Butterfly Sex Position: What It Is and How To Do It

You’ve probably heard of the butterfly position before, but did you know it has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine? The butterfly position was originally created to treat women who had difficulty conceiving children.

Butterflies represent the heart chakra, or energy center, in acupuncture. This position helps stimulate the uterus and ovaries, which can increase fertility.

The butterfly position is also known as the yin yoga pose because it encourages relaxation and promotes deep breathing. It’s often recommended for pregnant women, especially those who experience morning sickness.

What is the butterfly sex position?

In the butterfly sex position, a woman lies on her back with her legs spread apart. She then lifts one leg up so that it rests over her head. Her partner enters from behind and penetrates her from below.

How to do the butterfly sex position

Start by lying down on your back. Your knees should be bent at least 90 degrees. You may want to place pillows under your hips to raise them higher off the ground.

Next, lift your right leg straight up above your head. If this feels uncomfortable, try lifting your left leg instead.

Once both legs are raised, bend your knees slightly. Then, slide your body forward until your chest touches the bed.

Your partner will enter you from behind. He should lie flat on his stomach and enter you from the bottom.

If you have trouble getting into the position, ask someone to help you.

Once he’s inside you, move your pelvis backward and forward to meet him.

Keep moving your pelvis back and forth to deepen penetration.

When you’re ready, stop moving and relax.

What are the benefits to the butterfly position?

This position is great for couples who struggle with infertility issues. It stimulates the reproductive organs, which increases blood flow to these areas.

It also relieves stress and tension. When you feel relaxed, you’ll enjoy better orgasms.

Plus, if you’re having problems sleeping, this position can help you fall asleep faster.

Why does the butterfly sex position work?

This position stimulates the uterus and ovaries. In addition, it increases blood flow to these organs, helping them produce more eggs.

It also helps promote relaxation and deep breathing. As a result, it reduces stress and anxiety.

How to maintain the butterfly sex position

To keep yourself comfortable while having sex in the butterfly position, use a pillow between your thighs.

To prevent soreness after sex, apply ice packs to your lower abdomen.

Try not to strain when you’re doing the butterfly sex position. Instead, focus on relaxing.

Also, avoid positions where your partner is able to see your face.

Butterfly sex position risks

The butterfly sex position has some potential health risks.

For instance, if you have low libido, you may find it difficult to get aroused. This makes it harder to reach orgasm.

However, if you have high libido, you may end up ejaculating before reaching climax.

If you have a history of heart disease or diabetes, make sure you tell your doctor before trying the butterfly sex position.

He may want to monitor your blood sugar levels.

Other butterfly sex position risks include:

• Painful intercourse

• Pelvic organ prolapse (POP)

• Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

• Vaginal discharge

• Unexplained vaginal bleeding

• Yeast infections

• Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

• Vulvodynia

• Dyspareunia

How to avoid injury during the butterfly sex position

While the butterfly sex position is an effective way to stimulate your reproductive system, it can cause injuries.

For example, if you don’t stretch properly, you could develop a muscle spasm in your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support your bladder and vagina.

As a result, they can become very tight.

If you experience pain in your groin area, you might need to seek medical attention.

You may also hurt your neck or back if you arch your spine too far.

If you have any questions about how to perform the butterfly sex position, talk to your doctor.

Butterfly sex position variations

There are several different variations of the butterfly sex position. Here are two of the most popular ones.

1. Butterfly sex position variation #1

Start by lying down on your side. Your partner will be behind you.

Have your partner enter you from behind.

Then, turn over so that you’re facing your partner.

Your partner should enter you from behind again.

2. Butterfly sex position variation#2

Lie on your back with your legs spread apart. Have your partner enter you from above.

Turn over onto your stomach. Then, roll over onto your back.

Your partner should then enter you from below.

In both variations, try to relax as much as possible. Focus on enjoying the sensations instead of worrying about what’s going to happen next.


The butterfly sex position is one of the most popular ways to increase sexual pleasure.

In fact, it’s so popular that there are several variations of the butterfly sex position. For example, you can do it standing up or lying down.

And you can even try different positions like cowgirl style or reverse cowgirl style.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the butterfly sex

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