How to Increase Likes on Instagram Posts

Getting likes on Instagram is a great feeling for new business owners, but, much more importantly, they are one of the biggest indicators of how you are doing. Instagram can easily become one the most important tools in any company’s marketing efforts because, unlike traditional marketing, and even some other forms of digital marketing, it can be much more quantifiable, and it relies on a true communication, as well as a meaningful relationship between customers and companies.

For the majority of the billions of people using social media, giving a like has become an almost instinctive reaction to videos, pictures, or other content formats they enjoy. We don’t stop to think about giving a like to a post like we might do if we were to leave a comment. It’s a spontaneous and instantaneous reaction. And maybe this is precisely why they reveal their true feelings towards a post. So, based on the likes they are getting influencers, brands, and everyday people alike can learn all the right things they are doing, and adjust and optimize their posts accordingly.


Make Sure Your Posts Are Seen

Likes generate more likes. This is simply because when a user sees a post with a lot of likes, they become curious. More likes also bring more comments, shares, etc., which is why you must ensure that your content reaches the right people. Knowing is one example. Clearly, without people seeing your posts you can’t get likes. This is why goals, like increasing the number of followers, optimizing targeting, or learning when is the best time to post on Instagram, are so closely intertwined and mutually dependent on your attempt to increase your likes.

Get the Right Followers

With all the benefits that the digital world has brought for businesses, it has also significantly increased the number of competitors they are trying to stand out from. This is why no matter how high-quality your content is, on its own it can’t bring you a big audience, and the desired engagement rate. However, there are many features that Instagram offers for business accounts that can help your content appear on the feed of the right users matching your ideal buyer, including paid ads, hashtags, publishing Stories, Reels, and so on.

Attracting the right followers is the best way to not only increase likes but also shares, comments, and user-generated content. And as a result, create a strong relationship with your audience and increase sales.

Share Your Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Growing your Instagram account often requires some work outside of the platform. Being on multiple social media platforms is a great way to reach more prospects, and when you are trying to grow each of them, cross-promotion can make a huge difference. Add your Instagram URL in the About us or Bio sections of your profiles on other platforms, share content from Instagram, ask your followers to also follow you on Instagram, and so on.

You can also increase the number of followers by promoting your account on your website, and even on any promotional content, you have outside of the digital world, such as flyers, TV advertisements, or posters.

Inspire User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by your followers about your brand, products, or services. Like positive reviews or testimonials, such content can be extremely effective in attracting new followers organically, increasing credibility, strengthening your relationship with your audience, and so on.

There are many ways to inspire your followers to create UGC and engage with your content. For instance, creating challenges or competitions for some kind of attractive reward. This is very simple and it works great for many Instagram business accounts. Simply choose a reward, establish conditions for the contest, and publish it. The more appealing you make it, of course, the more engagement and/or UGC you will inspire.

To inspire engagement and UGC, you can also offer gifts or discounts, ask for feedback, create surveys, and so on. Finally, don’t forget to create a hashtag dedicated specifically to your brand, include it in your posts, along with other relevant hashtags, and ask your followers to do the same.


Increasing likes on Instagram posts is a common goal for any company. This important Instagram metric shows you how well your posts are performing and how effective they are. Likes also come with a number of other benefits, necessary for the success of any Instagram account.

They increase the credibility of your content, they inspire other users to give it a chance, and most importantly they can be a great help in the efforts to attract organic traffic, which is the cornerstone of a social media marketing that can make a real difference in your business’s bottom line.

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