Top 8 Best Crystals for Beginners: Types & Uses

What are the best crystals for beginners? Crystals are magical objects, and having them around can add more spice to your life. Crystals are not only beautiful to behold, but myth has it that they offer incredible value.

Now, the value goes beyond aesthetics to include healing power, good luck, and stone for protection. Also, your crystal collection portends unconditional love, good luck for money, and wealth. So, if you want to avoid negative energy anytime, I hear crystals should be your best friend.

However, selecting the best crystals for beginners may look a bit complicated. Some popular crystals include Amethyst, rose quartz, Citrine, or lapis lazuli. All crystals tell a story. In this beginner guide, you will discover what popular crystals you need and what makes them valuable.

What are Crystals?

Crystals possess definite patterns of three dimensions, formed from molecules, ions, and atoms. Each atom consists of neutrons, protons, and electrons.

Crystals are shiny reflective natural minerals or materials. They occur through what is known as crystallization. That’s why they appear as transparent glass.

Crystals involve the transformation of rough, naturally occurring materials into glowing and beautiful ornaments. For example, have you seen a chandelier crystal? Well, it reflects, and you can see through it. That’s what makes it a precious stone. But they offer some more intrinsic value that we shall discuss later.

Types of Crystals

On a broad plain, we can identify types of crystals. Their classification depends on the kind of particles or chemical bonding the crystal contains. They include; covalent network, metallic, ionic, and molecular materials.

The type of crystal or atoms and bond arrangement will determine the connections and patterns.

What is Crystal for Healing?

Having a crystal collection is excellent, but how about crystal for healing? Crystals for healing is a century-long experience. Therefore, crystals can serve as a master healer that helps you de-stress.

Crystals possess incredible healing powers. That’s why celebrities own some of these precious healing stones. It’s a long list; Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Adele, and Jenna Dewan. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for relaxation and better sleep.

So, crystal healing is an alternative therapy requiring the use of gemstones. Healing stones can help in removing negative energy from your life. They help you in achieving balance and stability in life.

Top 8 Crystals for Beginners Guide

So, are you excited about learning about crystals for beginners? Well, let’s explore these ten crystals, their origin, and their uses.

Amethyst: Relax! Have a Good Night Rest

Amethyst is an excellent crystal that depicts royalty and healing powers. That’s why the violet shade was a popular crystal for the Greeks. It has a deep sense of spirituality that can prevent intoxication.

Besides the aesthetic value, the Amethyst serves as a source of relaxation.

Therefore, when you find it hard to sleep, the amethyst crystal can come to the rescue. Why? The Amethyst makes a form of vibration or sensation. When you place it on your temple, the vibration can calm your nerves. That helps you relax and sleep off with ease.


  • Dark purple
  • Weak to moderate red/purple
  • Purple
  • Violet

How to Use the Amethyst for Relaxation

Method One

You can place the Amethyst healing stone in your pocket. Ensure you purchase the pocket stone. It will help keep you calm all through the day.

Method two

Place a cluster of Amethyst by the side of your bed. It will help calm your nerves. Myth has it that the popular crystal will purity your aura, and you can sleep like a baby.

If you need a stone for protection (psychic) while sleeping, then it is the Amethyst. Amethyst crystal offers psychic protection for dreams. So, you can wade off negative energy or thoughts. In addition, you can use Amethyst for mediation and relieving headaches.

Citrine: Finding Happiness and Business Success

Citrine is known as the crystal of happiness. The world has enough stressful situations already. So, it promotes positive versus negative energy.

Citrine propels you towards achieving your dreams with a positive outlook on life. It is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakra from the root chakra.

Citrines are crystals for beginners. It represents money and wealth. That’s why you should carry it in your pocket or purse when going out. It can bring you good luck too.

Citrine crystals are a collection of quartz found as root chakra worldwide. Commercial mining of Citrine exists in Uruguay and Brazil. But you can find them in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Madagascar.

However, it would help if you threaded with caution when trying to purchase Citrine. That’s because there are so many low-quality or look-alike citrine in the market. So sellers offer baked Citrine and the real thing. That’s because an original citrine is quite pricey.

Baked Citrine possesses an intense shade of yellow or orange. But the original Citrine has a pale or smoky yellow color. So some people heat the low-quality Amethyst to alter its appearance to Citrine.

How to Use

Holding the Citrine in your palm helps put you in a mindful state. Citrine makes you appreciate your current state while believing things could be better.

Here’s Goldilocks visualization technique using Citrine

  • Stay in a quiet place with your shoes off and your feet on the floor.
  • Place the Citrine on your navel or palm and begin to visualize a goal. See the goal as having a clear balloon in front of you.
  • Picture flames emerging from the Citrine and moving up. The citrine flare should transform the balloon’s color from clear to fiery orange-gold as the citrine flare goes up.
  • With a forceful puff, blow the balloon into the air. Watch as it sails to the world of dreams-come-true. Believe that your to-do lists will become a reality on time.
  • Don’t forget to show some gratitude.

Rose Quartz: Love

When you seek unconditional love, then it is the Rose Quartz precious stone. The root chakra refers to the chakra of the heart. That means the crystal teaches you to forgive yourself and to forgive others. Rose quartz has been a stone for unconditional love since 600 B.C.

It teaches you to open your heart to accept love and also receive love. The rose quartz is a delicate crystal that exudes compassion and feminist energy. Enter each relationship from the angle of love. Rose quartz encourages you not to beat yourself hard when you make a mistake.

How to use

  • Once you feel judgmental, place the rose quartz in your palm and squeeze.
  • Declare a feeling of love and kindness while squeezing the quart. It helps to connect with your heart.
  • The pocket stone can, or the mini heart shape can stay in your pocket. The larger size polished rose quartz can remain on your shelf at home. It is a symbol of the family bond.

When the rose quartz vibrates, it releases compassion, comforting feeling, and tenderness.

  • Alternatively, try the Askinosie chakra technique by placing the rose quartz on your heart.
  • Take deep breaths as you count up to six. The number six is associated with love.
  • As you breathe, it clears your heart of all bitterness and replaces it with love.

The rose quartz is pinkish, coarse-grained quartz available worldwide. You can get them to buy in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, and India. In addition, rose quartz mining occurs in Sri Lanka, Namibia, and Mozambique.

Black Jade Crystal: For Health

The Jade crystal promotes longevity, wisdom, peace, fertility, or purity. You can call it the black jadeite. You will find the nephrite jade or back nephrite as JadeJade on the West Coast. Other places the Jade exists include Guatemala or Burma.

For centuries now, Jade has been a symbol of purity and healing. You can use it as a facial massage tool or during meditative practice.

Jade helps eliminate toxins from the body. As a result, you can combat negative energy and clear your intuition.

How to Use the Jade Crystal

  • Use the JadeJade to improve your intuition with better clarity. In addition, it can improve your relationship with people, both old friends, and acquaintances.

Black Tourmaline: For Protection

Do you want to do away with prolonged negative energy? Well, trust the black tourmaline to do the job. The tourmaline is a gift for protection and release of anxiety. It helps you channel negative energy into a positive one. That’s why you should make it a part of your day.

Black tourmaline crystals originate from mines in Brazil. You can find it in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique. In Asia, search countries like Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia.

Black tourmaline produces steady vibration for stabilizing energy.

Black Lace Chalcedony: Improved Communication

Chalcedony is an excellent crystal for boosting your confidence. It helps fight against inferiority complex and negative energy. Myth has it that black chalcedony helps neutralize “The Evil Eyes.”

The crystals for beginners produce a calming vibration that helps relax your nerves. The root chakra works with the throat chakra to improve your communication skills. Therefore, it relieves stress around the head to shoulder regions.

How to Use

  • Have it handy as a meditation stone.
  • You can have it at work or during times of public speaking.
  • If you are naturally shy, place the blue chalcedony in your pocket to receive strength.

Lapis Lazuli: Meditation and Energizing Stone

When you need to draw strength to help you focus, then it is the Lapis lazuli. It is excellent for meditation and relaxing the nerves. Holding one precious stone of lapis lazuli will increase your focus on the right thoughts.

Once you feel stressed or sad, then place the crystal in your palm. You can draw strength from the crystal shape and meditation. Myths also have it that the lapis lazuli crystal has healing powers. So, you can use it as healing stones for fever and sore throats.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystal is about the most powerful healing stone. That’s why you should have one in your crystal collections. You may have seen parts of it in your radios, clocks, watches. They also exist in most electronic gadgets, GPS, electronic meters, and more.

Quartz crystals can improve your wisdom, focus, protection, and spiritual growth. That’s why it is known as the “Universal Crystal.”

How to Choose Crystals for Beginners

There are hundreds of crystals for beginners and expert users. But one thing remains constant; you can use your aesthetic need to de-stress. So what is your purpose for building a crystal collection? Is it emotional, spiritual, or physical?

Myths say that crystals can pick a person. So, do you feel this pull to a particular crystal? Then maybe it has a message for you! Of course, if you are not sure of the crystal to pick, quartz is always a haven. But, then, you can bother about the shape or size.

Crystal Colors

Don’t also forget that crystals could be transparent or have specific colors. That’s because its crystal energy lies on the root chakra. Therefore, the energy level depends on the color.

  • Black or dark brown – stabilizing or calmness
  • Yellow, orange and red – mental alertness and physical energy.
  • Green and pink stones – emotional heal power for the heart.
  • Bluestones – spiritual consciousness and self-confidence.
  • Purple stones – de-stress, sleep, and calm.
  • Transparent or white stones – the highest level of spiritual consciousness, purity, and energy.

How to Clean Crystals for Beginners

So, do you have crystal collections? Are you receiving strength from them already? Well, here’s how to keep those powerful healing stones clean:

  • Place under running water for a few minutes.
  • Soak the crystals in salty water.

Gemstones or crystals are lovely to have and use. So, it’s nice to keep them by your bedside, pocket, purse, or necklace. Always have them within reach to draw energy.

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