Eyebrow Piercing: Your Complete Guide to Getting One

Piercings are cool and always in fashion. They’re a great way to express your identity to the world, and most importantly express yourself. And they look good, so what’s not to love?

If you want a unique piercing, why not get an eyebrow piercing then? They’re often in fashion, but not too many people have a piercing on their eyebrows. You can also make it even more unique by changing the style or placing it somewhere else on your eyebrow.

This complete guide to getting an eyebrow piercing will help you decide if you want to get an eyebrow piercing. And it will answer all the possible doubts and questions you have.


Here’s an extensive Q&A to answer all your possible Q’s and so you get more familiar with eyebrow piercings.

Who Is The Eyebrow Piercing For?

Eyebrow piercings look good on both men and women, so they’re unisex. You can get your eyebrows pierced horizontally or vertically, and the style and jewelry you want to go for is your own creative decision!

Where Can You Place Your Eyebrow Piercing?

Just like its name indicates, you can place it anywhere near your eyebrow! There are so many different styles you can get to best express your individuality and to make you look good. Or, if you want to go more traditional with a typical eyebrow piercing, that’s great too. You do you!

You can get different types of jewelry for your eyebrow piercing, including the twister, shields, the captive bead ring. But there’s also the straight, curved, or circular barbell. Bear in mind you can only wear the style of jewelry you like after your piercing heals, which can take approximately six to eight weeks.

What Eyebrow Piercing Style Should You Get?

If you get an eyebrow piercing that’s too long, it could get stuck to clothes or stuff, but it’s also easier to clean. So you need to find the fit that feels right for you and the style you like the most! You can get an eyebrow piercing anywhere around the eyebrow.

Usually, vertically placed eyebrow beginners are good for beginners, and you have to remember that it’s not a  lip piercing, for example. But you can still pick the style you want. It’s your body, after all.

As long as the piercing is done well and the skin heals, you can’t go wrong with the style!  At the end of the day, you pick the style you like the most and mostly feels like you. You can get different jewelry (gold and titanium are very popular) and even different colors, so there are plenty of style options.

How Does The Jewelry Work? Can You Pick Your Initial Jewelry?

So when you get your eyebrow pierced, the person who pierces you will probably use a 16G needle. And you’ll probably get a vertical curved barbell at first, as it’s lightweight and will get your eyebrow used to the piercing. Also, it’s the best option for your eyebrow to heal properly, as there’s less risk of migration or rejection.

When your piercing heals, you can add on to it or change it for a hoop, a seamless or captive bead ring. Or, you could just keep your curved barbell, as that’s the most popular model of jewelry for eyebrow piercing. You can also add charms or get your eyebrow double-pierced.

What Are The Different Eyebrow Piercing Styles?

Here are some possible styles of eyebrow piercing you could get:

  • Curved/straight/circular barbell
  • Captive bead ring
  • Infinity ring
  • Twin piercing
  • Jeweled beads
  • Teardrops (but teardrops can cause blood, as blood vessels will pop)
  • Hoop
  • T shaped
  • In a row
  • Flat beads
  • Spikes
  • Heart-shaped (or anything shaped, really)
  • Double pierced
  • Parallel piercings
  • Bridge piercing (that’s the only piercing that’s not near the eyebrow but on the nose bridge)

And much more!

Or you could even get a custom-made eyebrow piercing to stand out and get something unique and personal to you.

What Material Should You Get For Your Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry?

For an eyebrow piercing, it’s best to stick to either titanium or gold, as they will heal faster than cheaper materials. Plus, these metal will reject the jewelry slower. So which should you get? Gold or titanium?

If you have more sensitive skin, and since the eyebrow is a sensitive area, go for the titanium option. It comes with a price, but let’s face it: your health and safety don’t!

Another option is gold, which is trendy and will always stay in style. Either get 14k gold or 18k gold. The 18k gold will cost more since it’s better quality, but 14k gold is also perfectly fine. Just be careful not to geld gold-plated piercing jewelry, as that’s not real gold.

How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

Of course, it depends on where you go to get pierced. But usually, it can cost anywhere from 20 to 70 dollars. This doesn’t include the jewelry, as the jewelry price depends on the metal type, charms, and accessories you choose.

Getting pierced is the kind of experience where you really want a professional, so choose a piercer that has a lot of experience, rather than focusing on price too much. After all, you want it done right and follow hygiene rules!

Does An Eyebrow Piercing Take Long To Heal?

Usually, it takes between six to eight weeks, as said previously. It depends on how well it was done if you take care of your piercing and of your skin. An eyebrow piercing heals a bit differently than a mouth, ear, or nose piercing, for example.

Also, an eyebrow piercing might take longer to heal than another piercing as it can move, or your skin can reject it since it’s a flat surface that will be pierced.

Jelly secretion can also happen when your skin is healing, but that’s totally normal and fine. To remove it, you simply need to apply salt water to it.

Does An Eyebrow Piercing Hurt?

It depends on your pain tolerance, but usually, it doesn’t hurt too much compared to other piercings. You’ll feel something similar to a pinch and a short pain.

Your eyebrow might swell and bleed after being pierced, but that’s totally normal. You can even get a black eye on your eyebrow as the blood will rush to your eyebrow. But don’t worry: all of these will go away on their own.

If you want your eyebrow to heal even faster, just rest, and you can apply a cold compress to the injured area. But stay away from blood thinners or anything else! If your eyebrow is still swelled or bleeding after a while (usually two to three months), consult your local doctor, just to be safe.

Can Your Piercing Hurt A Nerve Or Blood Vessel?

Yes. But a professional piercer will pinch your skin before piercing which activates the blood flow. A piercer will also check the texture and thickness of your skin to see where your blood vessels are and avoid them. This prevents you from getting hurt. So don’t worry, if you go see a professional, it won’t happen.

Is An Eyebrow Piercing Permanent?

Like with any piercing, the hole can close back if you don’t wear jewelry. But, the particularity of eyebrow piercing is that at some point your piercing jewelry will get rejected. So an eyebrow piercing is actually temporary, contrary to an ear-piercing, for example.

Of course, it’s always possible to re-pierce the same area. It will still be temporary. So, overall, if you want a more permanent piercing, you should consider piercing another area of your body.

Things To Avoid Doing After Getting An Eyebrow Piercing

There are some rules you should follow and no-no’s you should avoid after you got your eyebrow pierced (or eyebrows, you can do both at the same time, but maybe stick to one at first).

First, make sure you don’t take your chosen piece of jewelry out of the hole until it’s healed. Don’t move it, and don’t change the jewelry. Otherwise, your skin can scar permanently, move or even reject the jewelry, as your eyebrow’s skin is extremely sensitive.

Also, if you can, get jewelry made of precious metal, such as gold or silver. This is to avoid your eyebrow jewelry migrating. Rejection will happen more frequently if your piercing is cheap metal. So to be safe, get precious metal jewelry, for example, 14K gold. Plus, gold eyebrow piercings are really trendy right now!

Then, here are some no-nos you should know about:

  • Don’t use a facial cleanser or makeup anywhere near your eyebrow. Otherwise, the chemicals in them might irritate or scar the skin. The only thing that should come near it is your aftercare product.
  • Also, avoid any other skincare near your piercing area. The same goes for hairspray: don’t use it until your wound is finally healed.
  • Avoid haircuts. Especially getting bangs, as they could move the piercing on your eyebrow. A comb can really easily get stuck in your eyebrow jewelry, which then leads to irritations, scars, or moving the jewelry.
  • Don’t clean your piercing too much, as it will delay the healing process.
  • Don’t touch your eyebrows: no waxing or plucking them! It’s ok to pluck your eyebrows if you stay away from the pierced area though. But waxing is discouraged as there should be no substances near the wound.

Things To Do After Getting An Eyebrow Piercing

There are also rules you should follow after getting your eyebrow pierced. For example, clean your piercing with water and soap (not your usual facial cleanser). This will prevent your skin from getting an infection.

Also, you should make sure your lifestyle and diet are good. Get enough sleep, hydrate and eat nutritious food.

Switching Your Eyebrow’s Jewelry Piercing

If you want to change your initial curved barbell or hoop, you can do so after your piercing’s healed. Usually, that’s after six weeks.

For the first time, you switch your eyebrow’s piercing, you should let a professional piercer do it for you. Otherwise, if you switch it incorrectly, you can really hurt yourself. Afterward, you can switch the jewelry yourself.

Side Effects Of Getting An Eyebrow Piercing

As said before, your eyebrow piercing will migrate at some point or get rejected, contrarily to other piercings. To make it last longer, don’t touch it before it’s fully healed. Also, if it moves during the healing process, it can give you a scar, irritate your skin, or worse.

Another side effect is that getting your eyebrow pierced can result in an infection. It’s very rare that you get an infection, but it can happen. If the eyebrow area has some yellow or green pus, is swollen and red, it means you have an infection. If that happens to you, you should contact your local doctor at once.

Is An Eyebrow Piercing Right For You?

After reading all of the information above, you should probably realize by now if you want an eyebrow piercing or not. But if you’re still not sure, you could always go to a piercer to have some more information.

It might also not be right for you if your job doesn’t like to employ pierced people. I know it’s the 21st century, but some people won’t hire you based on how you look. So think about employability and your field of work before getting your eyebrow pierced.

Also, if you tend to play with your jewelry, you should really avoid getting your eyebrow pierced, as jewelry on that area of your face will migrate or be rejected. Also, if you touch it, it will surely move and you can really easily scar or irritate your face at best.

You might think the shape of your face isn’t right for an eyebrow piercing, but remember to be objective. If you want an eyebrow piercing, get an eyebrow piercing. It’s really as simple as that!

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