Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Why Tomatoes Can Be Rabbit Treats

You probably love seeing your rabbit hopping around the yard or in its safe space. If you enjoy keeping it as a pet, you may have to take more precautions about what you feed it. As such, you are likely to see more people looking for various food options rabbits can eat.

It is why someone may ask, can rabbits eat tomatoes?

This should be an interesting question since it is possible to supplement the rabbit’s diet with fruits and vegetables. So, yes, you can feed your rabbit on tomatoes; however, it is not recommended. Even if you do it, make sure it is not all the time and only feed the rabbit in small portions.

I will go deeper to help you understand what tomatoes can do for your rabbit and why it might not always be the option as food for it. Keep reading to understand more.

A Typical Diet of a Rabbit

Before we can see why tomatoes can be a good option for rabbits, it is best to look at a typical diet of a rabbit.
Rabbits need high-quality hay as their main food source. This is because hay can provide enough calories and still high fiber that the rabbit needs.

Other than hay, you may also get commercial food types made with a rabbit’s digestive system in mind. Even if you opt for the treats and snacks for rabbits, you have to use them in moderation.

Some experts advise on the use of fruits and vegetables. However, not all fruits and vegetables would be safe for your rabbit. As such, you may have to do more research and pick the correct ones.

Even if you are buying commercial food for rabbits, keep in mind that they also need the right balance of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. You still have to help keep your rabbit properly hydrated every day.

Why Tomatoes Might Be Good for Your Rabbit

Tomatoes might not be the most recommended food for rabbits, but they can have some benefits your rabbit will like.

Source of vitamins

The first thing tomatoes can provide to your rabbit includes vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for overall bone development, reproduction, improve the immune system, and improve vision. As such, it would be a great source of nutrients for your rabbit.

Another vitamin tomatoes can offer include vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for the repair, development, and growth of many body tissues. As much as the rabbit’s body can generate vitamin C, it sometimes needs a supplement to help it grow better.

More nutrients

Potassium is another vital nutrient in tomatoes. The potassium mineral is vital to prevent diseases such as hypokalemia. This condition can lead to poor growth of your pet. Also, it can induce rapid weight loss when the rabbit is still young. So, potassium is essential to help the rabbit develop strong bones and muscles early enough.


Having antioxidants is more reason why more people would be willing to consider feeding tomatoes to rabbits. The antioxidants are important to deal with any free radicals in the pet’s body.


You will also notice that the rabbit has fiber content too. The fiber is important for digestion and improving the rabbit’s overall bowel movements.

Water content

Since tomatoes have high water content, you can be sure that the rabbit can remain hydrated. Generally, rabbits need more water compared to some other animals. So, the food you give your pet should help provide it with the best hydration too.

How to Feed Your Rabbit on Tomatoes

The most important consideration is the serving size. In most cases, a slice or two can be enough for your rabbit. Do not beyond two slices.

Make sure you only give the rabbit tomatoes as a treat and not as daily food. Using too many tomatoes in its food can lead to various digestive system problems for the rabbit.

You should also wash the tomato thoroughly and chop it into small sizes that the rabbit can feed on. You could also use tomato slices in combination with other veggies and fruits as part of the treat.

Why Limit Feeding Rabbits on Tomatoes

The chances are you may have seen that it is possible to feed rabbits with tomatoes. However, do not go around feeding your rabbit on tomatoes daily. There is the need to have a restrain when feeding your rabbit tomatoes.

High sugar content

The tomatoes can have high sugar content. As much as there can be many other nutrients in tomatoes, having high sugar content is not good for rabbits. It is why you have to use the tomatoes in moderation as part of the rabbit’s food.

Hay is better

The rabbit needs hay as its main food. As much as you can supplement hay with fruits and vegetables, it does not mean that tomatoes end up taking a huge part of the pet’s food.

Tomato plants may be toxic

The tomato plants can be toxic. The tomatoes can be nutritious for the rabbit, but the tomato plants will be toxic. This includes the leaves, vines, stems, and flowers. Make sure that the rabbit cannot easily access the tomato plants.

You should not be using unripe tomatoes. This is because they can still be toxic too. Only use ripe tomatoes if you have to feed them to your rabbit.

Pesticide dangers

Another thing that can make tomatoes unsafe for rabbits are the pesticides used to grow the tomatoes. Different places might have laws on the use of pesticides, but some farmers might not care much. It is why pesticides can also be risky for your pet.

Should You Feed Baby Rabbits on Tomatoes?

No. Baby rabbits should not be fed on tomatoes. This is because baby rabbits have sensitive and delicate digestive systems. It can easily lead to digestion issues, which you will find is not worth it for your pet.

You need to wait until the rabbit is at least 12 weeks before introducing it to vegetables or fruits. As you can see, it is not just the tomatoes.

If you have to start feeding your rabbit on vegetables and fruits, start with small quantities and stick to one fruit in the beginning. You can introduce more fruits and more quantity over time. Also, a sudden change in the diet can generally bring havoc to your rabbit’s digestive system.


In case you have doubts about if rabbits can eat tomatoes, you should now have your answer today. As much as you can feed the rabbit on tomatoes, ensure they are only used as treats. This means feeding it tomatoes only once a week. Keep in mind that tomatoes can be nutritious to humans, but it is not the same for rabbits. So, too much of the tomatoes can lead to digestion issues in rabbits.

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