What Does Mandala Tattoo Mean?

We all have creative minds and artistic hearts, and we want to express them in our own ways. Getting inked or tattooed is one of them.

Tattoos are permanent and they should be, otherwise, you might want to get hennas instead. Prepare your design and discuss it with your tattoo artist. If you don’t have an idea yet, you may want to look at some of the popular designs the world has now. The Mandala is one of them because of its rich background and ability to blend with other designs.

What Is a Mandala?

The Mandala tattoo is a Sanskrit word that means “circle.” It is a combination of circles and other shapes and images. It is a symbol for many things, ranging from cultures to religions.

Hinduism and Buddhism considered this a symbol of balance, perfection, and eternity. For Hinduism, a mandala is a part of meditation and contemplation. Buddhists see the mandala as a symbol of eternity.

The mandala tattoo became a trend because of its spiritual and aesthetic appeal. Women often choose it for its blooming effect brought about by its similarity to a flower. Also, it has the ability to get along with almost any other tattoo design.

But how do you mix mandalas with other tattoo designs? Below are the popular mandalas in different shapes and patterns.

Mandala Tattoo Designs


A geometric tattoo design consists of several geometric shapes and lines to form an abstract or famous image. Many people prefer to use a geometric pattern because they can do almost anything with shapes and lines that can go very well with the mandala. What you have to remember is to get a highly skilled tattoo artist. With the combined design of mandala and geometry, it is risky to ink it in curves of the body.

Rose Windows

A rose window tattoo will remind you of stained glass windows that are common in religious churches and temples. Art lovers highly appreciated this design because it combines artistic patterns and colors. To get the best of this design, go for colored ink because it will emphasize the intricate designs and details of your mandala tattoo.


Being circular, we usually associate the mandala with a floral design. Like a flower, the mandala flower design keeps the circle at the center while other parts extend outwards. It is one of the most common mandala tattoo designs because you can easily get it online for inspiration and change some details on the patterns to make it more personalized. Though can be unisex, flower mandala is often inked in women.


Tribal tattoos symbolize heritage. This design is known for being overly aesthetically pleasing because of its simplicity that compliments almost any part of the body. The patterns are usually a collection of basic strokes that form an artwork.

Combining this with a mandala pattern creates a powerful appearance on the skin. For this particular design, only black ink is commonly used. Nevertheless, other colors also look good on it. Men are the usual bearers of tribal tattoos, but women can also have them.

What Goes With the Mandala Tattoo?


As mentioned above, a mandala tattoo has intricate details, therefore, expect the session to be more painful compared to a normal tattoo. What adds to the pain is the session time. It is a lot painful when you choose to have it done completely in a day (if your pain threshold is long enough). Finishing the design on some other days can be as painful, but at least, you got to rest. Some people take a painkiller before getting inked and an antibiotic after to prevent infections since tattooing cuts through the skin that it bleeds.


Don’t let excitement to get your first or another tattoo take away your judgment. Always search and canvass for good artists. You may want to avoid getting inked permanently with something you are not satisfied with. Nonetheless, tattooing is a special talent and you have to pay for it. Also, it is not bad to pamper yourself with something permanent.

Always list up to 3 tattoo artist names and ask for their prices. Get your tattoo design ready because that is one of the factors that determine the cost of their professional fee. The more ink they dispense, the hefty the check is.

If you are going for a mandala tattoo, prepare at least $100 to $300. However, that is just pure estimation. Again, check with the artists for their prices.


The pain of getting inked does not end with getting it done. Since it is a wound, you should apply antibacterial cream as soon as it is done and cover it to protect against dirt. When cleaning, you can only use water. After that, dab some cream again and never rub. All these you have to do until the tattoo wound healed, so you can permanently enjoy your ink.


After getting inked and no other issues came out from it then you should be proud.

You accomplished a lot of things such as: proving your pain threshold, maintained the

beauty and wellness of your skin until it healed, and most importantly, you got what you always wanted. A tattoo is not just a symbol of many things, it is your pride.


Whether you are getting your first or next tattoo, the process is always the same. You have to think thoroughly of what you want, the designs, the colors, and its meaning for you because there is no turning back. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin, so you should be happy bearing it.

The mandala tattoo is one of the popular designs today. It gained its popularity from its spiritual, cultural, heritage representations. The aesthetic appeal of this design is already enough for you to choose it, but it is better if you learn a lot about it and see if it has a significant meaning in your life. That way, you will really connect with your tattoo and sees it as a natural feature of your skin and your individuality.

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