Biab Nails: Make Your Nails Grow Long and Strong

Biab Nails is a nail art company founded in 2016 by two sisters who wanted to create beautiful designs using their own hands. They started off selling their creations at local markets and festivals, but now they sell them through their ecommerce store.

The founders of Biab Nails believe that beauty should never come from artificial means. Their mission is to bring back the joy of creating something out of nothing.

They are committed to bringing you only the best products and services available on the market today.

What are BIAB nails?

BIAB nails are made with natural materials such as beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, honey, and more. These ingredients are then mixed together and poured into molds. The mixture hardens over time and becomes a solid piece of jewelry.

What are the benefits of builder in a bottle?

Builder In A Bottle has been used for thousands of years. It was originally discovered by ancient Egyptians and later perfected by the Romans. Today, it is still one of the most effective ways to repair cracks or holes in your walls.

It is an all-natural product that can be applied without any mess. You don’t have to worry about damaging your wall because it’s non-toxic and will not harm the paint.

It also works great when repairing small fissures in concrete slabs. This method allows you to fix these problems quickly and easily.

How do I use biab nails?

You start by applying a thin layer of builder in a bottle onto the area where you want to apply the nails. Then, you take a toothpick and press down on the surface. Once you’ve pressed down enough, you remove the excess liquid and let it dry.

Next, you cut the nails according to the pattern you’d like to draw. Finally, you put some glue on the backside of each nail so that you can stick them to your wall.

When you’re done, just wipe away the excess glue and leave the nails alone until they fully dry.

How long does BIAB last on nails?

BIAB lasts up to three months on nails if properly cared for. However, we recommend storing them in a cool place (not in direct sunlight) for maximum longevity.

How to remove BIAB nails?

To remove BIAB nails, simply rub them against a rough surface. This will help loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove. If that doesn’t work, try soaking them in acetone for a few minutes.

If you need to remove them completely, you can use a heat gun to melt the glue.

What’s the difference between BIAB nails, gel nails and acrylics?

BIAB nails aren’t like other types of nail polish because they’re not painted onto your nails. Instead, they’re molded directly onto your fingernail or toe nail.

Gel nails are similar to BIAB nails except that they have a clear top coat applied over them. Gel nails are usually applied once a week while BIAB nails can be worn daily. Acrylics are another type of nail polish that are painted on your nails.

Is BIAB better than shellac?

BIAB nails contain no formaldehyde or toxic chemicals. Shellac, however, contains formaldehyde which can cause skin irritation.

Do BIAB nails break?

Yes, but only after several weeks of wear. They may even crack at first, but this won’t affect their performance.

How can BIAB reshape your nails and fix broken nails?

BIAB is designed to shape your nails and mend damaged ones. It can even be used to create custom designs on your nails.

In addition, BIAB nails can strengthen weak nails and prevent splitting. They can also be used to treat ingrown nails.

What are BIAB infills?

BIAB infills are created from natural ingredients such as beeswax and oils. They come in different colors and sizes depending on what you want to achieve.

They can be used to fill in gaps between your fingers or toes, add shine to your nails, protect your nails from damage, and much more.

How many times can you get BIAB infill?

The number of applications varies depending on how thick your nails are. For example, if your nails are less than half an inch, you should be able to get two applications. On the other hand, if your nails are thicker than one-and-a-half inches, you’ll probably need four applications.

Are BIAB nails safe?

Yes! BIAB nails are completely safe. There are no toxins or chemicals used in making these products.

Does BIAB damage your nails?

No! It doesn’t damage your nails. You can use it every day without worrying about damaging your nails.

Do I need to file my nails before applying BIAB?

You do not need to file your nails before applying BIABs. However, if you want to make sure that your nails look smooth and clean, you may choose to file them first.

How much does BIAB cost?

BIAB costs $3 per bottle. Each bottle contains approximately 25 nails.

Can I do BIAB nails at home?

Yes! If you follow our instructions, you can perform this procedure yourself. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do BIAB nails.


BIAB nails are the best way to get rid of unsightly nail problems. They are easy to apply and last for up to three months. In addition, they don’t require any preparation or filing before application.

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