Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Have You Ever Know?

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is a mystery novel by American writer John Dickson Carr, featuring his series detective Gideon Fell. It was published in hardcover by Dodd Mead & Company in 1939 and reprinted twice more before its first paperback appearance in 1958.

Plot summary

Gideon Fell has been called to investigate an apparent murder at a ranch near San Diego. The victim is blind but apparently able-bodied, so it’s not clear how he died. A local farmer named Haldane tells Fell that the man was known as “Blind Tom” and had lived on the property for many years with his wife. He also says that the couple were childless and that they had recently sold their land to a wealthy Englishman named Lord Henry St. John.

Fell finds out that the dead man is in fact Thomas Morell, who was born blind and lost his sight when he was eight years old. His mother died shortly thereafter, leaving him alone with his father. Morell’s father remarried, but the new woman proved cruel to her stepson, beating him regularly. When Morell was fifteen, he ran away from home and began working as a farmhand. After several months, he returned home and found his father dead. He inherited the money left by his father and took over the running of the farm.

The case seems simple enough: a blind man dies under mysterious circumstances; the only people who know anything about him are his parents, who have both died within the past few years; there is no obvious motive for killing him; and the body shows no signs of violence. But then Fell begins to find some odd things out. For example, the dead man’s clothes are completely normal, except for one thing—he wears a pair of glasses. And if you look closely, you can see that the lenses are cracked.

What Is “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” About?

The story of the blind frog ranch is about a young boy who has been raised by his father, an eccentric hermit. The boy’s mother died when he was very young and his father never remarried. His father has always told him stories about a blind hermit who lives nearby.

One day the boy goes out into the woods where his father said the blind hermit lived and finds the old man sitting under a tree. The blind man invites the boy to stay with him. The boy does this for several months until one day he comes home to find his father dead. The boy then decides to go back to live with the blind hermit. When he gets there he discovers that the blind man is actually a woman.

She explains that she is blind because she can’t see anything. Her husband left her after finding out that she was pregnant. After the baby is born she gives birth to another son and names him “Tom”. The boy grows up and becomes a famous magician.

At some point he meets a girl named Mary who falls in love with him. They get married and have two children. One day while on a trip to England, Mary dies suddenly.

The boy returns home to California and learns from a newspaper reporter that his wife has died. He then travels to England to attend her funeral. There he learns that Mary died because she was poisoned. The killer is a jealous ex-lover of Mary’s.

He poisons her and frames the boy for the crime. Now the boy must solve the case before he himself is murdered.

Who Was This Author?

John Dickson Carr (1892–1980) was an English author best remembered today for writing the classic whodunit Murder Must Advertise. He was born in London in 1892 and studied law at Oxford University.

In 1919 he became involved with amateur sleuths Dorothy L. Sayers and Gervase Fen. Together they formed a group of amateur detectives called The Detection Club. The club met regularly to discuss cases and share information. Carr wrote three novels set within the world of the Detection Club: Death Comes As No Surprize (1927), The Hollow Man (1930), and Murder Can Be Fun (1931).

All three books are still available today. Carr continued to write mystery novels throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He published more than 30 mysteries during his career. He died in 1980.

Where Can You Watch “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”?

The new mystery series from the creators of ‘A&E’s The First 48′ is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming original series, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. Based on the book by John Dickson Carr, the show follows a young boy who inherits a ranch from his parents and discovers that his family had hidden secrets behind the walls of their home.

The first season will feature 12 episodes and is scheduled to premiere sometime next year.

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