Most Expensive Gaming PC

PC gaming is one of the most popular games globally. Experts estimate that there are at least 1.49 billion players globally playing PC games.

PC games are resource-intensive and may not work correctly on a regular PC. Gaming PCs have lots of functions in hardware and software for good gaming.

Due to the massive upgrades required by PC gaming, it is often considered a costly hobby. Many gamers are willing to bite the bullet on the costs.

Characteristics of a Good Gaming PC

You cannot blame the gamers for their love of PC games as they are enjoyable and exciting pastimes. Despite the high markup prices, Gaming PC runs without interruptions.

The main features of a good gaming PC are:

Exceptional graphics

Good gaming PCs must render the graphics faster and clearly. The rendering reduces visual interruptions. Gaming PCs often have the latest graphics cards.

Good graphics is something you should check before considering the PC.

Cooling And CPU

As discussed, a gaming Pc is resource-intensive and likely warm up quickly. You can counter the issue by choosing a gaming PC with powerful processors.

Such processors can handle the gaming load without feeling the toll of the game.

Ensure you have the latest edition processor with at least Intel Core i5 12600K, or AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, or more. Ensure the CPU on the gaming PC is on par to handle the kind of games you will play.

High Speed

At the core of a good gaming experience is great memory speed and capacity for performance. The CPU, the processor, and the RAM determine the PC speed. The CPU determines the locking speed and interprets instructions for the computer.

RAM is core not just to the system but also to components like the best graphics cards. Processor cores and clock speed ensure keeping the PC at the best speeds.

Computer Casing and Motherboard

The outer PC casing is a crucial external protection for the PC’s internal components. A good computer case ensures that the money spent on your PC does not waste due to external dangers.

You can enhance your PC with different ports such as USB ports to meet the gaming requirements. Not all motherboards are equal.  The large hardware needs of a gaming pc require some of the latest circuitry.

New motherboards can support larger memory, graphics cards and keep a faster CPU.

Controls and Inputs

A gaming system is primarily designed for playing computer games. Better systems should support more input and controls for a great game experience.

Game controls and inputs connect to the PC to control the in-game characters. You can always choose between tethered and wireless inputs for the PC to boost speed. Standard controls you can use for gaming Pcs are gamepads and joysticks.

The Most Expensive PC

Gaming PCs are quite expensive; what of the most expensive? Thus, you can figure out that the most expensive gaming desktop can cost you an arm and a leg. On average, it costs $600 to $1000  for a computer that will run all games at low to medium settings. It, therefore, is worth trying to get the expensive gaming Pcs to determine that they are top of the line.

You think that the most expensive gaming PC is some antique somewhere sold at an auction. The most expensive gaming Pc that holds the record for the most expensive PC is the custom 8pack Orionx. Each piece of the desktop PC costs £29,999.99 ($41,519.96). Its premium Phanteks Enthoo elite case costs a whopping £1,000($1,332).

8Pack Orionx brings the concept of quality to the next level by using quality hardware.  Overclockers UK overclocks the hardware to ensure that it works at top performance. It uses a dual system rather than a single computer to ensure that there is always a backup in case one system fails.

Two systems mean your workstation can do multiple activities at a go. One system can render while you play a 4K game on the other. You can even edit videos or photos or render on the other system. It is a kind of a macgyver tool of sorts so that you can achieve more at once.

Orion X was designed by an incredibly talented designer Ian Parry. Ian Parry deserves a lot of credit for how he could pack all the functionality of two machines in just an ordinary-sized case. Every inch of the system has been customized.

The working station has Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan x graphics cards. Each of the cards has been overclocked to keep the GPU operating at 2,000 MHz. Its CPUs have been overclocked to at least 4.4GHz using the 10 CPU, the iCore7-6950X. The primary system has two graphics cards that are liquid-cooled to remain at optimum.

The single case Phantex Enthoo Elite is a full tower customized with side panels. The side panels and the tempered glass provide toolless access to the interior to upgrade the system further.

The same 2000W PSU powers both systems with an 80+ Platinum certification power supply. It has a power splitter to deliver adequate power to both systems. The cable is highly reliable and robust. Pexton’s PC customizes all the cables to look Iconic and beautiful.

The interior is littered with fan grills, lighting, and custom coolant manifolds for the water-cooled. The coolant manifold has three pumps and individual cooling loops for different parts of the system.

It uses ingenious construction that works by keeping all the components in the workstation at a stable temperature. There is an influx of LEDs that keep PCs all the more attractive and presentable.

The secondary system is a bit toned down compared to the primary one but is still a mile ahead of the regular gaming PCs. It uses a small mini-ITX motherboard ROG Strix Z270I Gaming from Asus to hold together different system components. It also uses an Intel processor, the Intel Core i7-7700K that has been overclocked to 5.1GHz. It has a single GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card by Nvidia, but you can install an extra one. As the primary system, it also features 2 Polaris-based m.2 NVMe SSDs from Samsung 512GB

The primary computer system is equipped with three memory setups. The first hard drive is a 1.2T Intel 750, the second system has two 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSDs, and the final one is a 10 TB SATA Disk. The second storage system has ample space from the 512 GB Samsung 960 SSDs to download from the internet.

Between the two systems and the four graphics cards that pack a punch, you can be sure to spend at least $1,900 for each. The four graphics cards combine to 16GB memory which dwarfs a regular computer that works with 8GB memory. The RAM is not any different either as the first system flexes a total of 123 GB while the secondary works with 64 GB.

Breakdown by Component

We already discussed how to choose the best gaming PC in the first section of the review article. It will be a great disservice to just lump down the component rather than scrutinize it section by section.

By the specs, it is clear that the first system is already great but combining it with the second makes Orionx unmatched. Additionally, both systems come preinstalled with Windows 10.

The Motherboard

The gaming Pc uses a top-of-the-line ASUS motherboard that boasts M.2 drives, excellent networking, wifi 6, a VRM section, and an audio section. It has eight DIMM slots that you can add ddr4 rams to augment the memory space.


As discussed, the CPUs for both systems are top-notch and clocked to work in the most extreme scenarios. Despite being overclocked, it is stable with very great performance.

The CPU is kept cool by a custom 3 self-reliant loops and a thermal compound called Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut.


NVMe SSDs, CPU, and GPU are all kept cool to maintain an optimum performance system. All the GPUs are Nvidia GTX Titan cards that link via NV-Link to combine their gaming power. The total memory capacity goes to 48 GB trounce any competition from any other gaming.


The 8Pack series OrionX2 packs the largest memory one could ever need for both RAM and Hard Disk.  Whatever the memory need of your gaming, this computer will handle it. The RAM is 128 GB for the primary system and 64 GB for the secondary system.

There are two 2TB NVMe SSDs from Samsung 970 EVO. You have an option to install a 14TB mechanical hard drive from Seagate IronWolf PRO. Looking at the system, just an attempt to create a minicomputer on a desktop.

The headline-grabber on the machine are:

  • CPU Intel Core i9-7980XE
  • RAM 64GB and 128 GB RAM
  • SSD x2 Samsung 860 Pro 2TB Raid 0
  • Fans: x19 Corsair LL120 RGB Fans
  • Custom Water Cooling
  • Wazz Modz Sleeving Kit
  • Savant PC’s Reservoir
  • Chris Designs RGB LED Panel
  • Asus WS X299 Sage motherboard
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