Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning, Symbology, And Inspo

Floral tattoos are some of the most beautiful tattoos you can get. Not only are they aesthetical, but they can also carry great meaning. If you’ve wanted a floral tattoo for a long time but just can’t pick the right one for you, consider getting a lotus flower tattoo.

It looks great, has many meanings, and you can make up your own symbology. This extensive article will cover everything you need to know about lotus flower tattoos, their different meanings, and their symbology.

It will also tell you the different places you can get tattooed and the various meanings for these placements. And if you still don’t know how to make your lotus flower tattoo unique and original, don’t you worry! This article also has lots of inspo to make a one-of-a-kind statement.

Different Meanings Of A Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo carries a lot of meaning, and it will even more if you get it tattoed on you. Sure, you can get this flower tattoo only for aesthetical reasons. But the different meanings behind a lotus flower are very interesting, and you can identify with one!

So here are the different meanings of a lotus flower tattoo, and you can interpret those meanings yourself or even invent a new meaning. Tattoos are a form of expression, so you do you.

Religion And Spirituality

In different religions and in spirituality, a lotus flower tattoo can symbolize various things. For example:

  • Buddhism. In Buddhism, a lotus flower will have various meanings, according to its color. If the lotus flower is pink, it means you are faithful to the supreme. If the flower is purple, it symbolizes mysticism and the Buddhist belief, the eightfold path. As for the red lotus flower, in Buddhist mythology, it signifies love and passion.

So if you are Buddhist, like Buddhism, or just like these meanings, you can get a tattoo of a lotus flower tattoo that carries a specific meaning or various ones.

  • Hinduism. Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions. Contrary to Buddhism, Hinduism doesn’t have different meanings for the different colors of lotus flowers. But it has one clear meaning.

It symbolizes purity, divine beauty and also connects to the Hindu gods Vishnu and Brahma. Some people who follow this religion get a tattoo of a lotus flower.


In some cultures, the lotus flower has a meaning ingrained in people’s minds, even for those that are not religious or spiritual. Here are the different symbologies of a lotus flower in some specific cultures:

  • Chinese cultures. In different Chinese cultures, the lotus flower was always a symbol of beauty. So much so that it inspired many artists and poets. In particular, it can signify marriage, female beauty, and bliss.
  • Egyptian cultures. In different Egyptian cultures, the lotus flower is a symbol of life but also of rebirth. That was the case in Ancient Egypt but also now, as the national flower of Egypt is still the lotus flower.

It is believed that the lotus flower marks the rebirth, as the petals open during sunlight and close during nighttime. It’s a very beautiful imagery that you can get tattoed on you. It also had other meanings during Ancient Egypt, so if you like Egyptian mythology, go check it out.

  • Western cultures. In different Western cultures, the lotus flower can symbolize the research for the meaning of life. Yes, that’s very deep, and it can also be a symbol of divine conception and reincarnation. Just like for the Buddhists, Western cultures attribute a different meaning for each different color of a lotus flower.


Colors play a great role in our lives and can signify different things. If you have liked some of the symbologies of the lotus flower so far, why not pick the right color for you? You can pick the color you like the most and the symbology you like the most.

Of course, nothing is set in stone, so you can always just pick the color for aesthetical reasons and attribute it to the meaning you want. Or not, it’s your body, and if you just want a pretty flower tattoo, that’s fine too. But if you’re interested in the different meanings of the colors, here they are:

  • White lotus flower. A white lotus flower is most often a symbol of purity, perfection, and serenity. It’s not only a calming color, but it can also link to spirituality, enlightenment, and peace. So if you identify with that meaning, want to elevate yourself spiritually, or just like white in general, this could be the right tattoo for you!
  • Pink lotus flower. The pink lotus flower can be tied to Buddhism, as mentioned above. In fact, it can represent the Buddha itself. It has divine meaning, deeply connected to Buddhism and Dharma, a Yogi and Hindu concept, also present in Buddhism.

So if you’re a deeply spiritual person or just like the pink lotus flower, seriously consider getting this tattoo.

  • Red lotus flower. In Buddhism, a red lotus flower can mean passion and love, as said previously. But it also means these things in other cultures, particularly in Western cultures. Its other meanings are purity, enthusiasm, and kindness.

If you get an open red lotus, it can mean that your soul should always be open, which is a beautiful meaning.

  • Blue lotus flower. The blue lotus flower can signify knowledge, wisdom but also personal growth. Plus, if you get a lotus flower tattoo that’s half-open, it can mean that spiritual and personal growth never ends. It can also mean that spirituality helps a person overcome temptation.
  • Purple lotus flower. The purple lotus flower can mean mysticism, as you saw previously in Buddhism. It can also link to the Buddhist’s eightfold path and is deeply linked to Buddhism in general.

So if you’re a very spiritual person that relates to Buddhism, this is a really appropriate tattoo for you. Or you can just like purple and lotus flowers. That’s fine too.

Placements Of A Lotus Flower Tattoo And Meanings

Different body placements for tattoos will have different meanings. But il will also have a different pain chart, so if this is your first tattoo or you’re more prone to pain, check a tattoo pain chart first.

Of course, you should get a tattoo wherever you want. Just make sure to go to a professional licensed tattoo artist that has good reviews and recommendations. Here are the different meanings of the various placements where you can get a tattoo of a lotus flower:

  • Ankle lotus flower tattoo. An ankle lotus flower tattoo is great if you want your lotus flower to look realistic yet minimalistic. Plus, if you’re worried about people finding out you have a tattoo, an ankle tattoo is easily hidden.
  • Thigh lotus flower tattoo. If you want a bigger tattoo, consider getting a lotus flower tattoo on your thigh. Just remember that the bigger a tattoo is, the bigger the pain will be. Plus, the thigh is generally a painful place to get a tattoo on.
  • Shoulder lotus flower tattoo. A shoulder tattoo is often very popular for men to show off muscles, but it can be a great placement for women, too, as well as non-binary people. After all, there are no rules when it comes to tattoos, and especially not for tattoo placements.

Getting a lotus flower tattooed on your shoulder will not only show off your body, but it can also make you more confident in terms of mental and physical strength.

  • Forearm lotus flower tattoo. If you get a lotus flower tattoo on your forearm, it will show off your body and your style. The size of the actual lotus flower will be up to you, and what kind of tattoo style you prefer. It’s always a good and meaningful choice to get a tattoo on your forearm, and it will always be in style!
  • Wrist lotus flower tattoo. A wrist lotus flower tattoo is great if you like the minimalistic tattoo style. Plus, it’s easy to hide a wrist tattoo, and it looks very elegant. You’ll also be able to see your tattoo whenever you want, which is not always possible with other tattoo locations.
  • Chest lotus flower tattoo. You can get a lotus flower tattoo on your chest. A lot of men get this tattoo there, but a woman can get it too. In fact, an underboob or sternum tattoo could look beautiful there and carry great meaning.

If you get a tattoo of a lotus flower in your chest area, it’s close to your heart, celebrated the physical beauty of your beauty but also the spiritual and psychological beauty of your inner self.

  • Spine lotus flower tattoo. Getting a lotus flower tattoo on your spine is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it also can carry different meanings. A tattoo on your back can be a symbol of womanhood or even the foundation of life. That’s appropriate for a lotus flower tattoo, isn’t it?

Plus, a back tattoo, in general, is great if you work in a more conservative work environment or want to be able to hide your tattoo easily.

  • Neck lotus flower tattoo. A neck lotus flower tattoo is a real statement. You can either get it on the front or back of your neck. This kind of tattoo is a bold choice for bold people!

Inspo, Different Designs Of Lotus Flower Tattoos

You can discuss this with your tattoo artist to know which placement would suit you best. But also which meaning you identify with, and he or she can even personalize your lotus flower tattoo or design it especially for you!

But here is some more inspiration, in case you need it:

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you want to focus on the meaning more than the aesthetics, a realistic lotus flower tattoo could be for you! The flower will look like the real thing, and this simple style is a no-brainer for a lot of people.

Minimalistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you like the minimalistic aesthetic or want a tattoo that you can easily hide, this one could be for you! There are a lot of cute designs you can get, and you can create one with your tattoo artist.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo Or Monochrome

As shown in the different color meanings of a lotus flower, there are so many symbologies you can identify with. So you can pick one color from that section, mix and match or even get a monochrome tattoo if that’s your vibe and that’s you identify the most with. As long as it has meaning to you, whatever you choose will be the perfect choice for you.

Traditional Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you like a more traditional tattoo style, that can also fit well with a lotus flower tattoo. You can get a traditional Japanese or Buddhist tattoo if you want. This symbolizes enlightenment and spirituality.

After all, lotus flowers grow in dirty water but elevate themselves and grow beautiful colors. So you can elevate yourself too and be reminded of that by getting a beautiful colorful traditional lotus flower tattoo.

Unique Designs For Lotus Flower Tattoo

There are so many other unique designs you can get for your lotus flower tattoo to make a unique statement with a meaning that belongs to you.

For example, you can associate the lotus flower tattoo with geometric elements, with a quote or word you identify with, or even get a 3-D lotus flower tattoo. Or you could even get a more original lotus flower tattoo by getting a watercolor style that could suit you well!

At the end of the day, you know which meaning is important to you. So you can associate that meaning with a specific style of lotus flower tattoo and combine it with elements that have great meaning for you! There are so many styles out there. You’ll find the one right for you.

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