How to Clean Dyson Filter: Step by Step Guide

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is a great investment for any home. Not only do they suck up dirt and dust, but they also filter it so that you don’t get breathing in all the particles that you’re vacuuming.

However, how often should you clean your Dyson filter? The answer is entirely up to how much pet or human hair or how dirty the area getting cleaned is.

No matter what kind of Dyson vacuum cleaner you own, they’ll either come with a HEPA or floppy style filter. Either way, these things need cleaning every few months or so.

But how can we keep our Dyson filters in tip-top shape? In this blog post, I’ll show how to clean a Dyson at home and why maintaining a Dyson vacuum extends its lifespan!

Let’s get right into it…

What is a Dyson vacuum cleaner and how does it work

The Dyson vacuum cleaner has one main job – suck everything up like a magnet!

It filters out all those pesky particles that can’t get seen by human beings.

Their devices are mainly operated by an electric motor. This motor causes the brush bar to spin, which in turn creates suction and how it picks up dirt from carpets or hard floors throughout your home.

The air coming back into the vacuum then enters through a filter. It is then passed on into a bin attached at the end of the Dyson vacuum. Now, the purpose of this filter is so that you don’t breathe in any particles while cleaning.

The filters’ design ensures that there is high-efficiency air filtration. They trap 99% of particles as small as 0.35 microns. [1] This means that not only will you be now breathing easier, but also extending the life of your vacuum cleaner. This is because these dirty particles cannot get through the filter and into the motor.

If you notice that your Dyson’s suction power is somehow weakening, it may be time for a filter clean. There may be particles getting through the filter into the motor. This will lead to increased wear on your Dyson which ultimately leads to a shorter life span!

How to clean a Dyson at home

The Dyson vacuum filter is very important to the function of your Dyson vacuum. Now, let’s assume that you’re convinced and would like to clean your Dyson at home.

The first thing you may need is the Dyson filter kit. It comes with a brush tool for getting rid of any dirt or hair on the surface of the vacuum cleaner. Don’t sweat though. You can still clean your filter even if you don’t have the said kit!

Just follow the steps below as recommended by Dyson:

  1. Turn off your cordless vacuum or disconnect it from the socket if plugged in. These prevent any accidental shocks or damage on the circuit in case of water spillage.
  2. Remove the filter from your vacuum cleaner and shake off any dust or debris. Note that every Dyson model may have a different way of doing this. So, ensure that you check in with the Dyson user manual before you begin.
  3. Hold the encased head of the filter and tap the bottom against a sink or trashcan. This will help you to empty the excess dirt or debris from inside the filter.
  4. Use only cold, running water to wash the filters. Let the water jet run through the filter. It dislodges the muck without damaging the filter material.
  5. Rinse and squeeze the filter gently to remove water.
  6. Fill the filter with warm water and shake vertically while covering both ends. This removes any dirt clinging onto the sides and crevices. (You should repeat this step until the water turns clear)
  7. Afterward, completely dry the filter before fitting it back into your Dyson vacuum. Doing so prevents the growth of mold or any bacteria that may otherwise compromise your cleaner. (Leave the filter to air dry for 24 hours and avoid tumble drying as it can damage the filter)
  8. After the filter dries out, you can now refit it back into your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

To clean the surface:

  1. Turn your vacuum cleaner off, unplug it, and remove any attachments.
  2. You can now either take out the filter or use a brush tool to clean dirt and hair from its surface.
  3. Use warm water with vinegar if you’re dealing with pet dander or grime on the surface.
  4. Wipe every area along the shaft and the casing covering the brush bar. Make sure you get the handle and bin
  5. Dry the surface by using a towel or a clean cloth.
  6. After it dries, replace the attachments. You can now turn your vacuum back on and resume use as normal!

How often should you clean your Dyson filter?

The answer depends on how often you use it or how much hair/pet dander there is around your space (if any).

Dyson recommends cleaning once every month if used daily.

If suction power has weakened, clean your filters! Dirty filters will increase wear on your device which leads to a shorter life span.

Another option is to bring your vacuum cleaner into an appliances store for expert advice and service.

This can help you determine how often your Dyson machine should get cleaned. It can also help you know whether your device needs repair or troubleshooting services.

Why maintaining a Dyson vacuum extends its lifespan

There are many reasons why maintaining a Dyson vacuum extends its lifespan. For example:

  • The more dirt and dust you remove before it clumps together, the less likely you will have to replace or repair parts down the line.
  • Regularly servicing your Dyson ensures smoother airflow. It makes all surfaces in the motor unit free from hair, threads, etc. All these can cause blockages in hose pipe vents over time.
  • Also, regular cleaning of filters helps cut down on odors. Such odor may arise from the buildup of food particles inside your machine’s casing and around fan sections.
  • A cleaner filter also reduces the need to clean filter bags every time they fill up. (Though, you’ll still need to clean them out when necessary)

And if the above points are still not convincing enough, how about this:

Dyson vacuum filters can only get replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service center. The real bummer is that it takes about a week from order to delivery for each replacement filter.

This is inconvenient, expensive, and wasteful since you’re investing in a new filter every few months!

How to clean and empty a Dyson vacuum bin

Every Dyson bin comes marked with the ‘MAX’ label on the side. This mark shows where dirt should reach before you need to empty the bin.

It’s unwise to let dust and debris pile up beyond the ‘MAX’ mark. Doing so allows the sucked particles through the filters and into other parts of your vacuum. As a result, your Dyson device may stop working as it needs to.

On top of that, that only adds to the amount of work you’ll have to put in to clean the device.

So, how do you safely empty and clean a Dyson bin?


  1. Remove your vacuum from any plugs (if plugged in).
  2. Detach the handle carrying the bin from the shaft. Take the handle with the bin in place to a trashcan in an open area.
  3. Press the release button on the handle while holding it upside-down on top of the trashcan. The bin will slide out and eject the collected dirt. It also cleans the compartment at the same time!
  4. Consider placing a tight-fitting plastic bag at the end of the bin. This reduces the chances of the dust and dirt spoiling the area once again.
  5. Gently shake out any loose dirt and hair into the trashcan using an even sweeping motion.
  6. Use a soft brush along where there are small grooves or tight corners.
  7. If dried on dirt is present, use a damp cloth. Warm water will loosen particles faster than cold water does. (Do not submerge vacuum cleaner parts in liquid cleaners. Doing so may cause damage to seals and other vital components of the machine)
  8. Allow all surfaces to dry before replacing them onto the unit’s body. If necessary, place paper towels to completely dry before reattaching the parts.
  9. Replace all removed parts onto their original spots before closing up your vacuum again. Be sure that they snap into place securely so there won’t be any gaps. That prevents air from leaking out or dust particles from sneaking in while using the machine next time around.

Important: Do not wash any parts in a dishwasher. Doing so can cause damage to machine components and stop your vacuum from working.

This youtube tutorial demonstrates how to clean a Dyson vacuum bin.


Dyson vacuums have a reputation for their power, longevity, and quality.

However, to keep your vacuum in top shape for years to come, you must clean the filter once a month. You’ll need to clean it more if you use it quite often and if it handles large loads at a time.

If you stick to the steps I’ve talked about above, then you’ll end up saving money as well.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!

Are you unsure about how any other part of the machine works? Or do you have questions about Dyson filters? Reach out to me in the Comments Section below and I’ll get back to you!

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