Is Oaxaca Safe? What You Need to Know Before Travelling

Oaxaca is a beautiful city located in southern Mexico. The climate is warm year round, and the beaches are some of the cleanest in the country. This makes Oaxaca a great place to visit during the summer months.

Oaxaca has become a tourist destination because of its unique culture and history. There are several things to see and do in Oaxaca, such as visiting ancient ruins, enjoying local food and drinks, and relaxing at the beach.

Oaxaca is known for being a peaceful and friendly city. People from around the globe come to enjoy the beauty of the area. Although crime does occur in Oaxaca, tourists should not worry too much about safety.

Is Oaxaca Safe?

Yes! It’s one of the safest places we’ve ever been. In fact, we loved it so much that we moved here.

Oaxaca was ranked #1 out of 20 cities worldwide in terms of safety by 24/7 Wall St.

Here’s how they determined this:

“We looked at each city based on its per capita property crimes, violent crimes and homicides.”

Crime is often worse in large urban areas where there are more people. However, Oaxaca’s population is only 624,000, which means that crime rates are relatively low.

The most common type of crime in Oaxaca is petty theft. If you’re traveling alone, keep an eye on your belongings; don’t leave anything sitting outside unattended, especially at night.

Is Oaxaca safe to travel alone?

Yes, but be aware of your surroundings. Be careful who you talk to and what you tell them. Don’t carry all of your money or important documents with you.

If you’re going to be walking around late at night, make sure someone knows where you are. If you’re planning on taking public transportation after dark, ask if anyone will accompany you.

Is Oaxaca safe at night?

It depends on where you go. We recommend staying away from the Zocalo (main square) after dark. You’ll find yourself surrounded by bars, clubs and restaurants.

However, if you want to explore other parts of town, then feel free to walk around at night. Just remember to take precautions.

Are taxis in Oaxaca safe?

Yes, but again, use caution when getting into them. Make sure the driver uses his turn signal before changing lanes. Also, always agree on a price before getting into the taxi.

Don’t give the driver any reason to rob you. For example, don’t hand over your wallet or passport.

Is Oaxaca safe to live in?

Yes, but you need to exercise caution. Avoid walking alone at night. Keep your doors locked and windows closed.

You can also call a trusted friend or family member back home to let them know where you are.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Oaxaca

Before you head off to Oaxaca, check out our travel tips below. They will help ensure a fun-filled trip.

Book Your Hotel Room Early

Hotels fill up fast in Oaxaca. Book your room early to get the best deal possible.

Use AirBnB Instead of Hotels

AirBnB is a website that connects travelers with locals who rent out their homes for short stays.

This is a great way to meet new people and experience different cultures. Plus, you’ll have access to breakfast, laundry facilities, and even parking.

Stay Away From The Center Of Town

When you visit Oaxaca, stay away from the center of town. This includes the Zocalo (the main square), the Cathedral, and the Mercado Benito Juarez.

These areas are usually crowded with tourists. There are plenty of safer options nearby.

Avoid Walking Alone At Night

When you’re visiting Oaxaca, avoid walking around at night. Take a taxi instead.

Carry A Cell Phone With You

A cell phone is essential while traveling. Not only does it allow you to contact emergency services, but it also helps you communicate with others.

Make Sure To Leave Some Money Behind

When you arrive in Oaxaca, leave some money behind. It’s not uncommon for thieves to pickpocket visitors.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Oaxaca has many beautiful parks and gardens. But they’re also popular places for drug dealers to sell drugs.

Keep your eyes open and try to avoid these areas.

Take Care Of Your Documents And Passport

Make sure you keep copies of your passport and visa. These documents could save your life if you ever get robbed or kidnapped.

Also, make sure you bring extra cash. Thieves often target tourists because they think they have lots of money.

Keep In Touch With Family And Friends

Let friends and family members know where you are and how long you plan on being there.

They can be your safety net should anything happen.

Best Time to go to Oaxaca

The best time to visit Oaxaca is during the dry season. This means between November and April.

During this time, temperatures are milder than they are during the rainy season.

If you do decide to visit Oaxaca during the rainy season, make sure you pack an umbrella.

How to Get Around Oaxaca City

There are two types of transportation available in Oaxaca: public buses and taxis.

Public Buses

There are three bus lines in Oaxaca city. All of them run frequently throughout the day.

The most common one is called “Tren Maya” which runs along Avenida de los Libertadores.

It costs $0.50 per ride.


Taxis are easy to find in Oaxaca. Just look for the blue sign with the word “taxi.”

Most taxis charge about $1.00 per kilometer.

Travel Insurance for Oaxaca

You don’t want to end up stranded without any money when you’re in Mexico.

That’s why we recommend World Nomads Travel insurance.

With World Nomads, you can cover yourself for lost baggage, cancellations, medical expenses, evacuation, and more.

WorldNomads offers coverage for over 70 countries across five continents.

Where to Stay in Oaxaca

There are several hotels in Oaxaca. Here are some of the best ones.

Hotel Casa del Sol

Located near the Zocalo, Hotel Casa del Sol offers rooms with free Wi-Fi.

Rooms start at $35 per night.

Hacienda San Miguel El Alto

Hacienda San Miguel El Alto is located just outside of Oaxaca city.

Each of its rooms has cable TV and private bathrooms.

Rooms start from $40 per night.

Hotel Las Palmitas

Las Palmitas is located in the historic district of Oaxaca.

It features rooms with free Wi-fi and private bathrooms.

Rooms start from $45 per night.

Where to Eat in Oaxaca

In Oaxaca, food is as important as culture.

Here are some of the best restaurants in the area.

La Fonda de la Noche

This restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes such as mole poblano and tamales.

It’s located in the Zocalo.

Costs range from $5-$15 per person.

El Jardin

El Jardin specializes in vegetarian cuisine.

It’s located next to Parque Juarez.

Costs range from $7-$12 per person.

Café La Habana

Cafe La Havana is a Cuban restaurant that serves authentic Cuban dishes like arroz con pollo (chicken rice).

It’s located in front of the Cathedral.

Costs range from $9-$16 per person.

Are there good beaches in Oaxaca?

Yes! There are many beautiful beaches in Oaxaca.

Some of the best include:

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escudero

San Agustinillo

Playa Tres Rios

Salinas Grandes


Is Oaxaca safe for female travellers?


Oaxaca is generally safe for women. However, it’s always smart to avoid walking alone late at night.

Do they speak English in Oaxaca?

Yes! Most people in Oaxaca speak Spanish.

However, if you need help communicating, try using Google Translate or another translation app.

What is the weather like in Oaxaca?

The climate in Oaxaca varies greatly depending on where you are.

Generally speaking, the temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

Can you drink the water in Oaxaca?

No! The tap water in Oaxaca is not safe to drink.

Instead, bring your own bottled water.

Is there Uber in Oaxaca?

Uber is available in Oaxaca. You can download the Uber app here.


If you have been looking for an adventure filled trip to Mexico, then Oaxaca should be high on your list.

It’s full of history, art, and delicious food.

Plus, it’s one of the safest places in Mexico.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight today!

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