The Most Common Lip Shapes & How to Enhance Them

It’s not enough to just show up with lipstick in hand. Your lips need some work before they’re ready for the spotlight.

But before that, you need to know which type of lip shape you fall under. It will help you avoid those epic fails when doing your lip makeup. Even better, it will help you understand your lines, and figure ways to improve them.

Which do you think is the most coveted lip shape? Well, it actually doesn’t matter because they all can kick ass when attended to properly.

Here’s everything you need to know about enhancing your pout, from how dark or light of a shade to go with, and which tools will make it all happen.

Ready for a quick swipe? Let’s begin!

What is a lip shape?

A lip shape is a collection of folds, wrinkles, and patterns unique to your mouth. No two people’s lip shapes look the same. That’s why I must state that no one lip shape has an advantage over the other.

Despite that, there are a few traits that can help us identify the type of lips you have. They can help us decide whether you have a thick, thin, or heart-shaped lip.

On the other hand, advancements in beauty and makeup have now enabled us to change this. Yes! You can enhance the appearance of your lips to something new. This means that you can make thinner lips fuller, thicker lips thinner, and so much more!

I’ll discuss all these down below.

What about lip lines?

Lip Lines are a much different thing altogether. These are the visible borders that form around your mouth over time. Lip lines may surround the entire circumference of your lips. You can also spot them just above your top lip, moving up towards your nostrils.

When you want to enhance your lip shape through cosmetic surgery, these lines will have to get redefined. The new border outlining your lips will become the new shape of your mouth.

The 9 most common lip shapes

Today I am going to talk about the most common lip shapes known to us. Can you take a peek and tell me which category you fall under?

They include:

1. Heart-shaped lips

Heart-shaped lips are those that curve inwards, giving them a heart shape. They’re common among those with thinner lip lines, where mouth corners point towards the lip’s bottom.

Another distinctive feature you’ll see is that they have a cupid’s bow that’s fully defined. You can say that that is where they get their romance from.

If you have heart-shaped lips, you’ll need to use pinker shades on your mouth. This is since red and darker colors may make your lip appear too round and fuller. And because they have a naturally thin line of lip, you can try using softer or lighter textures.

2. Top-heavy lip shapes

Your lip is top-heavy when it has a full, protruding top lip and a shorter bottom lip. Don’t fret though! You can still create the illusion of a fuller mouth by elongating your mouth with certain products.

You can use a liner for quick correction. For a more balanced appearance, you may use concealer or foundation. Brush them gently over your top lip to soften the upper lip line. Another way is to put more emphasis on your lower lip with a liner than the upper lip.

Note that with any lipstick it’s important to find the best matching color for your skin tone, as this will make your mouth appear fuller and more defined.

Away from that, other hacks include:

  1. Use a lip pencil to fill in the mouth area with color.
  2. Using a lipstick that is a few shades darker/more saturated than your natural lip color. This will make lips look fuller.
  3. Go for a bold, bright color with plenty of contrast to really make your mouth look amazing!
  4. Cream, moisturizing lipstick is another great compliment to this shape. It has a glossy finish that looks gorgeous on top-heavy mouth shapes. Its sheer coverage makes it perfect for under-lip liners.

3. Bottom-heavy lip shapes

You have a bottom-heavy shape when your lower lip has the impression of a fuller volume than your upper lip. Another giveaway is that you often find yourself biting or sucking on your lower lip to create more volume.

The best way to correct this imbalance is by using contrast, just like top-heavy mouth shapes.

Use a liner that’s lighter than your mouth color for the upper lip to elongate it. In the same way, use a liner that’s darker than your mouth color on the bottom lip. This way, you’ll create balance by highlighting what you like about your mouth shape.

Also, just like top-heavy mouth shapes, creamy or moisturizing lipstick will work wonders with bottom-heavy lip shapes!

4. Oval lip shape

Oval lip shapes are always best enhanced using a darker color of lipstick. This will create contrast against your skin tone. In turn, it will make your lips look more defined and the rest of your face appear smaller in comparison.

Ombre lips are also a great choice for oval mouth shapes, as it mimics the effects of aging on the mouth which elongates it.

Try out colors such as plum, burgundy, and dark chocolate. They’ll look gorgeous and totally sell your lips’ shape!  By the way, you can also use cream or moisturizing lipstick for this shape to hide under-lip liner!

5. Round lip shape

Round lip shapes are the complete opposite of an oval mouth shape. They’re characterized by a round, full top lip, and short bottom lip.

For this shape, a darker color of lipstick is the best way to define and enhance your mouth. Try shades like deep plum, chocolate brown, or purple. This will give volume to the mouth area and make it appear more defined. As always, you can use under-lip liners to draw attention away from your mouth’s flaws.

You don’t have to be shy about using high-color lipsticks for this mouth shape. These mouth shapes are always better with a more defined mouth!

Other useful hacks you may want to consider are:

  1. Try avoiding lip products that are as bright as your skin or lighter.
  2. If you want contrast, use a liner that’s similar in color to your mouth on the top lip. For the bottom lip, I advise that you use a lighter color.
  3. You can also make your mouth appear slimmer by using a liner on the top lip. Use lipstick that’s similar to your lip color on the bottom. However, it’s important not to apply too much of this type of makeup. This is because you may end up accentuating your mouth shape which may look odd.
  4. This mouth shape looks best with products that mimic your lip’s natural texture. Cream and moisturizing lipstick is a great option, as is a matte lipstick finish!
  5. For everyday wear, however, I suggest going for a shade in between all of these; such as a sheer berry color.

6. Pointed lip shapes

Those with pointed lip shapes are both blessed and cursed at the same time. This is because a pointed shape can be very challenging to enhance.

Use a mouth liner that’s similar in color to your mouth on the top lip, and lighter than your mouth color on the bottom lip. This will create balance and elongate the shape so that it appears less pointed!

An easy enhancement for shapes similar to this would be to use a shade that’s close in color to your mouth on both the top and bottom. You can even dab with tongues together for an ombre effect!

7. Thin lip shapes

These are the opposite of full lips and appear to have little volume. It typically looks like a flat line with little curving above and below.

To give the lip more fullness, turn your tongue upwards behind the lower teeth when pouting (or trying not to smile). Put a pencil up against your mouth while pursing it. The goal here is to create natural volume for this mouth shape.

For lip products, use one that has a hint of color but sheer coverage. Otherwise, too much product will just exaggerate this shape’s lack of definition! If you use liner on top, make sure it matches your lip color.

8. Medium lip shapes

As the name suggests, lip shapes with medium curvature don’t stand out as much. They are always forgotten in matters of enhancement. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be always the case!

There are key products that will enhance your mouth for a more attractive look.

For those who have this lip shape, use mouth pencils. This will create the illusion of volume and definition in your shape. It is sure to mesmerize everyone around you!

9. Bow-shaped lips

This shape is normally characterized by lips that, when closed, curve out and up.

If you have this mouth shape, use a lip pencil that’s close in color to your mouth. It is the most recommendable way to create the illusion of volume and dimension!

In terms of cosmetics or lip products to enhance your mouth’s shape:

  1. Use mouth pencils. This will create the illusion of volume and definition in your shape. It’s sure to mesmerize everyone around you!
  2. Use lipsticks that have a lighter pigment. The more pigment there is, the more exaggerated this mouth’s appearance becomes!
  3. Outline the bottom lip first before moving up. Finish off by outlining the top lip in a way that your lip’s natural curves are visible. If you want, you can then fill in your lips with lipstick or lipgloss of your choice!

Lipstick tips and tricks for different lip shapes!

Here is a summarized cheat sheet for some quick hacks you can do for various lip shapes. I’ve highlighted the 4 main ones that I love at the moment.

They are:

1. Medium lips

How to enhance:

  • Use lipsticks with a pink or nude color in them. Also, the use of lipstick highlighters will make your mouth appear larger. Thus,  you can wear darker colors as your daily lipstick routine.

2. Round lips

How to enhance:

  • To make the lips appear smaller when you have a round mouth, use lipstick colors with orange/fuchsia colors like “pink” or “coral”.
  • If you wear nude lipstick with pink undertones, it might make your lips look bigger. The best way to fix that is to put the lipstick on your mouth starting from the edge. Afterward, move slowly towards the center of your mouth

3. Thin lips

How to enhance:

  • Create volume for the mouth by using darker colors in bright and light shades.
  • Use lipsticks with a more creamy texture, i.e “matte” or “satin”, to give you a plumper look.

4. Heart-lip shape

How to enhance:

  • To make this seem bigger, use lighter and brighter colors for the lips.
  • Also, use a darker color on your upper lip to make them appear bigger than your lips.

How to enhance the volume and shape of your mouth-lips

Here are also a few procedures that you may consider away from the makeup kit. If done right, you can easily enhance your lip’s volume and shape.

They are:

1. Botox

While the results are instant and it may be a bit painful, Botox is probably the most effective procedure for lip shapes. You will look younger without the need for any makeup! It may take weeks to see the effects of Botox injections on your lips. But when you do, it should change the shape.

If you’re serious about improving the shape of your lips, Botox injections may be a good option for you.

2. Fillers

With this non-invasive procedure, you can easily change the shape of your lips. It works by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into your lips. This is what enhances volume to get your desired effects. Hyaluronic acid fillers are non-toxic substances that won’t harm your mouth.

Wait, how do you find the right filler for mouth-lips?

Why not try Restylane?

It’s a gel-based injectable filler intended to give instant as well as long-lasting results. It comes in various sizes and shapes so you can choose the right mouth-lip filler for you.

Restylane works by adding volume to your lips and making them plump. It’s used to correct lip shape and as a lip augmentation therapy.

It’s FDA approved and has a good safety profile with minimal side effects. Some common side effects include swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising.

With mouth-lip fillers, you don’t need touch-ups every now and then. Restylane works well as a lip filler because it lasts for one year or even longer. This depends on the type of brand you use.  You can also choose from non-permanent to semi-permanent results according to your shaping needs.

Note: Just make sure to go to a certified injectable medical practitioner. Also, ask for the best mouth filler that’s appropriate for your mouth-lip shape.

Are your lips’ shape and character connected?

There have been some claims linking mouth curvature to the personality traits of an individual. An article from Brightside concluded that you can associate lip shapes with an individual’s personality.

According to their findings, those with oval lip shapes are more open. Those with pointed mouth shapes are rather withdrawn from the rest of the people.

According to the article, mouth shapes are a key element for attraction and perception of beauty in individuals. It asserts that you can even link mouth shapes with career paths based on what mouth shape you have.

Still, it leaves much up for debate, but that’s something we’ll look at another day!


Different lip shapes have different ways of enhancing them. Also, as you’ve seen above, you can either increase or reduce the level of ‘boom’ to your liking.

And if you’re up to it, then getting some fillers or Botox isn’t a long short.

I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through the article!

If you have anything to ask or share, feel free to check-in in the Comments Section below!

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