How To Get Ink Out of Carpet

Ink causes noticeable stains, especially on carpets. Many carpets are made from synthetic fabrics; even if it’s resistant, it can keep ink stains faster than natural fabrics. It’s essential to remove ink stain immediately from carpets, so it goes without a chance to dry and is situated into the fabrics for too long.

The greater you wait up and remove an ink stain, the more complicated it becomes to clear the stain fully. Dealing with the ink stain immediately can prohibit it from becoming a permanent stain.

Kinds of Ink

Ink is something that can be unmanageable sometimes, no matter who is using the pen. Either kids or grown-ups can accidentally spurt a pen, causing blots throughout your carpet. However, ink stains are nothing to feel sad about.

Though most inks will be removed in the same method, it benefits to be aware of what kind of ink you’re dealing with before you get going. Although a standard pen doesn’t plot the same as a ballpoint pen, the stain is not the same. Here’s a look at the typical kinds of pen and ink stains to determine where you can make a start.

1. Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen has an oil-based liquid and tint, which adds color. Since it is oil-based, it can spread and dry once it hits the carpet.

2. Gel Ink Pen

It has a colorful water-based ink that is usually jelled. Due to this, gel ink pens have glittering that can tangle up with the carpet.

3. Printer Ink

The most prevalent kind of ink stain is the printer ink stain. Printer ink is dye-based and has a tint that is completely dissolved and expelled in a liquid. There are two kinds of printer ink stains to fret over, liquid ink and powder ink.

4. Fountain Pen

It is an advanced version of ink and quill. Though it doesn’t drip as bad as other pens, it leaks when the ink cache is penetrated. If there’s messiness, it can be a big deal.

Removing Different Kinds of Ink Stains

Ink stains may be harder to remove than other stains since inks are made from dyes aimed to stain something. In the same way, ink can be oil-based, water-based, liquid, or sealant. It also contains tint, lacquer, grease, surfactant, vivid colors, and others.

Each kind of ink stain needs a different strategy to remove it. Be sure to examine the kind of carpet you’re working with before applying anything.

Removing Ballpoint Ink Stain From Carpet

  1. Start by applying a carpet stain remover. Ballpoint ink doesn’t blot into the carpet bristles like any other inks, and it’s easier to eliminate. Often the stain remover can pull up the stain.
  2. Dab the affected area using a clean cloth or paper towel. Always move the cloth or towel to keep a clean top onto the carpet.
  3. Apply the stain remover again till there is no more ink passing to the cloth.
  4. Afterward, evaluate a concealed area by dabbing it with rubbing alcohol.
  5. For a few minutes, let it set then dab the area with a clean cloth or towel. Observe if there are changes to the color after several hours.
  6. Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol. You can use a cotton swab if the affected area is only a thin line for better precision.
  7. Dab the soaked cloth on the ink stain.
  8. Once more, move the cloth to keep a clean top onto the carpet.
  9. Redo the process till the ink stain is removed.

Removing Permanent Ink Stain From Carpet

  1. Blot the ink stain with rubbing alcohol to dampen it. Avoid brushing the affected area.
  2. Keep on gently blotting the ink stain from the carpet as soon as it transfers to the cloth or paper towel.
  3. When the affected area is spotless, blot it with a paper towel dampened with slightly warm water.
  4. If this technique doesn’t remove the ink stain, you can repeat the process by using hairspray.

Removing Water-based Ink Stain From Carpet

  1. Mix a spoonful of dishwashing soap liquid with slightly warm water.
  2. Blot a towel into the water, then cover the ink stain with the towel without rubbing.
  3. Do the procedure again till the ink stain has cleared out.

Products That Can Remove Ink Stain From Carpet

There are a lot of products that can remove ink stains from the carpet. Most probably, these products are hovering in your house. Get hold of what you have and deal with the ink stain as early as possible.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can do wonders on a stained carpet. Use it as carpet shampoo. Gently scrub and let it lather. Wash it with water attentively. It is a simple and risk-free way of removing ink stains from the carpet.

Shaving cream also works well with oil and grease stains.

Carpet Shampoo

Occasionally, a typical carpet cleaner is all you need. In case you have a carpet in your home, then you must keep a carpet shampoo available. For wide use and deep-seated stains, use it as required for cleaning a carpet on ink stains.

Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Dishwashing liquid soap is a risk-free and efficient way to remove ink carpet. Let it set for a while in the affected spot and wipe with lukewarm water. There is a great variety of dishwashing liquid soap that works well with gel pens.

Glass Cleaner With Ammonia

Glass cleaner with ammonia works well with ink stains. But be careful when using a product with ammonia. It’s ideal for mixing glass cleaner with water before applying it to your carpet. Under no circumstances don’t use ammonia and bleach together.


Like many stains, ink stains can’t stand vinegar. You can mix vinegar with water before applying it to prevent damage, even though vinegar is not tough enough to ruin almost all carpets.

Look for a spray bottle and pour equal proportions of water and vinegar. Blot the stained area and wash with lukewarm and foamy water. With a carpet that smells good, you can add a handful of aromatic lavender water or lemon.

Cornstarch And Milk

When their abilities are joined, this household duo can remove persistent ink stains from the carpet. You can begin by blending a small amount of cornstarch and milk in a container until they set in as a paste.

Use this handmade cleaner to the ink stain and leave it for a few hours to dry on the stain. Gently rub the mixture off the carpet fibers with the use of a dry toothbrush. Vacuum the spot to ruffle the carpet and unveil a clean surface.


You can scatter salt on top of the ink stain and let it stand for a few minutes, and vacuum. Remove any residue and keep on salting and vacuuming till the ink stain has fully vanished.

Baking Soda

Compared to all handmade cleaners, baking soda is a top choice to clean ink stains immediately. First, clean what you can and sprinkle baking soda over the stained area, and dab with a paper towel. Allow the mixture to dry fully before vacuuming the residue.

Baking soda will clean, disinfect and purify the stained spot. It can also be used to clear grease stains when mixed with equal proportions with salt. Scatter the mixture over the affected area and use a firm toothbrush. Leave for about five hours and wash away to remove the stain.


It may sound weird, but milk does wonders on stains. You can soak the stained area with milk overnight. Rinse with foamy water and dab dry. The ink stain could have vanished.

Meat Tenderizer

Spritz the ink stain with an equal proportion of cold water and meat tenderizer and allow this handmade remover to set in for 30 minutes. Wipe off with cold water.

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is a stunner when it comes to tough stains like ink stains. You can dab dry the stain, then moisten it with carbonated water, and dab again. You can wipe it with mixed carpet shampoo.

Carbonated water can also remove tea and coffee stains by simply pouring on the stain and dab to dry.

Baby Wipes

You can use baby wipes to dab dry spills from your carpet. They are great carpet cleaners taking up the liquid and the stain. Baby wipes can also be efficiently used as stain remover striking overspill and dabs on your covered furniture and clothing.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer contains alcohol and can be used the same as rubbing alcohol. The difference is that hand sanitizer has lower alcohol content, and it’s improbable to damage your carpet.


Wd-40 is a lubricant and before using it, be sure to test it out in a spot on the carpet that is concealed as it might ruin the strands or cause a stain. Spray the WD-40 on the stain and leave it for a few minutes.

Afterward, wipe the spot with foamy water before washing. Dab dry and see the effect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ink Stains On Carpets

1. Can I Machine Wash My Carpet With Ink Stain?

Usually, yes, carpets can be washed in the machine if they are small. But, it’s ideal for checking the washing instructions. You need to eliminate the stain first by spraying or applying cleansing solutions before you could wash them.

2. Can I Put Acetone On My Carpet?

Acetone is an excellent means of removing ink stains from the carpet. It works like rubbing alcohol and has the same risks. Double-check by testing it first, as it might cause your carpet to fade and ruin.

3. What Kind Of Water Should I Use?

Lukewarm water or normal temperature is excellent. You can also opt for bottled water or tap water as both can work effectively. Freshwater is also recommended. But don’t use hot water or cold water without instructions as this might worsen the ink stain.

4. Will The Ink Stain Expand If Not Dealt With Immediately?

Only for a couple of minutes. After the ink dries off, it will remain its size. Assuming it’s been an hour or two, you can apply any cleaning solution to eliminate the ink stain.

5. Can I Sprinkle Bleach On My Carpet?

No. Never use a powerful substance as it can further damage the fibers of your carpet. Always blend powerful substances with equal parts of water.

6. Can Vodka Remove Ink Stains From The Carpet?

It might work unexpectedly. It has clear alcohol with no preservatives, so it won’t hurt to give it a try, especially if you don’t have anything at home and you need to address a stain immediately.

7. What If The Ink Stain Is Months Old?

When the ink stain is old, you can still use the same method. But you may need to allow the cleansing solution to sit in for a longer period. You can try it for a few minutes and if it doesn’t work, let it sit for hours.

8. Can I Remove Ink Stains With Toothpaste?

It may not be as effective, but you can try removing ink stains with a dash of toothpaste. You can cover the ink stain with toothpaste and allow it to stand for a few minutes. You can sprinkle some cold water while gently rubbing the toothpaste on the affected area. Keep repeating the procedure until the ink stain has surfaced.


It would be a sudden burst of emotion when your pen gets faulty and leaves a dot of ink on your carpet. When this colorful ink occupies the fibers of your carpet, it may seem radical to remove. Rather than pondering over spilled ink, you can use beneficial but straightforward household products to make ink stains disappear or dissolve entirely.

Most of these approaches or procedures use household products to remove carpet ink stains. These products have been formulated for specified kinds of carpet stains. If any of the above products disappoint your expectations, make sure to canvass a local retail center that has stain-removing products to beat carpet ink stains.

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