Full Moon Ritual: What is It and How to Perform It

A full moon that you see in the sky can have some spiritual meaning and guidance that you probably did not know. It is why people are always willing to learn more about the full moon ritual and how to do it right.

When you can comprehend the meaning of the ritual, you would find yourself doing it more often whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Below, I talk about the full moon ritual in detail and why you should consider doing it. Let us find out.

What is a Full Moon Ritual?

This is a ritual that you perform on the night when there is a full moon in the sky. Such a ritual is done so that you can align your body with the energetic qualities of a full moon. In this case, you will experience elements of action, amplification, power, and an increase in your subconscious activity. On overall, you should end up having enhanced insight and intuition.

Full Moon Symbolism

Before you can start performing a full moon ritual, you first have to understand the symbolism.

The full moon has many different meanings in different cultures. A good example is when you look at the Chinese culture, a full moon is associated with female energy or Yin. As for the Buddhists, the same full moon symbolizes spiritual power. So, you can expect many festivals to be held during the full moon.

When you look at secular folklore, seeing a full moon symbolizes madness, psychological disturbances, and insomnia. It is why the term lunatic was born out of being moon-struck at this time of the year.

Astrology describes a full moon as experiencing peak energy that helps you fight opposing forces and polarities in your life. Also, it is seen as a time to harvest or reap what you had sown before.

On the other hand, Paganism sees a full moon as the time when your psychic energy will increase. It is during this time that you can perform powerful rituals, spells, and intentions.

As you can see on the symbolism, it all comes down to themes such as amplification, illumination, and subconscious power.

Why Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

It is only fair to understand why you should even bother with a full moon in the first place. When they are feeling low, and life is not going their way, most people would consider a full moon ritual to empower them and turn around their lives.

The full moon power has many benefits to your life. Some of the noticeable benefits include utilizing four main elements to help change your life. They include intention, willpower, ritual, and symbolism. These elements have an intense impact on your unconscious mind. That is why people would do a full moon ritual to reach deep within themselves and change their negative thoughts for the better.

A full moon ritual also allows you to step into your personal power and then prepare the unconscious mind for an upcoming transformation. As you can see, there is so much more to do with a full moon ritual other than just using pretty crystals or candles.

Full Moon Ritual Procedure

After finding out the importance of a full moon ritual, you might as well as go ahead and try it. That is what I want to discuss below. Let us find out.

Creating a sacred space

Considering it is a ritual you want to perform, it makes sense to have your own sacred space to do it. Once you find a comfortable and quiet place in your house, place a piece of paper, a deck of oracle cards, and your preferred crystals.

You can add a candle if you want to further create a calmer space. Go ahead to light the Palo Santo, then allow it to burn for a little longer before blowing out its flame. Waft the resulting smoke from the Palo Santo around the space where you are performing the ritual. Do not forget the corners.

At this point, you should start feeling positive and ready to continue with the ritual.

Some people would have a hot cup of ginger tea to help them feel relaxed generally.


What follows next is meditation. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, and then close your eyes for meditation.

Allow your mind to feel calm, and let any ideas that get to your mind flow away like a gentle stream. This allows you to get deep and in touch with your unconscious self. Once you feel relaxed, open your eyes and proceed to the next step.

Write your list of affirmations

Coming up with a list of affirmations is important for the ritual. This is where you can now write about the positive things that you hope to achieve in your life during the full moon. This is also a time when you can renounce your negative thoughts or even behavior patterns.

Read out the list

You can proceed to read out the list aloud and speak whatever you desire into existence. To do this, choose a crystal and hold it in your left hand as a way of connecting it to your heart. Then read aloud your list of affirmations to the universe as a way of letting the good things into your life.

Some say after reading the list, they feel a sense of relief and refreshment. You can sometimes feel the negative thoughts and emotions slipping from the body.

Time to reflect

At this point, the ritual is complete, so it is time for you to reflect. You will simply spend a little more time in the sacred space allowing yourself to experience the energy associated with the whole full moon ritual process. You can still sip your hot tea as you let the positive energy keep going.

You can keep the crystal that was used in the ritual right by your bedside that evening or even under your pillow. This is to ensure that the crystal can continue feeding you more energy.

Crystals for a Moon Ritual

When you want to perform a full moon ritual, you do not just pick any crystals and get down to the ritual. Below are some of the recommended crystals you should consider using.

  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone
  • Clear quartz
  • Selenite


I hope you had a great time learning more about what a full moon ritual is and how you can do it. Just make sure that you also believe that the full moon ritual works. This will help you achieve a lot more in the end. So, be ready to experience positivity and calmness when you decide to have a full moon ritual.

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