Buccal Fat Removal: The Ultimate Guide

The desire for getting a perfect face is currently increasing at a high rate. Celebrities, models, ordinary people are working hard on their faces to look more beautiful. But it is good to know that everyone has a buccal fat pad.

However, the level of the fat differs. Some people have a larger buccal fat pad which makes them have a full round face. This type of face is called a baby face. Others have less buccal fat, and their jawline is visible.

Medically, there’s nothing wrong with having chubby cheeks. You are not sick at all. But, some people feel uncomfortable with it, and they desire to get rid of the excess fat. If you would love to reduce them, you can visit a surgeon who will tell you to do buccal fat removal. What is that?

Keep reading because you will know what it is and how to go about it in this article.

First off, what is a buccal fat pad?

The buccal fat pad is also called Bichat’s fat pad. It is the natural fat segment or layer of fat found in the lower cheeks and the jawline of both sides of the face.

According to clinical research, the Buccal fat pad is divided into three lobes. They are the anterior lobe, intermediate lobe, and posterior lobe. The lobes determine the formation of the ligaments, the lobar envelopes, and the source of the nutritional vessels.

In addition, there are about four extensions: the melolabial, the sublevator, the buccal, and the pterygoid from the buccal fat pad.

The anterior lobe does surround the parotid duct. The parotid is the gland that produces saliva. The lobes’ purpose is the transport saliva from the parotid gland to the mouth. You can find the intermediate lobe between the posterior lobes and the anterior lobes. It is well known for its loss of significant volume between childhood to adulthood.

The purpose of the buccal fat is to fill the deep tissue spaces within your lower cheeks. They help to protect the chewing muscles.

Causes Of Buccal Fat

Buccal fat is a result of two critical things.

Weight. People with high body mass get larger buccal fat pads. The reason being, their cheeks are more significant in size. Therefore, their fave ends up becoming the most major fat store because they have greater volume.

Genetics. Some people get buccal fats genetically. Their buccal fats remain the same at all times, regardless of their growth. That is, it does not change since they were very young. You can find that in many people of the same family.

Many people do fear surgeries. So, before they think of buccal fat pad removal, they ask, can you remove buccal fat naturally?

The answer is no. But, there are chances where the fat decreases on its own. After babies stop breastfeeding, their buccal fats reduce. The decreasing process goes on until the puberty stage—that’s where the fat falls most.

When they fail to decrease during that time, some people try to lose fat by exercising. However, that does not guarantee buccal fat elimination.

People with excess buccal fat have plump babyfaces even if their body size may be small and they have less fat. Some people feel uncomfortable with the cheeks shape. Since you cannot get rid of them at home, the best option is to go for buccal fat removal.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is the surgery done to remove the excess fat pads below the cheek area. This surgery results in lovely slimmer cheeks and jawline.

Currently, buccal fat removal is one of the most done face surgeries in the US. Like we said above, buccal fat reduction isn’t medically necessary. But it is a cosmetic procedure that one decides to undergo because of beauty purposes.

Buccal fat removal surgery is a very personal decision. Before you do it, you need to know the risks and complications that may occur. The surgeon will explain them to you before the surgery. You need to be ready to accept them, and you also need to sign a consent form beforehand to show that you fully agree.

The best age to do this surgery is when you are above 2o years old.

Steps Of Buccal Fat Removal

The first step the surgeons take is to administer anesthesia medication. It can be administered through skin sedation or general anesthesia, depending on your body and the surgery to be done.

After using the chosen anesthesia, your skin will be numb. The surgeon will place an incision inside your mouth. It will help in removing the fat. Even if some surgeries do not need an incision, it helps the patient recover faster.

Upon completion of the surgery, you will also be given a special mouthwash. The mouthwash will prevent infections. This surgery takes a short period of about less than an hour. Your surgeon will also explain how you will take care of your incision before it dissolves once you heal.

After the surgery, your body takes like 3-4 weeks to heal. The first week you need to feed on a liquid diet. After the first week, you can start feeding on soft food. As you continue to heal, you go back to your everyday eating habits.

Side Effects Of Buccal Fat Removal

Like other surgeries, buccal fat removal has side effects and risks which occur. After the surgery, some risks do happen, but that depends on your body. The common side effects are that your cheeks will swell, and you will experience bruising. The other common chances are;

  • Excess bleeding
  • cardiac and pulmonary issues
  • Numbness
  • Your facial muscles get weak
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Infection
  • Your salivary duct can be injured
  • Unending pains
  • Incisions can fail to heal correctly and other complications.

After the surgery, does the buccal fat go away completely?

Yes. After the buccal fat pad removal surgery, the removed fat will never come back again.  Even if you gain excess fat in your body, be confident that this is a permanent solution.

Benefits Of Buccal Fat Removal

After the surgery, your chubby round babyface will be slimmer and more attractive.

The results of this surgery are permanent. The reason is that after the elimination of the unwanted fat, you will never get another fat in that area.

This surgery is a safe procedure for everyone, and no scars will be visible after you heal.

The surgery is a fast procedure because it lasts less than an hour.

You will get more defined cheeks which will enable you to boost your self-esteem. Also, the shape of your lower cheeks will improve. Isn’t that nice?

Over To You

Now that you know that buccal fat pad removal is a safe method, do not feel ashamed of your big cheeks. You currently have a solution to it.

Moreover, buccal fat removal surgeries vary in price. It costs between $2500-$5000 in the US. The price will depend on several factors like your surgeon’s experience, type of anesthesia used, and the medication to take after the surgery. Do thorough research before doing the surgery. Go ahead and get your desired face.

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