How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

Refrigerators need electricity to work. In that case, you always have to consider the most energy-efficient refrigerator. That is why people would want to know how many amps does a refrigerator use?

It is expected that different manufacturers would make refrigerators having different power usage. So, it would be best to have a refrigerator that can live up to your needs and still keep things cool without using a lot of power.

Why Do Amps Matter?

Amp is a measure of current. It helps you understand how much current the refrigerator would be using at any given time.

The amps also determine the power that your refrigerator consumes over time. This is because the power is a product of volts and amps.

Understanding amps is also important as it helps you know your energy bill monthly. So, the more amps the refrigerator uses, the higher the energy bill at the end of the month.

Also, increased amperage means that the wires would have to be thicker. This would help in the overall steady supply of electricity to the fridge. Using the wrong cable sizes can lead to the cables heating up or burning.

Start Up and Running Power Use

Power use would vary a lot depending on how frequently you turn on and off the refrigerator. Whenever you start up the refrigerator, it will use more power. This is because it would be in it is starting up phase. Another time your refrigerator would use a lot of power is to keep opening it and leave the door open for too long.

Whenever the refrigerator achieves the optimal temperature, it will no longer need a lot of power to keep running. At this point, it also has to sustain the optimal temperature. It is why you may want to keep the fridge running for longer without turning it on and off all the time. Only turn it off when necessary.

Refrigerator Power Use

So, the refrigerator power use will depend on the model. Start by checking out the sticker on the refrigerator to learn more about it. The sticker will have important information such as the power use which includes the amps a refrigerator draws.

Most refrigerators can draw an average of 6 to 7 amps when it is running. It is best to have a power outlet that can deliver 15 to 20 amps of current during the startup surge.

Once you know about the amps and volts, it is possible to get the power. Simply multiply the two. Also, most refrigerators would have the power information too. So, it should not be hard to figure it out.

Choosing the Best Fridge for You

Now that you know more about how many amps a refrigerator uses, there are other things to consider too when picking a new fridge for your home. Below are the things to always consider.

The available space

Getting your refrigerator into the house can sometimes be a hassle. This is because of the size. So, consider the size of the fridge and how easy it will be to get it into position.

You still have to consider where you will be placing it in the house. You may have to clear some room in your kitchen to ensure that the fridge can fit correctly.

Fridge capacity

The fridge capacity is measured and indicated as cubic feet. When you look at the product catalog or label, you will see the fridge capacity. In some countries, the capacity is measured in terms of liters.

The refrigerator capacity can vary from 9.9 up to 29 cu. ft. The rule of thumb is that you should budget for 4 to 6 cubic feet of space for each adult in the household. As you can see, if you have many people living in one household, you have to get a bigger fridge.

Energy star rating

This is vital for you to understand how much electricity the refrigerator would be using. This is a rating that has helped many people only pick the best refrigerators in the market that can give them the best energy use.

The energy star rating is often easy to understand. The letter A denotes that the fridge delivers the best energy-efficient use. Just make sure you read more about the rating based on your country, as different countries have different ways of indicating energy use.


Newer fridge models would have better technology aimed at making energy use lower compared to the older models. So, before you can pick a refrigerator, make sure that you check the manufacturing date. Latest models will have you enjoying the best energy efficiency.

Type of refrigerator

Look at the type of refrigerator you want to buy. This is because the refrigerator type can affect the amps it uses. Some would need more amperage to work better. A good example is that a mini-fridge consumes 2 amps of current while a four-door fringe would use up to 10 amps. The wine fridge is another level as it uses 20 amps.

It is easy to see that the type of refrigerator can determine the overall amperage usage.

Tips for Saving Energy When Using a Refrigerator

Other than getting a refrigerator that is already energy-efficient, you could still do other things to make it possible to save on energy use. Here are some;

  • You should not keep opening the door many times than what is necessary. Whenever the cold air escapes the fridge, it will lead to the refrigerator consuming more energy to restore the temperature.
  • Do not over-stuff your fridge. This is because the air would not circulate properly. The result is that the fridge has to keep running for longer to achieve the right temperature.
  • You should leave enough room between the wall and the refrigerator. This is to allow the compressor to cool when the fridge is working. When the compressor does not cool, the heat is trapped in the fridge, meaning it has to run for longer to maintain the temperature.
  • It is always advisable to set the temperature to medium or optimal as the manufacturer recommends. This means the fridge can always run at optimal conditions saving energy too.
  • You should never put hot food in the fridge. When you do so, the internal temperature rises, and the refrigerator has to work longer to cool such hot items.


The number of amps a refrigerator uses should not worry you so much. Just make sure you pick an energy-efficient fridge. This will mean that the amp usage will also be minimized. Also, take the time to compare different models to find the one that does not use a lot of energy.

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