11 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

There are various causes of breakups. But, when they occur, they are challenging to handle. If you spend most of your time looking for signs to see if your ex is waiting for you, I got you covered.

Check out the following significant signs to clear your doubts.

1. Find It Difficult To Get Over Depression

One thing about men is that they rarely talk about inner feelings. Yet, if your former partner does, it means that the burden is too significant to bear. Breakups can cause you to go into depression if you fail to handle it well.

If you get information from your ex-family and friends about your former partner being miserable since you left him, it shows your ex is waiting for you. It is good to avoid depression by all means.

2. Holding your Belongings

During good times in a relationship, lovers give out gifts to each other. But, when you break up, it becomes hard to let go. If your ex still has your stuff, then it is clear there are still some feelings for you, and things can work. There are various reasons why your ex might be keeping your belongings.

A person who has no intention of getting back to you will always return your stuff. However, if the intentions are the other way round, watch out. Your ex can keep your belongings since the intention is to make you call or text while taking your items back.

Returning your belongings by ex can be tricky if you don’t want to let go of the memories attached to your items.

Even if returning the items is a painful experience, your ex may opt to keep them to show how you are still important. Maybe your ex still has hopes for your reunion; hence there is no need for returning your goods. All those reasons are good signs that your ex wants you back.

3. You had A Long-Distance Relationship

Although a long-distant relationship comes with several challenges, it should not be the reason to break up. If long-distance was the leading cause of your breakup, there are chances your love remains intact. Every partner tends to feel guilty for not making it work or fighting for the relationship. That’s why it does not turn out so well for most folks.

One of the ways to tell your ex is waiting for you is when there are efforts to relocate to your place. The former partner can sacrifice after learning that life is never the same without your presence. Maybe it’s true to say that everything happens for a reason.

4. Getting Jealous

One and the most common thing in dating life is jealousy. You will find out that everything you do makes your former partner jealous. For instance, you can post a photo with you and a new date and see your ex’s body language. If your former partner is jealous and waiting for you, the ex will never be happy when you move on.

Jealous people always want the best for themselves and do whatever it takes to achieve the set goals. Your ex can use rumors about your success after a breakup and react negatively. When realizing that your ex is reacting weird once you move on, that is a big sign he still misses you.

5. Keeping In Touch With Your Friends And Family

Maintaining communication with your mutual friends is a sure way to know your ex wants you back. If you want to see a serious man about the breakup, he will ensure he does not keep any contact with anyone close to you. That helps him to move on faster. But, if he still talks to your sister or mum, it is obvious he has feelings left for you.

This sign is not an exception for ladies. It is not easy to cut off ties with your ex’s family, especially if they; know about your current status. The family will want to update you on how your ex is doing after the breakup.

6. Contacts you More Often

I believe there is always nothing left to talk about when a breakup happens. Why do you think your ex still calls or texts you? Your ex may reach out with hopes of winning you back. You can get a lot of excuses as long as your ex wants to talk to you and know how you have been doing.

The funny part is, the conversation can become regular within no time. If you are not careful, you may start all over again within a twinkle of an eye without consent.

7. Stalking your Social Media Profiles

With the introduction of technology, things are much easier these days. You get all the available information you need about someone online. It is easy for your ex to know how you are doing by going through your social media handles.

If you want to know if your ex is waiting for you, pay close attention if the ex-boyfriend is stalking you online. Some of the ways to tell if your ex is stalking your social media profiles include:

  • You will see specific comments on your old post with your ex.
  • Your ex can also stalk you by tweeting the things you tweet
  • Following your Instagram stories.
  • If your ex appears in your notifications for a long time
  • Likes your photos

8. Keeps the Old Routine

Your ex knows all about your strengths and weaknesses. One of the best ways to get your attention is by keeping the old routine. Your ex can decide to continue going or doing exact things that might make you rethink the relationship.

No matter how hard you distance yourself, an old routine with your ex cannot make you succeed. Be sure your ex is waiting for you when you realize that your ex still visits places where you used to meet.

9. Reflecting on the Future

If your ex is always thinking about the future, don’t accept falling into the trap. That might only work as a pretense to get back to you. There is nothing that can prevent you from getting back with your ex. So if you think focusing on the future is why your reunion is failing, that’s just a closed mindset.

When you find out your ex no longer analyzes the past, it is a sign your ex is waiting for you but pretends. According to scientists, humans spend 80% of their time thinking about the future when relaxed. Your ex can use this trick to draw your attention.

10. Speaking about the Breakup

There exist a difference between discussing breakup with closure and meeting to discuss the cause of separation. There is no problem if you need to talk about your breakup just because you need that final closure. But, if your ex wants to meet you to discuss what led to the split, the intention changes. That only means that your ex still has strong feelings for you.

Did you know that there are no-contact rules? Well, now you know. Those rules mean that you should not text, see, or talk to each other for a particular time after a breakup happens. If your ex breaks any contact rule and asks you to meet, then your ex might be wanting you back.

There are instances where couples decide to avoid fighting and think that will help maintain the existing relationship. The fact remains, when those negative emotions pile up, they explode and break even the most robust relationships. When that happens, couples break without knowing what the initial cause of the breakup was.

It is advisable always to maintain open and honest communication if you wish for a healthy relationship. That would help to avoid making a hasty decision when it comes to ending a relationship. Your ex will also have no thoughts of wanting to give it a try and hope that your relationship deserves a second chance.

When your ex breaks the silence and reaches out, maybe you can consider listening. You never know if things might change since everything is possible.

11. Admitting the Guilt

If your ex was the kind that never admits to any mistake, check this sign after a breakup. If the ex is now taking all the blames, know there are still strong feelings for you. The former partner will act in all manner to make you believe that you mean everything now after the breakup.

Perhaps your ex realizes how difficult it is to live without you. Your ex will try to make you believe in change and making things right.


Moving on after a breakup is never a walk in the park. If you feel giving your ex a second chance will work, go ahead.

First, you need to watch out for the above signs to ensure your ex is willing to get back to you. If there is a good chance your ex wants you back, then be proactive and do the same.

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