How to Clean Cricut Mat

Cricut mats are indispensable when using materials under a Cricut machine.

They’re sticky. So, they’ll keep materials you place on them firmly in position. That way, your machine can cut or effect designs with pinpoint accuracy.

Yet, after constant use, your Cricut mat is bound to accumulate leftover debris from your projects.

As the mat continues to collect dirt, it’ll begin to lose its stickiness. And without its adhesive qualities, a Cricut mat is as good as useless.

Thus, knowing how to clean a Cricut mat is essential to getting the best out of the equipment.

Should You Clean Your Cricut Mat Every Day?

You don’t have to clean your Cricut mat every day.

How often you clean your mat depends on how often you use it.

Therefore, if you use your mat every day, you might want to clean it every day. If you use it once a week, you certainly don’t need to clean it every day.

Moreover, the sort of material you use on the mat will also determine how often you clean it

Using materials like wood or leather will require you to clean your mat regularly. These, as compared to materials like cardstock and vinyl tend to leave behind much more debris.

As a rule of thumb, however, it is advisable to clean “your mat after every two to four cuts,” according to Lauren Duletzke. She’s the Senior Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager at Cricut.

What Can You Use to Clean Your Cricut Mat?

The supply list you’ll need to clean the mat will not break the bank.

Stuff you’ll need for cleaning your mat include;|

  • Alcohol-free baby wipes
  • Lint roller
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Soft dish brush/sponge
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic scraper

You Should Know Your Mat Type

There are four different types of Cricut mats. Each Cricut mat features a unique grip strength.

Consequently, it won’t be advisable to use a strong grip mat for a lightweight material. Doing so could make it difficult to remove the material after cutting.

More disturbingly, you’ll find it challenging to clean off leftover debris. Plus, your mat might end up losing all of its stickiness.

As a result, you may have to replace it after a considerably short period.

1. The Lightgrip Machine Mat

This mat is blue. It is suitable for materials with a lightweight. You should use it for materials like standard office paper, thin cardstock, and regular vinyl.

Debris from these materials should be easy to clean off.

2. The Standardgrip Machine Mat

Featuring a green color, this mat is ideal for medium-weight materials. These include embossed cardstock, pattern paper, and infusible ink transfer sheets.

3. The Stronggrip Machine Mat

Purple in color, this mat features a strong grip which is ideal for heavyweight materials. Such materials include wood, poster board, and thick cardstock.

4. The Fabricgrip Machine Mat

This mat comes in pink color. It is the perfect mat for keeping fabric in position when cutting.

Keep in mind that you should not clean the pink Fabricgrip mat like you would the other mat types. The adhesive on that mat type isn’t as strong as the adhesive on the other mats.

Simple Ways to Clean Your Cricut Mat

There’s no specific way to clean a Cricut mat.

However, cleaning a Cricut mat is as easy as pie. Follow these steps to get your mat squeaky clean.

1. Use a scraper

With a plastic scraper, scrape debris off the mat as soon as you’re done with a project. The XL Cricut scraper is especially useful when scraping off paper and cardstock debris.

2. Use a lint roller

For smaller pieces of debris that remain stuck on the mat, you can use a lint roller to remove them.

Lint rollers are exceptional at removing small paper pieces, fuzzies, and glitter.

3. Clean with baby wipes

Baby wipes are more ideal if the mess is across a small area on the mat.

However, if the mat is excessively messy, it’ll take too long to get the mess off with wipes. Nonetheless, remember to use only alcohol-free wipes.

If not, the mat’s adhesive will wear off permanently.

4. Clean mat with soap and water

If there’s debris that won’t come off, you might have to scrub it off.
Put your mat in a sink and let warm water run over it for a while. Do not use hot water as it can damage the mat.

Apply a generous amount of dish soap to your soft dish brush/sponge. Thereafter, scrub the mat’s surface gently till it’s clean. Subsequently, you should let the mat rinse well under the water.

5. Allow the mat to dry

Let your washed mat air dry for about an hour or two. You may choose to hang it or rest it on a drying rack. Your mat should be completely sticky again after drying.

6. Use LA’s Totally Awesome Spray

If you’re finding it challenging to get rid of stains, you may try LA’s Totally Awesome Spray. You can purchase the spray from any Dollar Tree store.

Firstly, spray a generous amount of the substance on the mat’s surface. Then, allow the liquid to settle for about 10 minutes.

Afterward, use your plastic scraper to gently scrape off the dirt that collects on the mat.

Though you’re likely to remove stubborn stains with the spray, it is not an advisable method to employ. The downside is that it may cause your mat’s adhesive to wear off completely.

Kindly bear in mind that the steps stated above only work well for the blue, green, and purple mats.

Cleaning Your Pink Fabricgrip Machine Mat

As mentioned earlier, this mat’s adhesive is unlike the other mats. Therefore, cleaning the pink mat like the others may cause the adhesive to wear off.

Firstly, don’t use your plastic scraper on this mat.

Secondly, try to avoid touching your pink mat with your fingers. Otherwise, oil from your hands may negatively impact the mat’s adhesive.

To adhere fabric to the mat, use a brayer. Also, to pick up fabric from the mat, use tweezers. That way, your fingers stay off the adhesive.

If there are loose threads or fabric pieces you want to remove off the mat, still use the tweezers

If there are still tiny thread pieces you want to get rid of, you may use a transfer tape to pull them out. Do it by setting the sticky part of the tape onto the mat’s surface.

Thereafter, peel the tape up to take off the debris.

Do not scrub your mat or use baby wipes on the surface. Otherwise, you may end up ruining the mat.

Can You Make Your Cricut Mat Sticky Again?

Usually, after cleaning your Cricut mat, it should become sticky again.

However, if parts of the mat are no longer sticky, there are steps you can take to restore the stickiness.

1. Tape the edges of the mat

You may choose to use masking or painter’s tape to do so. You don’t want the edges of your mat getting sticky. If that were to happen, the mat could do damage to your Cricut machine.

2. Get rid of the mat’s stickiness

Subsequently, if some parts of the mat are sticky, you should remove the stickiness entirely. Do this by applying Goo Gone Adhesive Remover and scraping off the gunk.

3. Apply adhesive

Thereafter, spray or apply any adhesive of your choice onto the surface of the mat.

Easy-Tack adhesive spray, Zig glue stick, and Aleene’s Tacky glue are a few adhesives you could use. They are not expensive. Plus, they’re easily accessible at many craft stores.

Afterward, allow the adhesive to dry for about 15 minutes.

Finally, you should take off the tapes applied to the edges of the mat.

You Should Treat Your Mat With Care

Cricut mats lose their stickiness over time. Yet, by treating your mat well, you could use it longer than one who treats his/her mat anyhow.

1. Keep the mat covered

Your Cricut mat comes with a clear cover. Don’t get rid of it. When you’re not using the mat, place the cover atop its surface. That way, unwanted particles will not accumulate on it.

Also, as soon as you finish a project, remove the cut material from the mat. If it is left on for a while it’ll become harder to remove.

2. Clean mat regularly

Again, don’t forget to clean your mat regularly. You may use baby wipes, a lint roller, or wash it with soap.

Whatever method you use will help prolong the life of your Cricut mat.

Get Your Cricut Mat Sparkling Again

Cleaning your Cricut mat is necessary if you want it to last.

Knowing how to clean a Cricut mat isn’t rocket science. Moreover, you don’t even require expensive tools to do it.

Simply follow the steps in this guide to get your mat sparkling clean and sticky again.

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