15 Must Visit Beaches Near London for Fun Seekers

Are you looking for the most exciting and fun beaches near London? Well, Britain’s South-eastern province is the first point-of-call for a fun beach experience. But it will amaze you to know London has an array of incredible beaches for fun-seekers.

In reality, London has some of the best beaches in the UK. From the sizzling Bohemian seaside to the windswept sand dunes, London is the hotspot of fun. So, let’s get you all packed and headed to the best beaches around London.

Top 15 Fun Beaches Near London

 By Train

West Wittering, Chichester

West Wittering beach is a great choice when you want to avoid the crowd. Its serenity is beyond what you imagined. And, with the awesome atmospheric feel of the wind, all you need to do is sway.

Many beach lovers consider it one of the best on the South coast, and you would like to. The sandy isthmus and green marram grass are perfect for a picnic spot. Don’t forget the ever inviting sea for a refreshing swim and small boat sailing.

You are likely to catch some beautiful views of windsurfers and kites. Well, that’s not all. Be on the lookout for the breathtaking view of Chichester Harbor.

Fun at the West Wittering beach is not the only thing to take in. Getting to the beach is relatively stress-free. You are sure to have a smooth and jolly ride on the train. There are direct trains of one hour thirty minutes to Chichester harbor from London.

If driving is your option, it’s all good. The trip to Chichester harbor from London is about 90 minutes. Head South from the Chichester bypass on A286 following the signs. Be greeted by the white fields. Flint-walled cottages and lilypads waterways are decorating the territory. Next, you’ll arrive at the sand dunes, and then onto East Head.

Whitstable Beach, Kent

Here is another good pick for a relaxation trip to the shingle beach or sandy beaches of London. Aside from the warm feel of the sun’s rays on your skin, there are more delights to explore.

For unforgettable experiences, ensure you visit the excellent cafes and restaurants. The tempting and exotic seafood will get your taste buds asking for more. Don’t forget to try out the famous oysters for a change of meal. You get seafood at its best on Whitstable beach.

Lots of unique attractions exist in this seaside splendor for you. Expect to see the beautiful picturesque shoreline and charming pebbles. Be sure to drink your fill to a gorgeous view. Relax at the beach hut and fill your eyes with the perfect view of the lovely West-facing shingle beach.

You can get to Whitstable by train. Go from Victoria, Cannon street to Whitstable in 1.5. hours. Driving as an alternative requires 65 minutes. Park at the Gorrell Tank Car Park, Westgate Terrace, and walk down Harbour street till you reach the sea.

Climping Beach, Littlehampton

If you are a lover of tranquillity, Climping beach is ideal for a day trip. It’s great when you need to relax from your everyday lifestyle. Instead, you find a bit of space and simple sounds. The beach possesses a stretch of pebbles and sand dunes.

You also find a little cafe for delicious meals and hot drinks. The ambiance is warm and inviting. You’ll find fish and chips to spice up your stay.

It is not like the regular sand beaches in London. But you’ll find it perfect for the whole family. Exotic foods and fruits, a variety of ice creams, and more will make your experience unforgettable. The beach also has an area for pets and dogs. So you need not worry about someone else watching your pet. Get the family into the car and sing out loud during the two hours drive from London.

If you need an alternative ride, the miniature train is your best bet. Then, go from Victoria to Little Hampton and take a taxi for the three-mile walk. Don’t hesitate to visit natural and nature reserve beaches near London.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs

Be rest assured that you’ll burst with excitement. The Botany Bay is a combination of stunning views and great fun.

You can call it a hidden gem, and the truth is you’d be correct. There is an undeveloped sand bay with sea caves, sandy beaches, and white cliffs. The beautiful chalk stacks are breathtaking.

You may hear a bit about the history behind the cliff chambers. Legend has it that smugglers used Botany Bay as a hideout for their booty. So, be on the lookout because you just might spot some rare treasure! You can still climb up to see the peek of the bay.

Also available above the bay is a hotel, restaurant, and cafe. You may not limit your visit to a day trip but a getaway on the Walton on the naze.

Botany Bay is an 80 minutes drive from London. It drives through Joss Bay and Kingsgate Bay to arrive at Botany bay Road.

Isle of Grain Beach, Kent

Are you thinking of a day trip with the kids and your dog? Then this is the beach for you. Welcome to the Island of Grain at Kent. You experience the sand dunes, shingle beaches, leafy woodland, and wildflowers with the family.

The use of grain sits on the confluence of Thames and Medway. You are going to love being on this beach with lots of exciting activities. Be sure to try the rock pooling and foraging for Samphire with your family.

You will also enjoy the walk on the sandy beach or pebble beaches. Finally, take advantage of the circular walk along the coast of the village. Here you see places like the tourist town, crab catchers, Grain Tower, and the site of the Grain Fort.

Isle of Grain beach is the closest to London. So if you dislike a crowded beach, then consider visiting this island. The Isle of Grain is about 30 miles from the center of London. But it is one of the rarely crowded beaches in the UK.

The place offers more than a beach experience. You will find open fields crisscrossed with paths behind them. Heading further, about a couple of minutes away, is the village of Grain. There you can buy items from either the shop or pub market.

A drive to the isle of Grain beach will only take 60 minutes of your time.

Margate Beach, Kent

For starters, Margate beach is one of the most exciting places to visit. You can be sure the kids are going to love it. Margate is a timeless beach with amusement arcades, a children’s ride, and a tidal pool. You can call it a one-stop-shop of fun.

The beach also comes with seaside entertainment, restaurants, bars, and seafood stalls. You can call it a charming haven. Located a few walks away is the Dreamland amusement park. What more can a beach offer?

When you step on the sand, it hugs your feet with the softness only beaches offer. A common sight during summer is beautiful beach umbrellas dotted with various colors.

As a result of its popularity amongst Londoners, frequent direct trains exist. So, for example, a ride from St Pancras to Margate will only take 1.5 hours.

Hasting  Beach, East Sussex

If a sandy beach is your ideal sport, then Hasting isn’t the one for you. Particularly at low tides. It is a pebbly beach with a few sandy areas.

At best, your older kids will find it interesting. There are tons of attractions at the beach. In addition, they will enjoy the ultra-swish underground BMX skate park games.

By the way, BMX skate is the world’s largest. So if surfing is intriguing, then tag them along with their surfboards.

The beach is also ideal for family beach games. So take out time to connect and bond with your family. You can get to Hasting beach by train within 2 hours.

Osea Island, Essex

Osea Island is a splendid choice for a quiet and secluded beach for relaxation. Don’t look very far. Osea Island is a treat to indulge. Think of a wild, rustic and eclectic experience; Osea is the place.

It’s a private island with a relaxed atmosphere with four and a half miles of seclusion. But, of course, you’ll often have the beach to yourself.

The island offers a blank canvas. You have the opportunity to create memories or mental dreams.

Osea Island is a little over an hour’s drive by bus from the city. By train, it’s about 45 minutes.

Lydden  Spout, Dover

Lydden spout is a remote beach with a mixture of sand and shingle. At low tides, you are likely to see some rock pools. It is a secluded place and hides beneath some cliffs.

The beach presents a variety of fun activities for your enjoyment. You can go hiking, fishing, swimming or picnicking. Whatever your choice, be sure to get all the fun you deserve.

Lydden is dog-friendly, so you and your dog can have a swell time playing on the sand.

Going by train takes about 70 minutes. Add a few more minutes if walking from the path down through the cliffs.

Minnis Bay

Minnis Bay is a favorite with families.  On your day trip to this beach, remember to go with your spade and bucket.

Your experience promises to be exhilarating. Minnis Bay is a hit with kiteboarding and windsurfing spots.

For fun activities, you don’t have to worry about engaging the children. The outdoor play area captivates and engages them with fun activities. So please feel free to enjoy the moments by basking in the euphoria.

One sad thing is that dogs aren’t allowed.

If going by train is what you prefer, your entire journey will take 1.5 hours by train.

Camber Sands

It doesn’t have sand attached to its name; it lives up to it. Camper sand is golden and silky. When you pay a visit, you feel like a celebrity. In addition, the beach has served as a backdrop to various movies.

One of the sandiest sections is the western end, rich in dunes. When you travel further east, it becomes shingly underfoot.

Its exhilarating landscape gives you interesting side attractions and delicious food experiences.

Camber Sands is about 2 hours by car from London, and a 1 hour 40 minutes journey by train.

Brighton Beach

One delicacy not to miss at Brighton beach is the fish and chips served at the restaurants. Although it’s also known for varied food, I bet denying your taste buds some deliciousness isn’t your plan.

Brighton is a classic British sand beach personalized with nightlife scenes. The Iconic British Palace Pier is an edifice you can afford to ignore. Thrill yourself and your family to the amusement park attached to it. The kids will find the rollercoasters, arcades, and traditional rides a delight.

By train, leaving London to Brighton beach takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. But you can board from London Bridge or Victoria stations.

Birling Gap, East Sussex

When you feel like lazying around, then it’s time to visit the wild rock beach. There are tons of activities ranging from rock pooling to fossil hunting.

You can go birling Gap at the foot of the Seven Sisters chalk cliff.  You get a mixture of pebbles and sand. So, here comes your first pebble beach and sand beach experience.

Some other attractive views include the weatherboarded National Trust cafe. There are also rows of cottages winding into the sea as the cliff erodes.

It is accessible via sturdy tower steep steps under an old hotel. You can arrive from London to the venue within 90 minutes by train.

Dungeness East Lydd, Kent

When you want more than a beach experience, visit Dungeness. The beautiful scenery makes a captivating image for your camera. Tourists love to take photographs of the old fishing boats on the beach. Also, a view of the ever-changing skyline is worth archiving.

I love walks on the beach sand and breathing in the windy breeze. For collectors, there are beautiful pebbles and shells to pick. The views are stunning and make a good picture collection in your gallery.

You can access Dungeness by the Boardwalk. If going by train, the route becomes accessible from Lydd roundabout; follow the signs. The journey takes 2 hours 12 minutes and covers a distance of 130km. Your fastest means would be to drive as this only takes about 80minutes.

Eastbourne Beach

Here’s a beach with a Victorianesque charm. Eastbourne might end up being your favorite.

The beach has three parts; the pier, Wish Tower, and a secluded section. Whatever your ideal form of relaxation, busy or quiet, there’s a place for you.

Though the beach is not sandy, yet its charming vibes are too good to ignore.

Accessing Eastbourne is easy, and this informs its popularity. Getting on the train from London Bridge takes only one hour 30 minutes.

Now, you have the best beaches near London to explore. Most of the beaches in the UK offer relative and affordable prices. But your experience here will keep you coming for more to the seaside town. Besides beaches, sand dunes, chalk cliffs, and white cliffs, please always abide by covid10 protocol.

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