Is Pam Ayres Still Alive? Here Is The Truth

Pam Ayres is a British poet and comedian who has been entertaining audiences with her witty and charming humour for over five decades. From her early days in the 1970s on BBC radio, to hosting her own television shows, Pam has been a household name for generations. She has remained an incredibly active performer despite being in her 70s, leaving many wondering – is Pam Ayres still alive?

Who is Pam Ayres?

Pam Ayres is a beloved British writer and entertainer. Born in 1945, she has been performing for over five decades, beginning her career on BBC radio in the 1970s. She has since gone on to host her own television shows, appear on various game shows and write children’s books. Pam is best known for her witty poetry which often features characters from everyday life and humorous everyday observations.

Is Pam Ayres Still Alive?

Yes, Pam Ayres is still alive! She celebrated her 75th birthday in April 2020 and continues to be an active performer and writer. Despite her age, she has remained incredibly active on the entertainment circuit, regularly appearing on radio shows, writing books and performing live comedy shows. In recent years she has also released several albums of her poetry. Pam is currently living in Wantage, Oxfordshire with her husband, John Ayres.

Early Life

Pam Ayres was born in 1945 in Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire. She was raised on a small farm and had a very humble upbringing. Despite this, she developed an early love of writing and began writing poems at the age of 10. After leaving school at 16, Pam began working as a clerk in an engineering company, while also performing her poetry at local clubs and events . This led to her being invited to perform on BBC radio in 1974, which launched her career as a professional entertainer.


Pam Ayres has had a long and successful career in entertainment. After her initial success on BBC radio in the 1970s, she went on to host her own television shows, including The Pam Ayres Show from 1975-1980. She also appeared as a guest on various game shows such as Celebrity Squares and Blankety Blank. In addition to her work on television, Pam has also written several books, including children’s books as well as a number of collections of her poetry.

Personal Life

Pam Ayres is married to John Ayres, with whom she has two sons. They currently reside in Wantage, Oxfordshire, where they have lived since 1983. Pam is an avid gardener and enjoys spending time outdoors. She also loves animals and has a particular fondness for cats. In her spare time, Pam likes to travel and explore new places. She is also an avid reader and enjoys listening to classical music.

Pam Ayres Age

Pam Ayres is 78 years old, having celebrated her 75th birthday in April 2020. Despite her age, Pam remains an incredibly active performer and writer. She continues to tour around the UK performing live comedy shows and has released several albums of her poetry in recent years. She also regularly appears on radio shows and writes books for both adults and children. Pam is a beloved figure in British entertainment and is sure to continue entertaining audiences for many years to come.

Pam Ayres Height

Pam Ayres is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Despite her small stature, she has become a beloved British entertainer known for her witty and charming humour. Her unique performance style has made her a household name for generations, with many people of all ages enjoying her work. Pam remains an active performer despite being in her 70s, proving that size doesn’t matter when it comes to talent.

Pam Ayres Net Worth

Pam Ayres has had an incredibly successful career as an entertainer and writer. She is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million, accumulated through her various television appearances, book sales and live performances. She also has her own website which features a range of merchandise such as mugs and t-shirts sporting her iconic catchphrases. In addition to this, Pam also earns money from her royalties and endorsements.


What accent did Pam Ayres have?

Pam Ayres has a distinctively West Country accent which is typical of Oxfordshire, where she was born and raised. Her accent is a mixture of English and Welsh influences and has become a signature part of her performance style. Her use of language has endeared her to audiences across the UK, as her humorous poems often feature everyday scenarios in British life.

What is Pam Ayres most famous poem?

Pam Ayres is most famous for her poem ‘Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth’, which has become a classic of British humour. This poem reflects on the importance of dental hygiene and is often recited by children in schools across the UK. Other famously humorous poems include ‘The Airman’s Alphabet’ and ‘The Telephone Call’.

Has Pam Ayres done a parachute jump?

Yes, Pam Ayres has completed a tandem parachute jump in aid of charity. She took part in the jump at Boscombe Down Airfield in Wiltshire and raised money for the Royal British Legion. Pam was accompanied by her son, who also completed the jump with her. She described it as “a fantastic experience” and said that she had no regrets about taking part.


Pam Ayres is still alive and continues to be a beloved British writer and entertainer. She celebrated her 75th birthday in April 2020 and has remained active on the entertainment circuit for over five decades. From her early days on BBC radio, to hosting her own television shows and releasing albums of her poetry, Pam Ayres has been a household name for generations.

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