How To Style A Blazer: The Complete Guide

Blazers are versatile pieces that can be worn over almost anything from jeans to dresses. They also come in various styles, colors, and cuts. If you want to look sharp, you’ll need to master the art of styling a blazer. Learn how to wear a blazer in these 8 ways.

The classic blazer has long been a wardrobe staple. This timeless piece can easily transition from day to night, and it looks great with nearly every outfit. Whether you prefer a fitted or relaxed fit, a tailored jacket is always a smart choice.

How to Style a Blazer

1. The Classic Look

A classic blazer is a must-have for any man’s closet. It’s an easy way to dress up your casual outfits while still looking polished. A well-fitting blazer will make you appear more professional than if you were wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans.

Classic blazers have a slim silhouette that flatters most body types. Choose one in a neutral color like gray, navy blue, or black. You can also opt for a patterned version if you’re feeling bolder.

2. The Modern Look

If you’re looking for something a little edgier, try opting for a modern blazer instead. These jackets tend to be longer and looser fitting, which makes them ideal for those who don’t want to show off their abs.

You can choose between two different silhouettes: the sport coat and the bomber. Both versions feature a wide lapel, but the sport coat features shorter sleeves and a slimmer shape. The bomber, on the other hand, has longer sleeves and a wider cut.

3. The Tailored Look

If you’d rather go for a more tailored look, consider choosing a suit jacket. Suits are made specifically for men, so they offer a lot of versatility when it comes to styling.

Suits are usually available in three main fits: regular, slim, and extra slim. Regular suits are typically made out of wool, cotton, or twill fabric. Slim suits are made out of lightweight fabrics such as linen or silk. Extra-slim suits are made out of even lighter materials such as rayon.

4. The Relaxed Fit

For a more laid back look, opt for a relaxed fit. This type of blazer is slightly oversized, making it perfect for layering under sweaters and cardigans.

5. The Fitted Look

Fitted blazers are designed to hug your body tightly. They often feature pleats at the shoulders and/or chest area.

6. The Sport Coat Look

Sport coats are similar to traditional blazers, except they have a sporty feel. They’re usually made of leather or denim, and they may feature a contrasting lining.

7. The Bomber Jacket Look

Bomber jackets are a bit larger than sport coats, but they still maintain a sleek appearance. They’re usually made out of durable materials such as canvas or denim.

8. The Suit Jacket Look

Suit jackets are similar to sport coats, except they have a more formal vibe. They’re usually made from heavier fabrics such as wool or tweed.

How to Wear a Blazer

Blazers come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no right or wrong way to wear them. However, there are some guidelines that should help you get started.

1. Match Your Shoes With Your Blazer

When it comes to matching shoes with your blazer, stick to dark colors. Dark shades create a contrast against light-colored clothing, giving your ensemble a polished look.

2. Layer Up

If you plan on wearing your blazer over a sweater or shirt, keep in mind that the material needs to match. For example, if you’re wearing a plaid shirt underneath your blazer, then pair it with a plaid blazer.

3. Keep It Simple

Don’t overload your outfit with accessories. Instead, focus on keeping things simple by pairing your blazer with one accessory item. You could also add a scarf or tie to complete the look.

4. Mix Prints

Blazers are versatile pieces that work well with any color scheme. If you’re not sure what kind of print to use, just pick one that matches your personality.

5. Go Casual

A casual blazer works best when paired with jeans and sneakers. Avoid wearing this piece during business meetings because it will make you appear too dressed up.

6. Pair With Jeans

A blazer is an ideal choice for summer days. When worn with shorts and sandals, it creates a casual yet stylish look.

7. Add Accessories

Accessories are key when it comes to completing your blazer look. Try adding a belt, cufflinks, or pocket square.

8. Accessorize

Accessories can be used to complement your blazer or change its entire look. A watch, necklace, or bracelet is great for adding interest to your outfit.

9. Don’t Overdo It

Avoid wearing multiple items of jewelry at once. Instead, choose one piece that complements your outfit and wears it with confidence.

10. Know What To Do With It

Once you’ve mastered how to style a blazer, don’t forget about your jacket. Make sure you know how to care for it properly.

What looks good under a blazer?

The most important thing to remember when choosing what to wear under a blazer is that it depends on the occasion.

For example, if you’re going to a wedding, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything that has a pattern. Stick to solid colors like black, navy blue, white, gray, or brown.

On the other hand, if you’re attending a funeral, you might want to go bolder. Choose something colorful like red, purple, orange, yellow, or green.

How to style a blazer for work?

Wearing a suit jacket is a smart move when you need to impress clients or colleagues. The trick is to find the perfect fit.

To achieve this, try these tips:

1. Find a Jacket That Fits Properly

Make sure your jacket fits correctly before trying it on. This includes sleeves, shoulders, chest, waist, and length.

2. Check Your Lining

Check the lining of your jacket to ensure it’s clean and free from wrinkles.

3. Wear the Right Color

Choose a color that goes with your skin tone. If you have fair skin, opt for pastel colors such as pink, lavender, or mint. On the other hand, if your complexion is darker, select more vibrant hues like bright red, orange, or yellow.

4. Match Colors

When selecting a suit jacket, pay attention to the colors of the fabric and buttons. These details should coordinate with each other.

5. Layer Underneath

Layer a cardigan or sweater beneath your jacket to create a layered effect.

How to style a blazer casually?

If you prefer dressing down, then a blazer is the perfect option. You can easily pair it with denim and sneakers.

Here are some ideas:

1. Wear a T-shirt Underneath

T-shirts are easy to throw in your bag and they always come in handy. They also give off a casual vibe.

2. Wear Sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable and versatile. They can be worn with almost any type of clothing.

3. Wear Jeans

Jeans are classic pieces that never go out of style. They are extremely practical and can be worn with just about everything.

4. Wear Sandals

Sandals are another must-have item. They provide comfort while still looking fashionable.

5. Wear Sweater

Sweaters are warm and cozy. They make an excellent layering piece.

6. Wear Denim

Denim is a staple in every wardrobe. It comes in many different styles and cuts. Pairing jeans with a blazer will instantly turn your ensemble into a stylish look.

How to style a blazer for work?

A blazer is not only a great way to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. It can also be used to complete a professional look.

Here are some ways to do so:

1. Wear A Suit Jacket

Suits are formal attire. However, they can be dressed down by pairing them with a blazer.

2. Wear A Blouse And Pants Combo

Blouses and pants are two items that complement each other perfectly. When paired together, they form a chic outfit.

3. Wear A Dress Shirt With A Blazer

Dress shirts are usually reserved for special occasions. However, they can also be worn with a blazer. Just choose one with a collar and buttoned cuffs.

4. Wear A Tie

Ties are essential accessories. They add class and sophistication to a basic outfit.

5. Wear A Hat

Hats are a timeless accessory. They can be worn at all times of day. They also help keep your head warm during cold weather.


There are many ways to style a blazer depending on your personal preference. Regardless of which type you decide to go with, remember that these tips will help you achieve a polished look.

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