How Long Do Gnats Live?

Gnats are small, flying insects that can be found in many parts of the world. They have six legs and two wings. The female is larger than the male. Both sexes have a pair of antennae on their head. Their body length ranges from 3/8 to 1 inch (1 cm).

The life span of a gnat depends upon its species. Some species may only live for one day or less while others can survive up to three months.

Gnats are not harmful to humans but they can cause irritation if you touch them. To avoid getting stung by a gnat, wear gloves when gardening or working outdoors. You should also protect your eyes with safety goggles or sunglasses.

What Is A Gnat?

A gnat is a type of insect known as Diptera. It has six legs and two wings which enable it to fly. There are more than 2,000 different kinds of gnats. Most are harmless to people. However, some species carry diseases such as malaria.

Where Do Gnats Come From?

Most gnats come from tropical regions. They breed in mud puddles, stagnant pools, streams, ponds, marshes, ditches, and other moist areas.

The Average Gnat Life Cycle

Gnats have three stages of life: egg, larva and pupa. In each stage, an adult gnat feeds on nectar or other fluids for nourishment. The average life span of a gnat is about two weeks during its larval stage.

During this time, the larvae will eat up to 50 times their own weight in food every day. This means that a single larva could consume as much as 500 grams of food per day!

When it reaches maturity, the larva transforms into a pupal form. During this period, the insect undergoes metamorphosis, which involves shedding its skin and hardening its body so it can survive outside of its cocoon. After the pupa has hardened, it becomes an adult gnat.

Adult gnats spend the rest of their lives feeding on nectar or other liquids.

Gnat Facts

• There are more than 1,000 different types of gnats.

• A female gnat lays between 200-300 eggs at a time.

• Each egg hatches after 48 hours.

• Larvae develop inside of a protective case called a puparium.

• Pupae take anywhere from 4-14 days to mature.

• Adults live for approximately 10-20 days.

• Adult gnats feed on nectar and pollen.

• Female gnats typically lay eggs in moist areas such as ponds, streams and flower beds.

• Male gnats mate with females in late spring and early summer.

• Eggs hatch in mid-summer and the larvae begin eating plants.

• Gnats produce a pungent odor that attracts insects.

• Gnats are often mistaken for mosquitoes.

What Causes Gnats?

Gnats breed in stagnant water with plenty of rotting vegetation nearby. They also like to lay eggs near damp places such as basements and bathrooms.

Insects that cause problems include mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, wasps and spiders.

What Do Gnats Look Like?

Gnats vary greatly in appearance. Some species resemble small moths while others closely resemble bees.

Some gnats have wings, but most don’t. Most species have six legs, although some have eight.

How Can I Get Rid Of Gnats?

There are many ways to keep gnats out of your home. You can use sprays, traps and repellents.

Spray Your Home With Insecticide

To kill gnats, spray your house with insecticides such as pyrethrin or rotenone. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

Use a professional exterminator if you need help getting rid of gnats.

Use Traps To Catch Them

You can buy gnat traps online or purchase them at hardware stores. These traps work well because they attract gnats to sticky surfaces where they become stuck.

You can also make homemade traps by placing pieces of fruit in a jar filled with water. Place the jar in a sunny spot and watch for gnats to fly into the trap.

Keep Your House Clean

Cleanliness is important when trying to eliminate gnats. Remove any standing water in your yard and clean up around your house. This will prevent gnats from breeding.

Try Using Repellants

Repellents are another way to keep gnats away from your home. Sprinkle citronella oil around the perimeter of your property to repel gnats.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Shut

Close windows and doors during the day to keep pests out.

Get Rid Of The Problem Before It Gets Worse

Ifyou notice an infestation of gnats, it may be too late to stop them from spreading. Contact your local pest control company right away so they can treat your home before the problem gets worse.

Do Gnats Die in the Winter?

No, gnats survive through winter months. However, their numbers usually decrease significantly due to cold weather.

Can Gnats Bite Humans?

Yes, gnats bite humans occasionally. If you find yourself bitten by a gnat, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.

What smell do gnats hate?

The smell of ammonia is one of the things that gnats dislike. If you want to get rid of gnats, try spraying your house with ammonia.

How Do Gnat Pests Spread Disease?

Gnat pests spread disease by biting people and animals. When gnats feed on blood, they inject bacteria that causes diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery.

How to Keep Gnats Out of Your Home

1. Keep your house dry.

2. Use sprays and traps to catch gnats.

3. Make sure your windows and doors are shut.

4. Clean your gutters regularly.

5. Clear clutter around your house.

6. Don’t leave food outside.

7. Spray your house with insecticide.

8. Call a professional exterminator if needed.

9. Try using repellants like citronella.

10. Close windows and doors during the summer.

Does a Gnat Turn Into a Fly?

Agnat is a small flying insect. It has six legs and two pairs of wings. It does not turn into a fly until it reaches adulthood.

How to Remove Gnats from Clothes

Remove gnats from clothing by rubbing the fabric against a rough surface. For instance, rub your hands together vigorously.

How to Remove a Gnat from Your Skin

Remove a gnat from your body by gently scraping it off with your fingernail. You can also use a toothpick to scrape it off.

How to Kill a Gnat

To kill a gnat, put a piece of paper over its head. Then cover the paper with something heavy. Wait about 15 minutes. After this time, the gnat should die.

Do Gnats Lay Eggs on Humans

Gnats don’t lay eggs on humans. They only lay eggs on other insects or plants.

Where Do Gnats Lay Eggs

Gnats lay eggs in moist areas where there is plenty of vegetation. These include:

• Flowers

• Vegetation near ponds and streams

• Plant debris along roadsides

• Places where rainwater collects

• Near garbage cans

• In cracks in sidewalks

What’s the Difference Between Fruit Flies and Gnats?

Fruit flies have four pairs of wings while gnats have six. Fruit flies also have antennae while gnats have none.


Gnats are very common insects. They are found everywhere in nature. Most people know them for causing problems at home. But some people don’t realize that they can cause serious health issues when they bite humans. So remember to take precautions when dealing with gnats.

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