How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

The cosmetic world is a place full of wonder, especially today. One can do so many enhancements on their face alone and get all the materials to do just that on a whim.

Eyelash extensions happen to be the least invasive facial enhancement kind, and many ladies are jumping the gun to try. But can you really blame anyone who has eyelash extensions? I mean, they look amazing, or don’t you think so?

If you do not, here are some of the significant benefits of eyelash extensions.

Benefits Of Having A Luscious Set Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Make a Massive Difference to your Looks

First and foremost, eyelash extensions add an extraordinary element to your face. When you put eyelash extensions, you instantly add volume to your lash area makes your eyes more noticeable.

Wearing Eyelash Extensions Save So Much Time

If you are always out doing errands or working and rarely have time to put on full make-up, lashes can be your escape.

Placing them on your lash line could serve as the only piece of make-up to put on, and you will look gorgeous.

Eyelash Extensions are Effortless

Some ladies who have never put on lashes might disagree with this point but hear me out first. Putting on eyelash extensions may seem like a daunting activity, but trust me, it gets better with time.

Once you have mastered the art of putting them on, you will barely spend two minutes wearing them. It just takes practice. And you know what they say about practice; it makes perfect.

They Reinforce Protection for the Eyes

They are the eyes’ protectors against dirt, insects, and other small objects that may endanger the eyes.

So when you add extensions, you simply add more protectors of the eyes.

It Minimizes the Use of Mascara and Other Eye Make-Up Cosmetics

You may use mascara and eyeshadow to endow your eyes every so often, but having a good pair of eyelash extensions will reduce the need for some items.

If you wear your luscious lashes, you do not have to apply either mascara or eyeshadow every time.

A Quick Guide to Putting on your Eyelashes

Before getting to the point of removing them, you have to wear them. So here is a brief guide to help you wear eyelash extensions.

Before you understand how to wear them, you should know that manufacturers classify eyelashes extensions into a few categories: type, material, and application methods.

Types include the strip and the individual lash extensions. The material making the eyelash extensions of either the strip or individual lashes are synthetic, mink, and silk lashes. And lastly, the application methods include using glue, magnets, or water.

So let us begin with the application method most ladies use: installing lash extensions with glue.

Applying Eyelash Extensions using Glue

You can install both the strip and individual lashes using glue. The glue used can be black or transparent, depending on your preferences. But I would strongly recommend you go with the clear glue for a cleaner job.

Another essential thing to note when using glue the period you will put them on, days or weeks. The latter will require a stronger waterproof bond that can last you even a month if you minimize contact with water.

Regardless, here is the procedure:

Strip Lash Extensions

  • If you are applying the strip lashes, start using a thin layer of glue on the edge of the strip lash, and leave it to air dry for about a minute.
  • The next step is to bend the lash outward to make the installation effortless. The glue should have started becoming stickier by now, and this is the optimal time to apply it directly on the lash line.

Ensure the whole strip touches the lash line. You can achieve this application using the lash applicator or by hand; I prefer using my hands.

Individual LASH Extensions

  • Suppose you are installing the individual strips of eyelash extensions; I would advise having someone do it for you. But if you are confident and experienced enough, then go ahead.
  • In this case, place the glue on a lid or surface and prepare the lashes size-wise from longest to shortest.

The shortest lashes go on the inside part of the eyes near the nose. And the long ones on the eyes’ edges and give the eyes a natural look.

Magnetic Lashes

  • Magnetic lashes will come in two significant kinds, one with magnetic glue and one without one.
  • The application procedure of the one with the magnetic adhesive will be similar to the one using the standard glue. But this time, you will apply the glue on your eyelid right above the lash line, just as you would do with a regular eyeliner.
  • Wait about 30 seconds, apply a second coat, and place the magnetic lash after the liquid magnetic eyeliner dries.
  • The magnetic lashes without the glue usually come in two halves or threes, each with a magnet that connects at the center. To install this kind, you first apply mascara, place the top half of the magnetic lash, then follow the bottom one after the first one is secure.

Aqua Lash Extensions

Water lashes are a young invention that has not yet grown, but here is how to place them.

  • First, you unpack, dip the strip end in a bit of water, and install! That’s it.

Repeat the same techniques for each eye for all the procedures I have highlighted above.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Now, how to remove eyelash extensions. One might think that the removal is just stripping the lash off, but they are very mistaken.

Forcefully tagging off your lashes can have very adverse effects on your lash line and the lashes themselves. Other dangers include infecting the eye, pulling out your natural lashes, or permanently hurting yourself.

And that is why you must follow the following guide without fail.

If a professional beautician installed your lashes, go back to the same beautician or another professional to remove your lash extensions.

Removing the Glued Stripped Eyelash Extensions

Items needed for eyelash removal at the beautician

  • Cotton pads
  • Under-eye gel pads
  • Q-Tips
  • Eyelash extension glue remover- gel or cream.
  • Timer

Note: This procedure includes both strip and individual lash extensions that the beautician placed to last longer than a few days.

The first thing the beautician does is to prepare the glue remover. They shake it and place it on a more accessible surface, like a flat surface.

Next, they place the under-eye gel pads and the cotton pads to protect the delicate skin on the eyes base. The remover is usually a concentrated solution, and this barrier reduces the chances of eye irritation.

As the beautician starts on your eyes, you will keep them shut the whole time to maintain the remover from entering your eyes.

The next step the beautician will take is to apply the lash extension remover using the q-tips. They will then set a three-minute timer duration and wait it out.

After three minutes, the lash extensions will come right off. The beautician must remove all the remaining glue and finish off by cleaning off any irritants.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

Items needed

  • Micellar water
  • Cotton pads

The first thing to do is gently remove the magnetic eyelash by grabbing the corned part and slowly pulling it away from the lash line.

If there is any buildup on the magnets at the back of the lash strip, clean them using the micellar water and cotton pads.

After you do this, place the lashes back to the box.

The lashes are off, but the procedure is not over yet. You still have a line drawn on your eyelid using a magnetic eyeliner, and you need to remove that too.

Removing Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner

After removing the magnetic eyelash extensions, proceed to do the following.

Place a bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe off the eyeliner. The residue will come right off without a fuss. Do the same for the other eye.

How to Remove Aqua Eyelash Extensions

The removal process of the aqua lashes is perhaps the fastest, just as the installation was.

You will need a q-tip and water. Dip the q-tip in water and use it to wet the band attached to the lash line. This water will loosen the adhesiveness of the lash, enabling you to gently and effortlessly remove it.

You should ideally use warm water and give it a good soak for about ten to twenty seconds before pulling the lash off.

Should Eyelash Removal Be Painful?

If you remove the eyelash carefully and using the correct procedure, you should feel no pain. But if you do, it may be one of two likelihoods. The first thing is that you have forcefully tagged and pulled out a lash or several.

And the second likelihood is if you are having an adverse reaction to something you have used. Perhaps the glue remover or the make-up remover.

Is it Mandatory to Remove Your Lashes?

Yes, it is, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Despite being the eyes protectors, the lashes may harbor dust and debris, which may still find their way into the eye.
  • Your natural lashes grow after about a fortnight. Thus, having the extensions for too long will start to appear unkempt because the natural lashes will have grown, displacing some of the lash wings.

Can you Remove Your Eyelash Extensions At Home?

Of course, you can.

All in all, here are a few tips you can achieve at home to facilitate faster and painless removal of your eyelash extensions:

Use an Oil-Based Oil Remover

The glycans present in the oily make-up removers are pretty efficient in breaking down adhesive bonds such as lash glues. So using them helps you loosen the eyelash extension.

But there is a catch!

It would be best to be patient enough because this process may take longer if you have the actual lash glue remover. So if you must, do not forcefully remove the lash extensions; you may prick out your natural lashes.

Take Steamy Hot Showers

When you first got your extensions (semi-permanent ones), the beautician probably told you not to have hot showers.

Well, this is the time to enjoy one or many. The hot steam can be helpful to loosen the bond’s adhesiveness. This process also takes time, so be patient.

Use an Overnight Oil Treatment

Perhaps you are desperate to get them off; the best way to do this is to soak them in oil like castor or coconut oil overnight.

When you wake up in the morning, they will fall right off.

If they Just Won’t Come Off, Conceal Them With Mascara Or Go To A Professional

Suppose you wake up after an overnight oil treatment, and one lash just won’t budge. What do you do?

The first tip is to conceal it using mascara and if that will not work, get a professional to remove it.

Take Away

I know it is all glamorous and fun when you have your eyelashes extensions on, but removing specific designs can be hectic on the other side of things. But not anymore, as you now have a guide to help you do it right.

So the next time you get eyelash extensions, you can remove them at home or get a professional to do it in a fortnight.

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