How to Get Wax Off Skin: 4 Simple Methods

It’s not uncommon to want to remove excess hair on your body using wax at home. However, there are different ways you can get the excess wax off your skin.

Are you in need of a bikini wax but don’t have ample time to see a professional? That’s not a problem since you can wax yourself and get rid of the excess hair on your body.

Today, home waxing kits make it easy for every person to do some home grooming. I use it and have found its simple instructions easy to follow when I’m in a hurry.

But, the issue you’ll face after is how to remove the excess wax after the hair removal process. It can stick to your skin and become quite uncomfortable if you take too long to remove the excess wax.

Below are different ways to remove the excess wax and leave your skin looking lovely!

Different Ways to Get Wax Off Your Skin

Remove Excess wax Using Baby Oil

The first way to get rid of excess wax on your skin is by using baby oil. Baby oil is gentle on your skin and a safe way of helping you get the results you desire. The good news about this method is the oil finds it easy to penetrate underneath the wax.

Once hot was dries up, it can become a sticky mess and turn from a solution to a nightmare. That’s why you must act fast and start removing the wax. Having some baby oil at hand has helped me many times.

The baby oil is slippery and safe for your skin. Once you use it, you notice the wax tends to slide off your skin in an easy and less painful wax removal process.

After using the wax to get rid of the excess hair, you begin the removal process by:

Gathering the Items

You need the baby oil and some cotton balls at this stage. Once you have these items at hand, you can proceed.

Soak the Cotton Balls

Next, you must soak the cotton balls in baby oil. Make sure the baby oil covers every inch of the cotton ball before you can use it on your skin.

Place the Cotton Ball on your Skin

Once the cotton ball is dripping with oil, place and hold it over the part with the wax. Make sure you press it down to enable better oil penetration underneath the wax. This makes it easier for the baby oil to coerce the wax off your skin.

Remember, the size of the cotton ball and the amount of baby oil to use depends on the waxed area. If you have a lot of wax on your skin, you might need more quantities for the wax removal process to succeed.

Get the Wax off your Skin

Press the cotton pad on the spot for 30 seconds and begin to rub off the wax. The wax should slide off your skin with ease and not cause you any pain. If not, soak the spot for a few more seconds pressing the cotton ball more.

One point to note is you can use any oil for this process, even olive oil. Make sure the oil you use is safe to use on your skin.

Remove Excess Wax Using Petroleum Jelly

While I’ve seen baby oil work to remove excess wax from my skin, it’s not the only solution. If you don’t have some oil in your home, you can use some good old petroleum jelly.

No matter the brand, petroleum jelly has a lot of applications in your home. You can add excess wax removal to that list.

Get Some Petroleum Jelly

Before you begin the waxing process, make sure you have some petroleum jelly lying around. If not, you might need to run to the store then come back to wax your skin.

Apply the Petroleum Jelly

Once the waxing process is over, it’s not time to remove the excess wax. Fetch a lot of petroleum jelly with your fingers and apply it all over the waxed spot. I love this because the petroleum jelly feels cool and lovely against my waxed skin.

Give it time

After spreading the petroleum jelly all over the waxed spot, let it remain on your skin for about 5 to 7 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the better the results.

Wipe it Off

Once the rime elapses, use a clean washcloth to wipe the petroleum jelly plus excess wax off your skin. Use petroleum jelly during the waxing process to prevent wax from sticking to your skin.

Removing Excess Wax Using Ice Cubes

Do you want to wax some hair from your skin but aren’t sure how to remove the excess amount? Well, there’s no need to worry since you have plenty of solutions right there at home.

Another way of removing excess wax that sticks to your skin is using ice cubes. Yes, you read that right! Ice cubes in your refrigerator can be your saving grace once the hair removal process is over.

If you don’t have some ice cubes forming already, you can make some before the waxing begins. That way, the ice cubes will be ready to use when you finish.

Fetch Some Ice Cubes

After you finish waxing, you have to get a container and place some ice cubes in it. Remember, the amount you need depends on the surface area of the waxed spot.

Rub the Ice Cubes on your Skin

Get an ice cube or two and rub them on the waxed spot. You might feel a cold sensation, but that’s okay as long as the process works. The ice will begin to cool the wax making it brittle and easier to remove.

You might need to brace the chill and some water spill for a few minutes for this to work.

Flake off the Wax

Now you have cold wax on your skin after rubbing the ice cubes all over the waxed area. You can flake the cold wax off but make sure you do so in a gentle manner.

The wax is brittle, but you shouldn’t scrub it off your skin. Scrubbing off the excess cold wax can damage your sensitive skin after waxing the spot. So be gentle while flaking off the excess wax.

This process can work for a small waxed spot, but you might need to pick another larger area.

Removing Wax Using Soap and Water

I enjoy waxing parts of my body, after which I moisturize my skin. But, one issue we all have to cope with is excess wax left on the skin.

Another way to remove the excess wax from your skin is using simple soap and water. These are items you can easily find in your home and are easy to use. The soap and water work whether you use wax strips or liquid wax for excess hair removal.

Get  Soap and Hot Water

Fetch some hot water in a bucket or container and a bar of soap. Pick a spot in the house where you won’t mind some water spillage before you begin removing the wax off your skin.

Wet the Spot

Apply a generous amount of water all over the waxed spot. Make sure the water covers the entire waxy residue.

Apply Soap

Take the bar of soap and rub it on the wet skin. Keep rubbing the soap until you have a rich lather that covers the whole area for this to work.

Rinse it Off

After the soap forms a rich lather on the spot, you can wait about 20 seconds. Once the time elapses, rinse off the soap and wax using the water. This will leave your skin feeling nice and get rid of the entire waxy residue.

While these processes can save you the grief of dealing with excess wax, you can prevent wax from sticking to your skin.

How to Prevent Wax from Sticking to Your Skin

Waxing is an excellent way of removing unwanted hair from your skin. But, you might face another problem afterward in the form of excess wax.

Prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to make sure the wax doesn’t stick to your skin from the very beginning. You can do this by:

  • Applying an oil-based moisturizer to your dry skin.
  • Taking time to trim the long hairs before you begin the waxing process.
  • Heating the wax for some time until it’s long and thin to prevent it from sticking to your skin.
  • Apply a generous amount of baby powder on the spot before you start waxing

In Summary

Waxing is a great way to remove excess hair and leave your skin looking lovely. While this is the end goal, you might find yourself battling excess wax afterward. The methods listed above are a simple and easy way to remove the wax from your skin.

Alternatively, you can choose to prevent the whole issue and protect your skin. Use the tips above to prevent wax from sticking to your skin.

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