Dry Skin Around Nose: Everything You Must Know

Do you experience dry skin around your nose in winter or any part of the year? It’s pretty irritating and problematic for everyone. You frequently desire to scratch your nose. Plus, your look degrades when other parts of your face glow due to excessive oil and your nose shows a different color. Mainly, it makes ladies appear rather dull.

If you are experiencing dry skin around your nose, you must treat it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to live with the condition and accept misery in your life.

Here, you’ll know everything about dry skin around your nose: Causes, treatments, prevention techniques, and when do you need to consult a doctor for it.

Read all the way down. Otherwise, you’ll miss the essential knowledge to care for yourself.

Let’s begin!

What are all factors that cause dry skin around your nose?

Dry skin around the nose appears due to several reasons. Some are external, and some are due to your genetics. Below here is the detail of everything about them.

1. Too long hot water showers

During winter every person likes to spend more time under hot water. One cannot compel the mind to leave it earlier. As a result, most of us stay longer in the bathroom. Yet, it is enjoyable, but it also dries up your skin. Particularly. It affects areas around your nose.

Your skin dries up and starts to flake. Plus, washing your face too many times in the winter also sucks up moisture from your skin.

So, take hot baths during winter, but do not spend more than fifteen minutes in the bathroom. Also, keep track of your face washing habits. If you are doing it too often, stop yourself for a couple of weeks. It’ll help you recover.

2. Dehydration

Your body certainly needs enough water in your system. If it falls below the required limit, it starts affecting you. When you are dehydrated, your skin shows the first signs of it. Notably, the skin around your nose dries up.

So, always drink enough water in your daily routine. It’ll help you and your skin.

3. Exposure to the environment

When the surrounding atmosphere is dry, it sucks up moisture from your skin. Your nose is the main point on your face that directly contacts the air with full intensity. After touching your nose, air falls upon the other parts of your face. That’s why your nose rapidly gives out moisture, and the skin dries up quickly.

When facing harsh, cold, and dry atmospheric conditions, you must use moisturizing creams and lotions. Otherwise, cracks may open up on your face. Plus, it can also lead to bleeding if you do not do anything about it.

4. Type of your skin

Your genetics and type of skin also play a part in dryness around the nose. For example, some people have uniform skin that produces the same amount of oil throughout the face. But some people have T-zone skin that makes a varying amount of oil on different parts of the face.

If you have a T-zone skin type, you’ll have to experience dryness more often than others.

5. Skin conditions

Several medical conditions also dry up the skin around your nose, such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. If you have any one of these conditions, home remedies and over-the-counter drugs will never work. Instead, you’ll have to consult a dermatologist and start your treatment immediately. Plus, it’ll be a long healing process, and you may also have to take antibiotics.

6. Aging

The aging process changes many things in your body. One of them is the ability to hold moisture in your skin. As you age, your skin loses more moisture to the air and produces dryness around your nose. That’s why aging people also need to use moisturizers frequently along with hydrating themselves regularly.

7. Allergies

When you are allergic to something, you always have a running nose. That emits out water from your body quickly. As a result, dryness appears around your nose.

So, treat your allergies with the best remedies and keep yourself away from allergic substances.

8. Sunburn

Direct exposure to sunlight causes water to evaporate from your skin. You can cover your eyes with sunglasses, but your nose is always open. That’s why your skin dries up quickly when you are out under the sun.

The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to use a sunblock cream.

9. Beauty products that are not suitable for your skin

Always use beauty products with natural ingredients. Otherwise, dryness around your nose will be your headache.

Many beauty products use clay and alcohol. These ingredients dry up moisture in your skin and create problems for you. It’s best to stay away from hyped beauty products that use chemicals and are not suitable for your skin.

How to treat dry skin around your nose?

If you are experiencing rough, dry skin around your nose, do not worry. It is treatable and preventable. Just use the following tricks.

1. Use suitable and right beauty products

Always choose suitable and natural beauty products for your skin. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid are some fair ingredients for your skin. Plus, you should use moisturizers. It would be best if you use natural oil-rich moisturizers. It’ll heal your skin and provide you with a glowing look.

Another good option is to use medicated ointment. It’ll make your skin thick and healthy. This way, you’ll also have more moisture in the skin around your nose.

The best way to apply moisturizers is right after the face wash. Plus, you must avoid using chemical-rich cleansers, lotions, and creams.

2. Treat your allergies and cold as soon as possible

When you have an allergy or cold, you’ll always have a running nose. That is not suitable for your skin. So, treat your allergies and cold conditions with the best medicines. For example, you can use nasal sprays.

If you stay in your allergic or cold condition long enough, dryness around your nose will increase and lead to cracks and bleeding.

3. Use a humidifier in your living space

You’ll always have dry skin around your nose if your living space has dry air. That’s why you have to increase the level of moisture around you. For that, you can use a humidifier in your house. It’ll also freshen up the air and save you from dryness.

4. Drink plenty of water

Check how much water you are consuming in a day. If it is not adequate, increase the intake. Research tells us that hydration is helpful for all skin conditions and removes dryness from your skin.

5. Focus on your diet

If your diet does not contain Omega-3 and plenty of antioxidants, your skin is at risk for dryness. That’s why you have to change your diet. For example, you have to eat plenty of fish, drink green tea, and consume antioxidant-rich meals.

Plus, you can also take supplements that contain Omega-3 and antioxidants. When you do that, your body will have the resources to fight dryness.

6. Protect your skin in winter

During winter, the environment is harsh and has everything to destroy moisture in your skin. That’s why you have to take extra measures to protect your skin during winter. For that, moisturizers and sunscreens are the best choices. However, you can also use several other skin protection creams and lotions.

7. Apply sunscreen

UV rays from the sun deplete moisture from your skin. You cannot do much about it other than using sunscreen. So, before going out, you must use it.

8. Use special makeup

A lady cannot stop herself from applying makeup. However, it must not block your pores. That’s why you have to use special makeup that keeps pores open. Otherwise, you’ll have dryness around your nose that will also cause a craving for scratch, which will not be suitable for you.

9. Apply natural remedies

You can use many natural and homemade tricks to cure your flaky skin. For example, you can apply coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, or jojoba oil around your nose and face. It’ll provide your skin with moisturizers along with healing ingredients. As a result, you’ll have smooth and healthy skin around your nose.

When do you need to consult a doctor?

When you experience the following symptoms, immediately consult a dermatologist.

  • The skin around your nose changes color or texture
  • You feel stretching of the skin
  • You feel pain when you touch your skin
  • Your skin is still dry after applying moisturizers
  • Your skin problem gets worse, and dryness increases even after using all remedies
  • You see any suspicious growth or mole on your skin

How soon can you heal dry skin around your nose?

You can have general dryness on your skin or chronic skin conditions. The general dryness will heal within ten days of using the right products. However, if you have a chronic skin condition, your healing process will be longer. It can also take months to cure it completely.

How can you prevent dry skin around your nose?

Things to do

  • Apply sunscreen before spending time around reflecting surfaces, such as water, glass, snow, ice, etc.
  • Medications for acne also cause dryness around your nose. So, use moisturizers and sunscreen along with them to protect your skin.
  • Clean your sunglasses or regular glasses after every two hours. It’ll help your pores to stay open.
  • While using a humidifier, keep it in the center of the room.
  • If you feel stretching of the skin around your nose, use a recovery cream rather than a powdery cream.
  • Apply a facial mist spray on your face after regular intervals. It’ll make your skin look fresh.

Things not to do

  • Do not use face powder while applying makeup. It’ll block your pores.
  • Do not take too long hot water showers. Plus, do not stay more than fifteen minutes in hot water. It’ll dry up your skin.
  • Avoid scratching your dry skin. It’ll open cracks. If you have an extreme desire to scratch, always rub your skin politely.

In a nutshell

Dry skin around the nose is a problem that keeps showing up again and again. However, it is treatable and preventable. So, hydrate yourself after regular intervals and use plenty of moisturizers on your face. Plus, avoid using chemical-rich beauty products. Have a great day.

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