Panda Ant: Everything You Need To Know

The panda ant (Pachycondyla chinensis) is a species of ant native to China. They live in forests and feed mainly on bamboo shoots. This ant has become famous because of its ability to survive without water for long periods of time.

You might have seen these ants crawling around your house or garden. They are also known as the ‘bamboo ant’ or ‘waterless ant’. These ants can survive for months without drinking water. In fact, they can go weeks without food.

Where does a panda ant live?

They live in tropical regions such as South-East Asia, India, Australia and Africa. The temperature must be between 20°C and 30°C. Panda ants need humidity levels of 70% – 80%.

How do pandas ants eat?

These ants feed on plant material including leaves, stems, roots, fruits, seeds and nectar. They will even eat dead insects if there’s nothing else available!

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How do pandas ants sleep?

Like most other ants, panda ants spend their nights sleeping inside nests made out of silk. During the day, they’ll usually rest outside of the nest.

What do pandas ants look like?

Pandas ants are black with white stripes along their bodies. Their heads are yellowish-white and they have large mandibles that help them break down food.

Pandas ants are about 3mm long.

What is a panda ant’s habitat?

Pandas ants prefer living near streams, rivers and ponds. They’re not very fond of hot weather so you won’t find them in deserts or areas where it gets too cold.

Do pandas ants mate?

Yes! Pandas ants are social animals and they form colonies. When they’re ready to breed, they’ll send out scouts who search for potential mates. If they find one, the pair will start building a nest together. Once the nest is complete, the queen will lay eggs and the male will fertilise them.

When the larvae hatch, they’ll leave the nest and start searching for food. After a few days, they’ll return to the colony and begin eating again.

How long does a panda ant live?

A panda ant lives up to two years. However, they can live longer than this if they don’t get into trouble.

How many panda ants are there?

There are over 100 different species of panda ants. Some scientists estimate that there could be more than 1 million individual ants in the world.

How do panda ants reproduce?

Most panda ants reproduce by laying eggs. The queen will lay her eggs in batches of 50-100 at a time. She’ll then guard each batch until the larvae hatch.

Once the larvae hatch, they will leave the nest and start looking for food. They’ll stay away from predators and only come back to the nest when they’ve found something to eat.

After a couple of days, the larvae will return to the nest and begin eating again. This process continues until all the larvae have eaten enough food to grow into adults.

How big are panda ants?

Pandas ants range in size from 2mm to 5mm. A typical adult panda ant weighs about 0.5g.

Do panda ants bite?

No! Pandas ants are gentle creatures and they rarely attack humans. They may sting if they feel threatened but this isn’t common.

Are pandas ants dangerous?

Not really. Most people aren’t afraid of pandas ants because they’re small and harmless. You should still keep an eye on your pets though.

How painful is a panda ant sting?

The sting of a panda ant is extremely mild. It doesn’t hurt much at all.

Would they make a good pet?

Panda ants are actually quite docile creatures. They’re easy to care for and they don’t bite unless provoked. You just need to keep an eye on them because they tend to wander off if left alone for too long.

You might want to consider keeping your panda ants in a terrarium or aquarium. They’ll need lots of space to move around and they’ll also enjoy having plants and logs to climb on.

If you’d rather keep your panda ants outdoors, try putting them in a small enclosure. Make sure that the enclosure has plenty of hiding places for them to hide in during the night.

How to take care of panda ants?

It’s important to remember that pandas ants are social insects. So, you’ll need to provide them with other ants as well as some sort of nesting material.

Try using a piece of wood or cardboard for their home. You can also use empty egg cartons to create nests for them.

Make sure that the area where you put the nest is clean and free of any debris. Then, add some soil to the bottom of the container so that it’s easier for the ants to dig down.

Make sure that the soil is moistened regularly. If it dries out, the ants won’t be able to find food.

Feeding pandas ants is easy. Just give them regular meals of crickets or mealworms. These are both great sources of protein and fat.

You can also feed them honeydew fruit. This is a sugary liquid produced by aphids. Try not to let the ants drink directly from the plant though.

What else do I need to know about panda ants?

Panda ants like to drink water. So, if you put some in their enclosure, they’ll probably use it as a source of drinking water.

They also love to eat fruit. So, if you give them any fresh fruits, they’ll probably devour them right away.

They also like to eat leaves. So, if you place some leaves in their enclosure, they might munch on them while they’re sleeping.

Don’t feed them anything toxic. Panda ants are very sensitive to poison so they won’t eat anything poisonous.

Can I buy panda ants online?

Yes. There are several websites where you can purchase panda ants. Just make sure that you choose reputable sellers who sell healthy insects.


Pandas ants are one of the most fascinating types of insect. They’re cute and cuddly and they’re also incredibly useful. They clean up after themselves and they help control pests.

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