Dreaming About Someone? Find Out What It Means Here

There are dreams that you can easily brush off when you wake up. Then there are some that will linger on your mind the whole day thinking what it could mean. That is especially so when your dream involves a person you know or even a celebrity. You may be wondering why you dream about them and what the scenes in the dream are trying to tell you.

What Are Dreams?

Before we get into the details of what these certain dreams mean, first, let’s find out what dreams are. Dreams are a series of images, scenes, and happenings that you see when you are already in deep sleep. There are some dreams where you can control your actions. But sometimes, you are nothing more than an audience watching a movie with familiar people and places starring in it.

While the meanings that lie in the dreams are not 100% understood scientifically, it has been a topic in Science, Psychology, and even in Religion. There are claims that what happens in our dreams may be a subconscious thought or a reaction to our daily life. There are even believers that dreams have divine intervention or even messages that our departed loved ones are sending us.

Dreaming About Someone

But what does it really mean when you see someone you know in your dreams? The most common answer will always be it might be because you are thinking of that person as you go to bed. Thinking about a specific person can leave impressions in your subconscious that may bring you dreams that night.

Some also claim that dreaming about people doesn’t even necessarily imply that you are thinking about the person himself. Rather, it can be because of his or her traits that call to you that make them manifest in your dreams. If you are experiencing stress at the moment, it can bring a person that you most associate with anxiety. Like an old friend that you cut ties with or an ex. In the same way, if you are happy and content, you may see someone you favor.

Dreaming about specific people can have specific meanings too. Read on to find out more.

Someone You Admire

Dreaming about someone you like only means that you have developed a deep admiration for that person. And that admiration is manifesting in your dreams. If the dream is in a positive tone, like the person appears to feel the same way for you, it could mean that you are confident and self respectful. It can also mean that you fully accept the feelings that you have for the person.

On the other hand, if you dream that the person doesn’t like you in return, it might be a manifestation of your insecurity and low esteem. The dream may be your subconscious showing you the dreadful scenario to lessen the hurt if it ever happens in life.

Someone Who Has Passed Away

There are a few claims as to why you are seeing dead people in your dreams.If the person is someone very dear to you, it can be because you miss the person too much. It is a way of you coping with the pain that it brought you. It can also be something between the two of you that you feel went unfinished because of their demise.

There are also some theories that say the dead can be sending you a message like the reason why they died. In case of murders and suicide, they say the dead may be reaching out to let you know who the killer may be. For suicides, they may be telling you why they took they own life if that is the case.

A Celebrity Or Someone Popular

When you dream of a celebrity, it doesn’t automatically mean that you like the person or the character they play. It can be because you admire their success and it’s something you want for yourself too.

For example, if you dream about a famous athlete, it can be because you love the sport he is famous for, too. Or you may even have a desire to be as good as this athlete in that sport.

An Ex Lover

Dreaming about an ex flame doesn’t have to mean that you still have a desire to get back to that person. The most common ex that people dream about is their first love. No matter how long ago that may be, this one person always seems to creep up in our dreams.

This is because of the feelings that we associate with a first romance. The sweetness, the butterflies, and all that magic. So whenever you are in a time of your relationship when you feel that these elements are lost, you may get these specific dreams. It is because you are longing for that magical feeling again.

The Person You are Currently Dating

When you dream about the person you are currently with, you need to consider how the things in the dream are happening. Most of the time, when we dream about a partner, it is us looking for them like they are lost. If that is the case, it may be your subconscious telling you that you don’t have enough time for each other and you are longing for that connection.

If your dream includes your partner cheating on you, then that’s an entirely different thing. It can mean that there is distrust between you. Whether they have cheated on you before or not, it only means that you are worried that they will do it again or in the future.

Someone From Your Workplace

If you see a co-worker in your dreams and it’s not in your typical environment, they may only be representing a part of yourself. For example, seeing a friend in a workmate’s party and you find this unusual as they don’t even know each other, do not take it literally. It can only mean that there is an aspect of yourself that you don’t understand yet and this is a sign for you to re-evaluate.

Final Thoughts

While there are a lot of Science researches that have been dedicated to the meaning of dreams, nothing about it has been fully understood. All the theories mentioned in this article are just that, theories. While trying to figure out dreams may seem exciting, don’t let it take over your thoughts the whole day. At times, to a point that you miss being productive.

Have fun interpreting your dreams. However, don’t let it affect how you go about your life and the relationships that you have with these people.

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