Angel Kiss: Everything You Need To Know

Angel kiss, also known as a stork bite, is a common birthmark for newborn babies to have. In fact, one-third of newborns have this birthmark. An angel kiss birthmark will be located on the faces of the affected newborns. These marks often fade after a few years, and they’re not harmful to the baby.

But if your baby has this angel kiss birthmark, you might be worried. Don’t worry anymore. This detailed article will tell you everything you need to know about this birthmark. So relax, this article will tell you there’s nothing to be really worried about.

Angel Kiss Birthmark: General Info

Here is everything you need to know about the angel kiss birthmark.

Definition Of Angel Kiss

Ange kiss is a type of birthmark that is also known under the names of stork bite, salmon patch, and nevus flammeus. Birthmarks are a type of skin discoloration. The angel kiss birthmark is a very common type of birthmark for newborns. In fact, it is so common that most newborns have an angel kiss mark.

The salmon patch name comes from the fact that this birthmark is salmon-colored. Sometimes, doctors may even refer to an angel kiss birthmark as a ‘macular stain.’ A macular stain can also be called salmon spots.

But, according to the urban dictionary definition, the term ‘angel kiss’ can also refer to the freckles or the moles on the body of a person. So this mark can also be present for adults, although it’s more common to find it on newborn babies.

Angel Kiss Birthmark: Common Locations

While a lot of babies can get an angel kiss birthmark, most of these birthmarks will look different. These will also be placed in different locations on different babies’ faces.

Here are the most common locations where your baby can get an angel kiss birthmark:

  • It can be located on one or even both of your baby’s eyelids.
  • It can be located just in between your baby’s eyebrows.
  • It can be located in between your baby’s eyebrows, and it can also extend to your baby’s forehead.

This additional Q&A will help you to hopefully get all the answers you need about your angel kiss birthmark questions.

What Does An Angel Kiss Birthmark Normally Look Like?

Well, the look of an angel kiss birthmark will depend on each baby. But usually, it looks like a salmon-colored or red-toned mark that has jagged edges.

As for the shape of a stork bite birthmark, it will also depend on each baby. There are different possible shapes. The angel kiss birthmark on your baby could be heart-shaped or even winged-shaped. So now you understand the name ‘angel kiss’ a bit more! It’s like an angel just left its mark on your baby and even left its wings on the way home.

Usually, people say that an angel kiss birthmark comes from an angel kissing your baby just before or after he or she was born. That is a really sweet name for a harmless birthmark if you ask me. Especially if your baby’s angel kiss birthmark looks like a set of wings!

Can An Angel Kiss Birthmark Be Prevented?

To cut it short, no. You can’t prevent an angel kiss birthmark from appearing on your newborn baby. This specific type of birthmark also can’t be diagnosed, so, unfortunately, you can’t do anything as a parent.

So don’t worry. It’s not something the mother does during her pregnancy or something the mother ate. In fact, 80% of newborn babies get an angel kiss birthmark.

How Is An Angel Kiss Birthmark Caused?

An angel kiss birthmark, like any type of birthmark, is skin discoloration. A stork bite birthmark is a type of vascular birthmark. And a vascular birthmark is caused by red blood vessels. Also, it can’t be inherited, so it’s not the parents’ fault.

So what’s the concrete reason why this specific type of birthmark forms? Well, an angel kiss birthmark is basically just blood vessels that you can see through your baby’s skin. An angel kiss is actually capillaries, to be precise.

But why do these blood vessels cause the birthmark? Well, all babies have blood vessels close to their skin. But what creates the birthmark is that sometimes some blood vessels stay longer than others. It is random, so you can’t prevent a birthmark from happening, especially not an angel kiss birthmark.

Can An Angel Kiss Birthmark Fade? And When Does It Fade?

The angelkiss birthmark does fade away. It often fades after a couple of years, so there’s usually nothing to worry about. It can happen that this birthmark stays forever, but this usually doesn’t happen. At least, not frequently.

Also, sometimes, when you push on your baby’s angel kiss birthmark, it can fade. But do ask your local doctor or the hospital you’re staying in after your birth for their opinion. Professionals can advise you on what to do for your baby’s angel kiss birthmark or if you can do anything.

Can The Angel Kiss Birthmark Change Color?

Yes, it can, and that’s totally normal. The angel kiss birthmark can transform into a darker color if your baby has a fever or is just crying. So don’t worry about it. It’s normal for an angel kiss birthmark to become darker.

As explained above, an angel kiss birthmark is caused by blood vessels. So when there’s more blood flow than usual, the birthmark will look like it’s getting a darker color. And the blood flow will most likely increase when the baby is crying or has a fever. So there you have it: that’s the explanation why an angel kiss birthmark can change color!

Can You Treat Or Remove An Angel Kiss Birthmark?

No. You usually can’t treat an angel kiss birthmark. And there’s also no need to remove it as this birthmark often disappears after a few years. So there’s nothing to worry about. Plus, an angel kiss birthmark on your baby is not worrisome.

How Long Do You Wait Before An Angel Kiss Birthmark Changes?

Most newborns who have an angel kiss birthmark will not have the birthmark after a year anymore. The other babies will have to wait longer before their stork bite goes. But chances are, after the first year of your baby’s life, he or she won’t have this specific birthmark anymore.

If your baby has to wait a few years before his or her angel kiss birthmark disappears, don’t worry. That’s normal too, and it will disappear eventually. And the other good news is that the chances are very little that this stork bite birthmark becomes even darker throughout the years.

So if you are worried about what other parents or kids will say about your child, there’s no need to anymore. An angel kiss birthmark becomes barely noticeable the more years pass. Plus, the birthmark will go away eventually.

Should You Talk To Your Pediatrician About Angel Kiss Birthmark?

If you notice that your newborn has a birthmark, even if the hospital staff at birth didn’t notice it, you should always talk to your doctor. This is just to make sure that your baby’s birthmark is, in fact, an angel kiss birthmark and is not harmful to your baby.

An angel kiss birthmark is pretty easy to diagnose, so any doctor, especially a pediatrician, can diagnose it immediately. There’s no need for your baby to take a specific test or even a biopsy.

Just make sure you consult your pediatrician or your local hospital as soon as possible. The birthmark on your baby’s face is probably just an angel kiss birthmark, but you should always make sure it’s nothing else that could be harmful. It could be a hemangioma, for example, or other birthmarks that would need interventions or treatment.

Can An Angel Kiss Birthmark Be Harmful To Your Baby?

No, usually, an angel kiss birthmark is completely harmless to your baby. It won’t affect your baby’s healthy in any way. However, if there are any alarming signs, such as an infection or even bleeding, contact your doctor immediately. These symptoms could mean that your baby is being hurt by his or her angel kiss birthmark.

An angel kiss birthmark can’t increase the risk of getting cancer or having allergic reactions and normally won’t cause any pain to your baby. Unless your baby shows signs of distress, which is extremely rare.

Also, there is no treatment or possible removal or an angel kiss birthmark. Patience is key here. Plus, you don’t really need patience, as this specific birthmark on your baby’s face disappears quickly. At most, you’ll have to wait a few years for the angel kiss birthmark to fade away.

But it’s always good to consult your doctor, your hospital, or your baby’s pediatrician in case your baby’s birthmark is not an angel kiss birthmark. Or in the rare case that there are any complications.

Fun Facts

Be careful not to mistake angel kiss birthmarks with any of these angel kisses. Especially not the second one!

Angel’s Kiss: The Cocktail

Did you know that an angel’s kiss is not only the name for a specific type of birthmark but that it is also the name of a cocktail? I swear I’m not making this up! So if you ever get overwhelmed or worried about your baby’s angel kiss birthmark, you can always make or order this cocktail.

So what is in this cocktail, you might ask? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it’s a cocktail made out of heavy cream and crème de cacao. Sometimes, this angel’s kiss cocktail can even contain brandy and another type of liqueur.

Also, not only is this cocktail tasty but it’s also layered in a glass, so each ingredient is noticeable. How cool is that? So it has nothing to do with an angel kiss birthmark, but it’s worth mentioning, and it’s also worth giving it a try!

Angel’s Kiss: A Sexual Slang Expression

When you talk to someone about an angel’s kiss, you really want to make sure that the person in front of you understands you’re talking about birthmarks often found in newborns. That’s because this term could be really bad and be wildly interpreted.

If you look up angel’s kiss in Urban Dictionary (never do that, by the way), another definition comes up. So what is the definition of an angel’s kiss in the urban dictionary? Well, the definition of an angel’s kiss there is when your partner or sex partner whistles and suctions your anus. Your designated partner will whistle a song or a tune and lick.

So yeah. You REALLY don’t want the other person thinking that’s what you’re talking about. Unless that’s what you were talking about, of course.

Final Thoughts

An angel kiss is a type of birthmark that is very common in newborns for a year or more after their birth. So don’t worry, your child is totally normal. In fact, as said above, 80% of newborn babies have this mark.

Plus, the shape of each baby’s individual mark and its location makes your baby truly unique. For example, your child can have a heart-shaped angel kiss birthmark or even a pair of wings on his or her face. Pretty adorable if you ask me.

An angel kiss birthmark is nothing to worry about. But just in case, you should let your doctor, your hospital, or your pediatrician check your baby’s birthmark for you. If it’s, in fact, an angel kiss birthmark, there’s nothing to worry about. But it could be a more serious birthmark, like a hemangioma. So better be safe than sorry!

And finally, make sure you specify you are talking about an angel kiss birthmark and not something else when you mention this topic to another person. Angel’s kiss is not only the name of a tasty chocolatey cocktail but it’s also used as a sexual slang expression. So there you go!

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