How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet

For those times in a rush, you’re likely to drop some lipstick on your lovely and costly carpet. And, if your children at home are curious about cosmetics and would go to whatever length to get their hands on some makeup, it’s a similar story.

Lipstick stains would show on the carpet, and they’ll ruin its look and feel. It not only looks horrible, but it can also destroy the carpet’s material. All of us struggle to get lipstick stains off of our carpets and probably make it worse. Lipstick stains on the carpet, on the other hand, are not impossible to remove.

Below are some helpful basic tips for getting lipstick stains out of your carpet and restoring its original appearance.

Getting Lipstick Stains Out of Carpet

Because lipsticks contain grease, such stains are among the hardest to clean. There are several methods for removing lipstick stains; however, this is the safest, simplest, and quickest of them all.

Things You’ll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol or paint remover
  • An old cloth or rag
  • All-purpose stain remover
  • Warm water and detergent mixture

How to Get Lipstick Out of Your Carpet – First Method

Nobody intends to get lipstick onto their carpet, but it does happen.  There’s no reason to worry if this occurs. If you want to know the DIY method, read the instructions below.

It’s critical to get to work on removing it the moment you see a stain on the carpet, as it is with other stains. You should work on getting the stain out as fast as possible.

  1. Put some Goo Gone right on the lipstick stain with an old rag or cloth and press onto the carpet. Did you know that Goo Gone is a great product to have on hand when it comes to getting lipstick out of carpet? If you don’t have Goo Gone, you may use dry cleaning fluid instead.
  2. The lipstick stain would begin to disappear from the carpet—you’ll see it transfer onto the rag or cloth. Continue doing this until your wiping fabric starts to soak up the color.
  3. Then, combine fabric cleaner, warm water, plus dish soap (1/4 cup) in any container.
  4. To clear any residual lipstick stain, blot it with a cloth or rag dipped in the solution you made. When attempting to remove lipstick from a carpet, it is important to use warm water.

If you use this method, the lipstick stain would come out of the carpet. If this approach doesn’t work for you, here’s another DIY solution to explore while trying to figure out how to get lipstick off your carpet.

Removing Lipstick Stains from Carpet – Second Method

  1. Dab the lipstick residue with a damp towel and let it absorb the remaining lipstick as fast as you can.
  2. If you already have a multi-purpose stain remover, check to see if it can remove grease. Since lipstick has some grease, you should ensure your all-purpose stain remover can deal with that stain. Begin spraying your stain remover to the spot that needs it.
  3. The lipstick stain can get off the carpet and onto your cloth when you use a stain remover and a damp cloth. If it doesn’t, try putting some rubbing alcohol onto a towel and dabbing it on the lipstick stain. When you’re trying to figure out how to remove lipstick from the carpet, there’s one more approach to take.
  4. Combine warm water and laundry detergent powder in a large mixing bowl. Make a paste out of this mixture and use a towel to wipe it over the carpet.
  5. Once the lipstick stain is lifted from the carpet, get a different damp cloth and scrub the same area carefully.

Getting Lipstick Out of Carpet Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If you’ve tried the carpet-cleaning solutions discussed above but the lipstick smear is persistent and refusing to go away, you must use hydrogen peroxide to address this problem. Other substances may help in breaking down the lipstick stain, but they may not be able to remove it completely.

Hydrogen peroxide removes the remaining traces of lipstick. Anything less than three percent hydrogen peroxide can’t work. If the hydrogen peroxide content is higher, though, you can do further damage to the carpet. You don’t need much of the liquid to apply to the lipstick stain.

If you’re having trouble controlling the amount that comes out, you may also put some on a rag or towel first. Ensure that the area is moist and wet properly with the towel. Allow up to one hour for the stain to dissolve, then inspect the lipstick stain once more. There should be an improvement, although little.

If the stain won’t disappear, try the steps again then let it dry. Hydrogen peroxide will disintegrate into some water, and you won’t need to rinse this substance out of your carpet. When the carpet gets wet, pat it dry with a cloth. Furthermore, make sure that the place is ventilated to allow the carpet to dry.

Moreover, you may apply the same technique to remove a lipstick stain that’s on any fabric for a long time. Even so, removing it can take much longer.

The next time you need to remove lipstick from your carpet, give these approaches a try.

Additional Tips

  • Before using some agent to remove lipstick stains from fabric, make sure to try it on a small, hidden section of your carpet. Doing this prevents the cleaning product from distorting or bleaching the carpet.
  • When attempting to remove makeup marks, don’t rub them. Rather than wiping the stain down, dab it. It will save the color from smudging and spreading any further.
  • Avoid using colored or dyed fabric to clean your carpet. When removing lipstick stains from the carpet, it’s preferable to use a white-colored cloth to prevent possible staining on the carpet.
  • The easiest way to remove the stain? Do it right away. The longer you leave them on your carpet, the more difficult it would be to remove them.
  • When you’re cleaning the stained carpet, it’s nice to put on some cleaning gloves. Doing this protects the hands from strong cleaning products that are potentially dangerous to the skin.

When removing stains from a wool carpet, be extremely careful since it is quite delicate. It’s best to apply dry cleaning products to remove lipstick stains from woolen carpets.

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