Is She-Hulk Gay? Rumors of Her Being Gay

She-Hulk first appeared in the Marvel Comics in 1979. She was supposed to be the female version of Hulk, but she quickly developed her own personality and became a prominent member of some of the most famous superhero teams – Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc. A lot of people loved her because of her humor, attitude, and sexual orientation. But there are still many fans who don’t know whether She-Hulk is gay or bisexual. So, let’s find out.

Is She-Hulk Gay?

In the comics, She-Hulk has been portrayed as a lesbian. In fact, she had a relationship with Betty Ross (the daughter of Bruce Banner). However, this relationship didn’t last long. The couple broke up after Betty found out that She-Hulk was actually a woman.

But what about her sexuality in the movies? Well, it seems like we can’t answer this question yet. There have been rumors that She-Hulk could be bisexual or even gay, but nothing official has ever been confirmed.

In the movie “The Incredible Hulk”, when She-Hulk met Bruce Banner for the first time, he immediately fell in love with her. He said that she reminded him of his wife. And later on, when they were fighting together, he called her “my beautiful bride”. This scene made us think that She-Hulk might be attracted to men.

However, in the same movie, when she was trying to seduce Bruce Banner, she asked him if he wanted to go back home with her. It seemed like she wasn’t interested in having sex with him.

In the movie “The Return of the Incredible Hulk”, when Bruce Banner was trying to get rid of the gamma radiation from his body, he asked She-Hulk to help him. After that, he told her that he would never forget her.

This scene gave us another reason to believe that She-Hulk is not straight. Because she doesn’t seem to care about Bruce Banner’s feelings.

She-Hulk’s Relationships and Origins In the Comics and MCU

There are two versions of She-Hulk in the comics. One of them is Linda Carter. The other one is Jennifer Walters. Both of them are women who look exactly alike. They also share the same powers and abilities.

Linda Carter

Linda Carter is the original She-Hulk. She was introduced in the comic book series “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 1977. At the beginning, she worked at the Baxter Building as an assistant of Dr. Strange.

Later on, she decided to become a superhero herself. When she was fighting against the supervillain known as Abomination, she accidentally absorbed all of his power. As a result, she gained superpowers too.

After that, she joined the team of heroes known as the Avengers. Later on, she got married to Clint Barton, the second Captain America. Together, they had a son named Franklin.

Jennifer Walters

After Linda Carter died, the writers created a new character named Jennifer Walters. She was introduced in 1980. She was the daughter of Howard and Janet Walters. Her mother died when she was young.

When she was 13 years old, she was kidnapped by the villainous organization known as the Masters of Evil. They brainwashed her into becoming their new leader.

When she was freed from the Masters’ control, she decided to use her powers to fight crime. She teamed up with the X-Men and the Defenders.

Later on, when she was battling the supervillain known only as the Leader, she discovered that she was pregnant. She decided to give birth to her child alone. However, she was attacked by the Leader. As a result, her baby was killed.

After that, Jennifer went to live with her aunt, Emma Frost. She became a member of the New Mutants. Later on, she joined the Fantastic Four.


So, is She-Hulk really gay or just playing hard to get? We’ll probably never know for sure. But at least we can say that She-Hulk isn’t straight.

What do you think? Do you agree with our opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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