How to Clean a Shag Rug

Shag rugs are still popular and fashionable these days. These rugs are also called shaggy rugs, and they’ve always been cherished because of their appearance. Shag rugs are smooth and relaxing, and this kind of carpet is a breathtaking highlight for any home or workplace.

But despite that shag rugs are cozy and useful, lots of individuals drift from shag because of worry and caution. Some people view shag carpeting as a burden or tough to clean and maintain. Their long strands can easily catch dirt and dust particles. Shag rugs need more routine and meticulous cleaning.

Five Kinds Of Shag Rugs

There are five kinds of shag rugs in the store and what makes them distinct. You will uncover brief information on how to clean them.

1. Synthetic Shag Rugs

Synthetic shag rugs are not the loftiest when it comes to their quality. They are quite simpler to clean since they can manage a steam cleaner. But they will not last for very long since they are usually made from low-grade materials.

2. Acrylic Shag Rugs

Acrylic has chiffony, a luxurious and soft cloth used in several rugs. They also come in grand colors and resilient against the stain. The cloth is made from a synthetic strand that gives the look and texture of wool.

Acrylic shag rugs deliver a matched fabric to wool at a lower price. The material is resilient to stains and damage, as well as high-quality color defense. However, these rugs feature faulty fire resistance, so it’s ideal for placing them at a distance from fireplaces and the kitchen. But nearly all acrylic rugs are treated to avoid the matter.

3. Leather Shag Rugs

This kind of shag is quite easier to clean than the other rugs since you can use a leather cleaner. This rug, however, is costly because of the brand and quality of leather. The leather shag rug should be placed in a low influx space in your home to keep it clean.

Place the rug in a spot where it will not be affected by spills, foods, and pets.

4. Wool Shag Rugs

Wool is the standard material, mainly shag rugs. There are two kinds of wool shag rugs, including “noodles” and “shaggy.” It has very soft, durable, and strong fibers that are ideal for natural air filtering. Maintaining this kind of rug is difficult since it can suck in dirt, dust, hair, and other bits that could stick to the rug.

Wool is the trendiest when it comes to shag rugs. They are usually pricier than other materials, and when buying, be sure to get an ideal and durable shag rug for your place.

5. Flokati Shag Rugs

This kind of shag rug is usually handmade in Greece. They typically come in cream or white color, and others are tinted with several color combinations. Flokati shag rugs are the shaggiest kind of rug that you can find in a retail store.

They easily get soiled and need cleaning and maintenance. To keep the soft and velvety look of the flokati rug, you should organize a routine for cleaning. If you neglect cleaning it, it might get to the point that it will never retrieve its basic look.

Different Styles In Cleaning Your Shag Rug

Your shag rug has the right to the best care, and though it needs more attention, your initiative will succeed in extending the duration of your shaggy rug. There are a lot of styles to clean your shag rug, and it depends on the foot traffic, the resistance of the fiber, and others.

Simply Shake Or Tremble It

You can take your shag rug outside and shake or tremble it thoroughly. It is the oldest cleaning method where you can shake your rug with your hands. Hold both ends and shake the rug as forcefully as you can without tearing it away.

After shaking the dirt off the rug, hang it the other way around and whip it with a broom or stick. Some individuals suggest hanging it outside under the sun for a few hours to contain persisting bacteria. But remember that the sun’s ultraviolet rays may damage the color of your shag rug, especially if it has been exposed for a long time.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Most individuals ask if they can use a vacuum cleaner to clean their shag rugs. The answer is yes, but with carefulness. If used carelessly, the vacuum can absorb the fibers of the shag rug and might get stuck. It may tear off or damage it during the process.

One recommendation is that you can use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. Or you can use a rug rake in place of a vacuum cleaner. It resembles a comb and lets you comb the shag rug mildly.

Keep in mind that vacuuming cannot grab all the dirt out of your shag rug. You should use your vacuum at least two to three times a week to get a good outcome. This measure particularly refers to white or beige shag rugs because of their lighter tone. Another important hint is that when you use a vacuum cleaner, it makes the shag rug velvety again.

Apply Dry Shampoo

Cleaning your shag rug with dry shampoo is an easy option. You need to have dry shampoo and a brush with soft-sided bristles. You need to clean your shag rug in an open space.

Scatter the dry shampoo on every side of the rug. Get a brush and start cleansing the shag rug gently. Check the label instruction, and typically you can allow the dry shampoo to set in for about ten minutes. You can vacuum the shag rug to suck up the dry shampoo.

This style cannot guarantee the absolute cleaning of your shag rug. It will unfasten the dirt from the fiber strands of your shag rug, but it might look dirty, especially for light-colored rugs. After vacuuming, dry shampoo is a nice way to make your rug shaggy again.

Spotlessly Cleaning

This cleaning style is the defender of your shag rugs when it comes to spilling and stain. If there are tedious stains on your shag rug, tough cleaning is one way to get rid of them. First, use a cloth to blot the spill or stain of the shag rug before it penetrates the rug. Refrain from rubbing your shag rug as you might scatter the stain.

When you’re cleaning tough stains, you can opt for a microfiber cloth. If not available, wet paper towels or baby wipes are also a good option but be sure they are alcohol-free.

Refrain from rubbing your shag rug with a tough bristles brush as it can ruin the fine fiber strands. If you think your shag rug requires more cleaning, mix a mild detergent soap in water and soak the cloth and dab the stain. When the stain is gone, place the shag rug in open air to dry fully.

Use A Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a good way to clean your shag rug meticulously. It’s a simpler approach in getting rid of all dirt, dust, odor, and other deep-seated dirt. To perform this style, vacuum the shag rug thoroughly to eliminate dirt from the top surface of the rug.

Steam cleaning concentrates on deep-seated dirt. You can mix water and mild detergent soap in a steam cleaner. Check on the portion of the mixture because colossal cleaning might damage your shag rug.

You can position the steam cleaner from one end to another. Continue doing this until your shag rug is perfectly clean.

Wash Your Shag Rug

To extend the lifespan of your shag rug, you should give your rug care and maintenance. Don’t let your shag rug stay dirty for a longer period. Just like steam cleaning, start the process with vacuuming.

Get a tub then fill it with lukewarm water. Take any mild cleaner or detergent and add in the water. You can add or lessen the portion depending on the size of the shag rug.

Soak the shag rug and leave it for 10 minutes or more. You can hand wash it or use a brush with soft-sided bristles to get rid of the stains. Wash the shag rug thoroughly to remove the soap and place it in an open area to air-dry.

Use Dryer

This cleaning style applies to small shag rugs only. Use your dryer with no heat. Just air-dry to clean your shag rug. It will remove most of the dirt and dust settled inside the shag rug.

Several professional cleaners have large-scale dryers. They operate these dryers for cleaning purposes as well as nurturing rugs after cleaning them.

Hire Professional Cleaners

If you prefer an extended cleaning for your shag rug rather than the methods enumerated above, you can hire and take your shag rug to nearby cleaning companies. Bear in mind that hiring a professional could be expensive as the cleaning process involved could be demanding.

FAQs On Cleaning Shag Rug

1. Can I Wash My Shag Rug On The Washing Machine?

Yes, however, there are specific conditions. You can place your shag rug in a washing machine if the shag rug has a rubber backside. Place it in a gentle and cold water setting to machine wash the rug. However, rug aces insist that using a washing machine is not a recommended approach to clean your shag rug.

2. Is It Potential To Make My Shag Rug Fluffy Again?

Several cleaning products are obtainable, like shampoo and conditioner, to maintain the softness of your shag rug. Experts recommend checking on any products before using them if they’re ideal for your shag rug, especially the kind of fiber it features.

3. Can I Make My Fluffy Shag Rag As Cushy As The First Time I Bought It?

The ideal way to keep your fluffy shag rug as new is with regular maintenance. Rug rake is a good form to keep fluffy fibers as appealing the first day you got it. Also, they are lovely in detaching pet hair and deep-seated dirt for simple cleaning.
Cleansing products are on hand for shampooing and conditioning your shag rug to guarantee lifelong softness.

4. How Do I Get Rid Of Stains Out From My Shag Rug?

Accidents and spills are unavoidable at home, and the important measure of preventing long-term damage is a quick response. The slower you act on the spill, the deeper the stain will set into the fibers.

Spotlessly cleaning is a systematic and useful means of removing a stain. You can begin by dabbing the stained area with a paper towel. Make sure you don’t rub as it will fasten the stain more.

Mix a mild dish soap in lukewarm water and place it directly on the stain. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to avoid color transfer. Let it dry before dotting baking soda on the stained area to eliminate any residual stain or smell. After half an hour, you can brush the residual powder off the rug.

5. Can I Use Bleach On My Shag Rug?

As for cleaning shag rugs with bleach, residents should note that bleach must be used as the last resource. Still, bleach must only be used in special situations.

If you think that the only fix to clean your shag rug is using bleach, be sure to vacuum the rug well and eliminate any particles. You have to wear rubber gloves, and a mask as the chemical substance might harm your skin and respiratory system.

Bleach should be used in white or light-tone shag rugs, especially if the stain is black or tough to remove color. Always mix bleach with an equal proportion of water.


Shag rugs are making a remarkable comeback because of their extraordinary appearance. These kinds of rugs make boundless accessories to any family room in any home. All you must do is avail the right design and style.

Despite their usefulness and quality, shag rugs need the proper care and cleaning system to keep them durable. There is nothing to fret out by simply following steps and a little knowledge to care for this kind of carpeting.

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