How to Get Rid of Dorsal Hump Naturally

What is a dorsal hump? What causes dorsal hump on the nose, and how Can dorsal hump go away naturally? Or is it possible to push down a dorsal hump?

Sometimes you try different strategies on how to make the dorsal hump less noticeable. But still, nothing changes. So, let’s explore alternative means to get rid of a dorsal hump.

What is a Dorsal Hump?

The dorsal hump helps to accentuate your facial aesthetics. But it could create an excellent or distorted impression of your face. That’s even more significant viewed from the side or central view of your face.

The nasal dorsum is the most significant part of your nose. It is the bone and cartilage that runs down the tip of your nose from between your eyes.

Therefore, a dorsal hump refers to excessive bone or cartilage on the bridge of the nose. It is also known as the nasal dorsal hump. A dorsal hump can alter the shape of your nose. Typically, most victims may have to undergo plastic surgery to rectify the problem.

What Causes a Dorsal Hump Nose?

So, what are the causes of the dorsal hump on the nose? The prominent bones and cartilage around the nose become noticeable and inconvenient for most people. Some patients have low radix around the upper part of the nose. So, the bone and cartilage remain pronounced nearest to the eyes.

Your nose primarily contains bone and cartilage. The skin serves as covering. However, deep inside the nasal cavity, you will find smaller bones. And it is from the deeper bones the dorsal hump emerges.

However, the hump shows as a slope from the tip to the bridge of the nose. Once the dorsal bump emerges, the bone and cartilage become visible under the nose. Therefore, it will make your nose or profile distorted. So, when your face is viewed from the side, they can tell there’s a hump. It distorts your facial aesthetics.

The dorsal hump is also a hereditary issue. So, does your mum, dad, or siblings suffer from dorsal hump? Then there is a possibility of you experiencing a prominent dorsal hump too. For example, were you involved in a car accident at one time or the other? The physical injury could result in a dorsal hump too.

A dorsal hump typically forms when your bone and cartilage heal unevenly. It usually occurs after an accident, pimple, or blackhead that does not heal properly. And one way to treat nasal bumps is through rhinoplasty. However, please note that poor treatment of the dorsal hump can create more problems too.

How to Get Rid of Dorsal Hump

Using Surgery for Dorsal Hump Removal

Since each person’s nasal cavity, shape, and size differences, the procedure for treatment is slightly different. Even when it requires a rhinoplasty, the medical practitioner must cross-examine the patient to know the treatment needs.

Rhinoplasty surgery could serve as a cosmetic procedure for restoring your nose to its past glory. It is a standard procedure amongst ladies for nose job slimming.

It also involves planning the treatment and the recovery period. Some rhinoplasty surgery may be quick and straightforward, but others, more dramatic. The procedure may include creating a small incision to reach the bone. Then, the doctor reaches out to the cartilage under the skin of the nasal area.

The idea is to ensure the dorsal hump disappears, leaving the location straight. Then, after reshaping the nose, the doctors make use of sutures to cover the area. Next, the patient needs time to heal fully at home.

Please note that after the dorsal hump procedure, the victim may experience minor swelling. A few doses of medical prescription will help you heal faster. If experiencing any discomfort, you can try a cool compress for quick relief.

You should feel super good after the inflammation and the whole procedure. But having this personal information on treatment procedures will help you heal faster.

How to Make Dorsal Hump Less Pronounced

You can opt for medical attention or surgery to make the dorsal hump less noticeable. The injectable dermal filler will help to raise the radix, so the dorsal hump becomes less noticeable. The process involves what is known as cartilage grafting.

Another strategy is the use of non-invasive nasal correction methods to get the nose job done. In addition, it will help reduce the swelling around the nasal cavity.

Sometimes you wonder if you can push down the dorsal hump naturally? Yes, pushing down the dorsal hump will help to eliminate the bony hump. In addition, a medical procedure called rhinoplasty surgery can help push down the dorsal hump obstruction. It also includes Plastic and reconstructive surgery. But it is not the best method on how to straighten my nose bridge naturally?

The procedure results in trauma around the subcutaneous tissue and produces mucous around the membrane. So, the perichondrium or periosteum will preserve the nerves. And it further aids blood supply to the nasal cavity.

Some people experience allergies that result in a stuffy nose. Blackheads and pimples also form around the nose. But they are caused by debris that makes you pop blackheads or pimples. You can gain some relief by applying pressure on the nose. But it won’t restore the shape of the nose or eliminate the dorsal hump.

How Do You Get Rid of Nose Bridge without Surgery?

Is there any way to get rid of dorsal hump on your nose without surgery? Or are there any exercises to reduce the dorsal hump on the nose? Yes. Here’s how to flatten a bump on your nose without surgery. You don’t need plastic and reconstructive surgery.

However, remember dorsal hump removal through the medical procedure is not the first option. That’s why personal information about nose job slimming will help. But you can seek alternative home remedies for treating bumps on your nose. For example, one of the natural remedies for dorsal hump treatment includes exercise for a slimmer nose.

Nose Shortening Exercise

Remember, this is not a 20 minutes cardio exercise at the gym for slimmer noses. Instead, such home remedies will make your nose tip more pointed or sharper without making you sweat.

Exercise Pattern:

  • Hold the bridge of the nose using your index finger.
  • Use your thumb and apply a slight press on the nose.
  • Use the second index finger to raise your nose upwards by pushing from the tip.
  • With your two fingers clamping down, pull your upper lip down with a bit of pressure.
  • Repeat this process ten times, pressure, release, and relax.

Nose Slimming Exercise

  • Now, you may need to be a bit dramatic to do this exercise. So first, start by pouching your mouth in the “O” shape format.
  • Using your index finger, gently push the tip of your nose up halfway. Do it in a way to give room for easy breathing still.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the ceiling as you continue to breathe through your nostrils.
  • Hold the tip of your nose and keep breathing hard.
  • For effective results, repeat this process at least seven to ten times daily.

Nose Sharpening Exercise

Carrying out this exercise will strengthen the muscles on both sides of your nostrils. You will notice it when viewed from the side.

  • To allow for a seamless, you need to smile all through the process.
  • Next, you can use the index finger to push the tip of your nose up. Again, continue smiling while doing this exercise.
  • Repeat the above exercise 20 or 30 times daily till you get relief.

Natural Home Remedy for Reducing Dorsal Humps

Now, let’s look at these essential home remedies for dealing with nose humps:

Toothpaste and Vinegar Remedy for Nose Hump

Toothpaste is a magical product because it can provide multiple healing procedures.

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Toothpaste and
  • Ginger
  • Mix a sizeable quantity of toothpaste, ginger, and apple cider vinegar. Make sure it becomes a paste.
  • Put a pinch of the paste on your nose and leave it for about one hour each day.
  • Please note that the ginger will make the paste hot with a burning sensation.
  • Use warm water to wash it off.
  • I advise you to apply a small portion on your skin to see if it is safe on your nose. That will help you know if the mixture will not burn your nose when applied.
  • If you discover the spot you tested is reddish, you may not apply it to the nose. It means it is too hot for your nostril.

Ginger paste Remedy for Nose Hump

Ginger is a wonder plant for eliminating inflammation of the nose like the dorsal hump. In addition, it can melt the fat responsible for enlarging the nostrils.

  • Grind ginger into powder
  • Rosewater
  • Mix sizeable portions of the rose water with the ginger.
  • Apply the mixture to the nose and leave for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off and repeat the process morning and night.
  • Please remember to try out a portion of the mixture on your skin to try it out first. If the skin turns reddish, then it is too hot for your nose.

Now, you know how to get rid of dorsal home naturally. Going by rhinoplasty medical strategy will offer significant relief from the dorsal hump. However, trying out any of the above home or natural remedies for dorsal hump works too. Therefore, except in severe cases, there’s no need to stress your body with medical procedures.

Using the home remedy for treating dorsal hump will make your face look good again. However, if symptoms persist after some days, please speak with a dermatologist. ENT specialist refers to Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists. They and the board certified plastic surgeon will help treat nasal dorsum.

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