And have started the recovery process, you may feel good and be in high spirits. In this case, you’re likely pink clouding.

The scenario is most likely to occur after fighting the difficult stage of withdrawal. Fighting in the withdrawal stage requires determination because of the physical and emotional distress involved.

Pink clouding makes you feel real good. This is because your body and mind are starting to operate without drugs or alcohol influence. Drugs or alcohol have chemical toxins which bring an imbalance.

The honeymoon phase of a sober life after addiction is not the same for everyone. The common feelings and experiences during pink clouding are:

  • Euphoria and great joy
  • Calmness and peaceful state of mind
  • Confidence in the ability to fight the addiction
  • A preoccupation with the positive aspects of recovery
  • High hopes in life after recovery, which some may be unrealistic
  • Having an increase in emotional awareness

You tend to overlook the hard things and difficulties necessary to maintain sobriety.

Pink Cloud Time Line

The duration of pink cloud syndrome is not fixed. Neither does it happen at the same time for different people. You may start feeling the effects within the first few days of the recovery process. It may also take a few weeks before they begin.

Pink cloud duration is also inconsistent. For some, it can last for a few weeks, or it can take several months to go through it.

Why You Should Be Cautious Of Pink Cloud

The euphoria of pink clouding may not be so helpful. Feeling great and on top of the world may make you fail to think about the ordinary life below. It makes you feel like you have made it, but you’re still in the woods. As you come out of this stage, the reality of responsibilities in life and the recovery journey starts to set in.

The honeymoon phase will make you naturally high and have overconfidence. This may make you avoid seeing the obstacles ahead, like a marriage honeymoon that does not last forever. Once over, it may lead to disappointments causing a relapse. In case you have relapsed because of the pink cloud syndrome. Please seek professional help from an addiction treatment center.

Dangers within Addiction Recovery Process

Addictions and recovery vary among individuals. Pink cloud syndrome is common in the recovery process. When having the syndrome, you may develop positive feelings and high expectations of the recovery process.

After the honeymoon phase and during the recovery journey, you will have to face the normal challenges of daily life and long-term sobriety target.

This will include things like:

  • Earning a living either through employment or managing your business
  • Managing your personal upkeep and your household
  • Establishing sober relationships with spouse, children, relatives, friends, and other people you have to interact with
  • Committing to the treatment and therapy

Your return to responsibilities in life can make you feel low. Often this may lead to a point where you do not see the point of sobriety. This situation can make you easily fall back to old habits. This is because people abuse substances to escape from life’s responsibilities. After the early recovery period, a relapse is possible.

When you don’t experience as many positive feelings as before in early recovery is because:

the reality of facing responsibilities making decisions in life settles in, and it becomes overwhelming.

How To Survive Pink Cloud Phase

It is not a must for the syndrome to end on an extreme low.

However, understanding what to expect earlier in the recovery process helps you succeed and maintain long-term sobriety.

To make the most out of this phase, ensure the following:

Have information

Information on the recovery process helps you to prepare and face the challenges. It makes you knowledgeable and gets an optimistic outlook for the program.

Knowledge also helps you to know the steps and the phases during the recovery journey. You can also make plans to cope with future urges to use drugs or alcohol.

Take advantage of the feelings of pink cloud

The honeymoon phase is only for a short while. But you can carry those positive feelings with you during the treatment program.

Consider maintaining a journal for reference later whenever the low feelings manifest

Day-to-day responsibilities and stress at work may make you feel low. The recovery journey is not easy, and sometimes along the road, you may feel the desire to have a drink or use drugs. Consider that there are good things in life, and they don’t relate to the euphoria of pink cloud.

Set and focus on small achievable goals

In the pink cloud phase, you might try to make many changes in your life. Some of the things people try to keep off substance abuse will include:

  • New and vigorous exercise routines
  • Extended sleeping hours
  • Changing eating habits
  • Engaging in wellness practices like meditation, among others

All these are good, but you must strike a balance. An overload on new habits and goals can be overwhelming. This may backfire when exhaustion settles in don’t feeling like doing it anymore. Disappointment may settle in. Especially if you fall through the habits’ after pink clouding.

The best way is to concentrate on one or two changes you are interested in and which are achievable. In the long term, it’s possible to venture into other life-improving projects later.

Seek Support

Approaches to dealing with addiction are several and not limited to alcoholics anonymous.

You can consider seeking therapy. Look for a specialized therapist in addiction treatment. It is also wise to have a plan that will help you address other challenges in real life. Therapy before elapse of the pink cloud is better than seeking after the phase. A professional will equip you with the necessary information. He/she will guide you in facing post pink cloud syndrome.

As you start your recovery process connect with others in similar situations undergoing treatment. These people will offer an insight into what to expect and how to handle it. You can look for support groups in your area. You can ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider.

You can also join an online community.

Take Self-Care

During your recovery journey, ensure to take care of your personal needs. As you face the challenges experienced through life in recovery. You gain strength, confidence, and emotional satisfaction

Self-care will involve practicing healthy habits like:

  • Eating balanced meals
  • Exercising
  • Having adequate sleep
  • Consuming water regularly
  • Taking self-care will enable you to:
  • Discover what helps to relax without any influence
  • Getting back to normal life
  • Keeping up with the activities and hobbies you enjoyed before addiction
  • Re-establishing relationships and connecting with loved ones
  • Taking a day off from normal activities and doing nothing

Note: When taking self-care, make time not only for the things you have to do but also for the ones you enjoy doing. Balance the things to avoid disappointment. Also, avoid the things that make you have low emotions.


After detox or rehab, in early recovery, pink clouding can easily overtake you. Pink cloud is false happiness that does not last. So, focus more on the long-term recovery journey for true happiness.

Are you are in addiction treatment? Are you experiencing the honeymoon phase? Pick your things and leave them behind and focus on the feature. Find what others have done to leave it and become more realistic.

The key to a drug or alcohol-free life is continuing with treatment and getting the relevant support. Follow your therapist’s advice. Join a group of other recovering addicts to learn from their experiences. Seek professional medical help from a reputable addiction treatment center. You do not have to face the recovery journey alone.

Be sure to come out of the pink cloud soon and focus on the reality of life in recovery.

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